Thursday, April 27, 2017

He's Back

Mackie is back - just for the day.
Unfortunately, he knocked the camera out of mom's hand this morning and it dented the zoomer and it won't retract back into the camera.  So basically, it is kaput and mom is not a happy camper and she needs to buy a new one.
She wants to know what camera our Blogville friends use and do you love it and recommend it.  Thank you in advance.  



  1. Oh dear Mackie, I am sure you were just so pleased to see your Mom and Sissie! We use a Canon Powershot SX410 IS and I love it. It has a zoom lense which is great and it is also light to carry. DH and the Boys bought it for me for my Birthday last year. All the pictures on my blog are taken with it. Hope this helps. Happy Thursday Hugs, Susie x

  2. Oh we'll forgive ya. Mom probably wanted a new camera anyway
    Lily & Edward

  3. It's okay Mackie, you were just excited about seeing mom and sis. Mom did away with her camera years ago and takes pictures with her iPhone. She likes it because she doesn't have to carry around a camera bag or wear a camera around her neck.

    Aroo to you,

  4. Momma pretty much always uses her iPhone camera these days. But she last had a Nikon Coolpix and really liked it.

  5. Oh no! we know you did not mean it Mackie.
    Our mom has a Nikon CoolPix and likes it other than it is kind of heavy.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. Oh dear...that's too bad. We just have a CHEAP aim and shoot with the lens cover that won't retract. Probably all the times at the dusty river beach. Anyway, we don't like it much, so don't get one of those!

  7. Oh Mackie, just too darn excited to see Mom. I have a Canon camera that I use mostly for videos now as I find my Smart phone takes better pictures. I have a Canon SX700 and my phone is a Samsung S7.

  8. Hiya MAckie!!! Sorry about the "oopsie"! Mama loves her Nikon D700...but also loves taking pictures with her iPhone!!
    Arty, Jakey & Bilbo

  9. Hi Mackie,
    Great to see your happy face! My mum takes most photos with her phone these days but her best pics still come from her “handbag camera” which is a Panasonic Lumix-TZ10. It is a really old model but has a good zoom and lots of scene settings (like sports which she uses to catch Enzo and me moving fast)– the newer models of their travel cameras have even better zoom/video quality. Every so often she also thinks about getting a “micro four thirds camera” (still small and light enough to carry around) and learning how to take better pictures. The website has lots of information and buying guides.

    Love and woofs

  10. Sorry to hear about your camera - but it's great to see Mackie!
    For our blog, we usually use mom's iPhone.

  11. Ghostwriter said she saw someone walking two airedales today. She thought about you and Mackie!

  12. Oh no! I am so sorry! My husband does all of my photography and he uses a Canon T3i. He likes it.

  13. Ruh Roh. Wells, just thinks,now she can shop for a new camera! WooHoo!
    Ma's hasn't had much luck with cameras, so she shouldn't recommend anything. Lots of peeps use their iphone, butts Ma has a hard time using it with one hand, and you knows I don't look at the camera without a treatie, so Ma needs at least one hand free. She like the coolpix before it died. She also is lookin' for a smaller camera, cause the one she is using now is humongous!
    Let me knows what your Moms decides on ~ Ma really needs a good one!
    Ruby ♥

  14. the mama has a canon eos, butt she needs a replacement too, the ole canon is tired now. maybe your mom can bring the cam to a repair guy who can fix that problem? my grampy had the same problem with his cam (nikon coolpix) and it was easy to fix, he paid 13 bucks and the cam works great again...

  15. On no Mackie. We know you were so excited to see your sister but don't break the camera or you might not get invited back. Our mom uses an Olympus OM-D and loves it. There is probably a newer version of it on the market now.

  16. hello molly its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow i am sorry to heer abowt yore mamas kamra!!! my dada has a wite ge x600 wot he got for like fifty green paypers on sayl at seerz he seems to like it wel enuf it zooms way way way owt!!! but it is diskontinyood thats probly why he got it cheep but maybe it is stil for sayl sumware!!! ok bye

  17. Ooops! Your Mom probably wanted a new camera anyway. Ours is big and clunky, so we won't give details.