Sunday, April 30, 2017


Who wants to play with me?
Thank you so much for all of the camera suggestions that you sent mom's way.   She agonized over each and every one of them but finally decided on the Canon Power Shot.
Hopefully, once she gets it, she can figure it out relatively quickly so she'll be off and running to take lots of pictures of her very favorite subject - Me☺

Love ya lots♥


  1. Me me me pick me...I'll be there in two shakes of a cat's tail
    We have heard the Canon Power Shot is a good camera
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. Ghostwriter has a new camera too. She's had it for a few years now and it's still in the box. She's such a techno-phobe!

  3. Ooooh! Which PowerShot did she get? Our mom borrows Dad's SX60 a lot and loves it!
    And we definitely want to play!!! Be right there!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. We have had the power shot and mom loved it. She loves all things Canon.

    We would love to come play. We lave do much rain we can't go outside:(

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  5. Hope your momma has fun wif it and dat ya get lotsa treats for posin!

  6. GREAT! We look forward to more fantastic pictures of you, gorgeous girl (and your brother when he visits.)

  7. Lady loves her Cannon. Phod will be right over to play!

  8. You would look great with every camera. I am glad your mom is happy with hers.

  9. Darling photo! At least your Mom isn't like my Mom just uses her phone and a photo editor BOL!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota DakotasDen

  10. I would love to play wid you anytime!
    Yur Furend
    Louis Dog Armstron

  11. We would love to come over and chase tennis balls with you. Good luck to your mom with her new camera. Hopefully she won't flash it in your face too much.

  12. I want to play with you.... oh imagine what fun we would have :o)

  13. ME ME ME! I would love to play wif you!

    Puppy Growls,