Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Wordless Wednesday


Mom told me this post is supposed to be wordless but I have tell you that last night, shortly after midnight, my crate door mysteriously opened and I was FREE!    I tiptoed to the bedroom door and sat down and somehow mom heard me and sat up in bed.   She told me that she could hear me breathing and it sounded too close to her bedroom entrance.   She jumped out of bed, grabbed her robe and slippers and took me out.   Yup, I was a good boy and did peepees for her.   Then she grabs this carabiner clip thingy, put me back in the crate and clipped me in, but not after lots of hugs and kisses.   

Now, she's calling me Duke the escape artist!

Love ya lots♥



  1. Sounds like you are a guy that is going to be full of mischief :)

  2. What a good puppy! Seems like a smart little guy too!

  3. Hmmmm some might say channeling your Inner Husky, eh?

    Glad you were checking on your mom!


  4. Duke please ask Mom to give you a bunch more hugs from me. You are so very smart and such a perfect puppy. I might have giggled at your escape
    Love you lots.

  5. Your crate door mysteriously opened? 😶 How..? Isn't this the line generally used by escape artist?😆

    You little package of good looks and brains!💗

    Enjoy him!🤗💗

  6. You're going to be a handful and mom will love every minute. You made me smile and great on going potty outside.

    I linked this post to my Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a woof woof day and rest of the week, Duke. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

  7. Lulu: "Nicely done, Duke! Maybe your nickname should be The Great Dukedini!"

  8. It's very hard to sneak anything past mommy! I believe she really could hear your breathing. I remember the time she heard me open a candy wrapper under the pillow from another room. Good luck Dukey. And good boy for keeping the dookies outside 😂

    1. Missy that is hilarious. thank you for sharing. I knew your Mom was special but had no idea she had supernatural abilities
      Hugs Cecila

  9. Those Mamas, they know everything! You sure were a good boy though, saving your peepees for outside!
    Rosy & Sunny

  10. Hari Om
    Mystery opening of doors comes down to loose latches...and making use of them! I'm sure you and mum will get a rhythm and routine sorted to prevent such mysteries perpetuating... hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  11. Well, Dandy Duke, at least you were a good boy. Mom had to resort to carabiner clips with some of us pups over the years to secure that crate. One day you will be able to go in and out of that crate as you will, but for now it is best to keep you safe. Our Mom is trying to give you a smooch through the screen.

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  12. I love an escape artist. I can't wait to read about your future exploits.

  13. Well, as if we had any doubts, we sure know "Who's a good boy ?"

  14. That was so smart of you to make that request and I'm glad you got lots of kisses, you deserve them sweet Duke!

  15. You just might be a bit too smart for your own good, LOL!!! Glad your Mom heard you and helped you 'do the right thing'

  16. You just keep looking at your mom with those soulful eyes and it wouldn't be long before you'll a have he run of the place.

  17. whew crisis averted!
    Milo got up every night sometimes twice to pee. He didn't sleep through the night til he went to bed with us. In self defense he became our sleeping partner after that.
    he suddenly didn't have to pee at night, didn't wet the bed, and laid down quietly.
    another sigh of relief

  18. Oh Duke so you are an Escapologist! That did not take you long to work out how to get out but you were very good doing your necessaries outside! You have lots of lovely toys to play with. Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx