Friday, March 2, 2007


Mom just finished a book called "Fitgo - The Wild dog of Central Park" by Paul Wilkes and she wants all of you guys to read it if you want to. Gram gave it to mom when she visited her last month. The book is one of these "feel good" type books - the ones that make you smile and laugh out loud and cry some and basically feel really warm and gooshy all over. I'm sure you've all read a book like this before.
Once mom has read a book, she basically likes to pass it on so that everyone can have the same enjoyment that she had. Mom thought it might be fun to pass it around among all of us dogs that blog that want to read it. She had this idea that she will send the book to the first person who requests it, and then they can read it and post that they're ready to have the next person request it. It might take a year before we all get to read it but it's worth the wait! This is a quick-read book. It's only 126 pages long and mom read almost all of it on her flight from Florida to Connecticut!
So who will be first? Post to my comment section that you're interested in reading Fitzgo and mom will get your snail mail address and mail the book to you.

I hope you all like the book as much as mom did! She said she was very sorry that it had to end.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love ya lots,



Stella Louella said...

Hi Maggie-
My female human is a librarian...she'll have to read it with me.
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Miss Stella

Rudy said...

Ooh, my Mom loves reading books like that about doggies! She said she'd love to read it to me and my housemates. How would you get our snail mail address?


Herbie said...

Is the book something like Marley & Me or Gracie? My M loves books like these, doggie autobiographies. We'll try to see if we can find the book locally.

Boo said...

hey maggie, put me in your list too. i love your idea. have you heard before the book "Marley and Me"? it is sooooooooo good mom cried at the end of the book. she strongly recommend it to anybody interested in books regarding doggie.

wet wet licks


Schniblet said...

Darnit! I'm 4 behind! Oh well, hopefully mum will get to read it eventually - may be one of you could send it to me for Christmas?!

Mum read that Marley & Me book when it first came out! She cried and cried at the end!


Simba said...

What a lovely idea of your Mummys to pass the book on. But I think she's gonna need more books. lol

Simba xx

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

Has your mom heard of

It's fantastic!

Maggie said...

We're waiting to hear back from Miss Stella to see if she wants the book mailed to her. By her comment I wasn't sure and I don't want to disappoint her. If you want to you can email me - and send me your snail mail addy and that way I'll have it. Hey, it'll be one more address that mom has for the Christmas card exchange!

Herbie and Boo,
We haven't read that one! We'll have to look for it! Thanks

I'm sure you'll get to read it! It's worth the wait!

I wish I did have more than one!!!!

I've never been to
Gotta check it out! Thanks for the heads-up!!!

Love ya lots,

Jasper said...

We love to read books...but, Momma said she will find that one at BooksAMillion. But, you have a really good idea here!! KEWL,

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Mama says that she will try to get hold of this book here. She loves 'Marley and Me' and now she is reading another book about pups too.

Boy n Baby

Oscar Airedale said...

I chewed my grandma's book a teeny bit the other day so I don't think mum should have yours!

Oscar x

...sweet saidie... said...

Maggie, your mom sure is smart. Sending that book out is a great idea.

♥ Saidie

Stella Louella said...

Hey, Maggie! That's really nice of your mom to offer...but mine works in the land of books, and she requested the title from her work! Thanks for the book suggestion (and offer!) Please pass it on to the next lucky dog...I'll let you know when we read the story!
Miss Stella

Stella Louella said...
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Isabella said...

Emmy and I don't want Linda spending time reading books instead of playing with us. So we aren't telling her about this! Shhh!
Big Wags,

Boo said...


would you like to to mail Marley & Me over to you? Mom finished the book quite sometime ago and she is happy to send it over. Email me: mynameisboo @

wet wet licks


Sophie Brador said...

Hi Maggie, Sophie can only read words on her dog food bag, cookie pouch, and of course, on her tennis ball.

On another note, I just read your bio. What a great story ... and an old house. I have no doubt that you play a huge role in keeping your dad's new heart ticking.

Dory and Liza said...

Maggie -

Mom says thanks for the reading recommendation. She finished all the books she got at CHristmas and requested this at the library.

They don't let me inside there :(

We also enjoyed your Winter vs Spring. We haven't had hardly any snow at all so I am very disappointed - Mom talked up how fun a snow storm is when I first got here.

Yesterday - Mom, Dad and I took a ride and visited our boat. Dad says we launch on March 31!! I have to say spring has more plus sides!!

Love ya - Dory!!