Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Could Things be Looking Up Finally?

Things could be looking up for Mitch. Mom and I are so hopeful! Mitch did poopoo's outside today for the first time! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mom is very happy about this progress BUT he peed on the rug! The first time mom couldn't scold him. It was done and overwith! The second time mom caught him in the act and told him that we do peepee's outside and picked him up and took him out. He finished peeing outside! yippeeeeeeeee

So we're so hoping that we're making headway!

Yesterday was not a fun day for me at all. I've been so sad thinking that this evil munchkin has replaced me and that mom and dad love him more than they love me! Mom assures me that this is totally not true!

Dad is in Maine for a few days and it's just mom and me and Mitch. Mom was playing ball with us earlier and I was trying to be a wee bit more accepting of him.

I'm still not sure about him always helping himself to my bones or my ball!

We did have a couple of confrontations. It made mom pretty nervous but afterwards she was applauding me. Thanks mom! I had to bare my teeth two or three times and growl viciously to tell this pesty little pain to stop chasing me - enough is enough. He backed right down and went and sat next to mom. I think I scared him a wee bit! hehehehe It didn't last for long though. He was right back at it! I guess I'll have to display my ire again before all is said and done!

Last night Mitch cried like a baby for over three hours and kept us all awake! It was pathetic - not little whimpers but heartwrenching sobs! Mom is hoping that it won't be a repeat performance tonight. If so, we may have to come up with Plan B.

He really is a happy-go-lucky scamp most of the time though!

Aside from the fact that he steals just about everything I own, he's really making leaps and bounds from where he was on Sunday!

Good thing he's cute because he gets away with murder lots of times!

Until next time..............

Love ya lots,



  1. Hi Maggie!

    My mom says that I was exactly like that when I first arrived... except I had cats kicking my butt, not a lovely Airedale big sister.

    I was housetrained pretty fast, mom and dad got me on a schedule and no peeing on papers or anything inside. It worked pretty well, even when my baby bladder pretty much had a mind of it's own! They also put a bell on the doorknob to outside and trained me to nose the bell when I had to go out (which worked REALLY well, mom says). My Dale brain could understand the connection between me ringing that bell and mom dragging her butt out of bed to take me outside.

    I think you're being a REALLY GOOD big sister so far... extra treats and love are in order!

    Love and Aire Kisses,

  2. Hi Maggie!~

    Don't worry, your mommy and daddy love you waaaay more (sshh, don't tell anyone I told you). As for Mitch, I guess since he's still a baby, he can get away with stealing your toys and bones. But once he gets a bit older, you can establish some rules. As for the crying, I did that too on my first 2 nights at my new home. I was SO scared!!


  3. Oh Maggie!
    I bet you had something to do with teaching little Mitch that he's suppose to poo-poo outside! You're clever! Just keep reminding him whose Alpha!

  4. Yay for poopoos outside! I cried in my crate all the time for the first week I was home. I'm sure Mitch will get used to it, soon :)

    You two look so cute together!
    Puggy kisses

  5. Maggie, you two look aDORable together! And it's true - you can teach him all KINDS of things! I house-trained Zim and Amber! Mom says I'm very special and sweet for helping and yes, I got tons of praise and COOKIES!
    Good luck!
    Tail wags,

  6. Oh Maggie -

    We are so proud that you have been so tolerant of Mitch. He's just a baby and as cute as babies are they are also alot of work. Mom and I are sure that you are up to the challenge!!!

    We also know your Mom and Dad love you best - more doggie just mean more love to go around.

    He is very cute - Mom and I are just a little jealous, besides all the work it can be a little bit exciting to have a new friend too!

    Give Mitch a slobbery smooch for us and our love to you!!

    Dory and Liza

  7. you guys loook SOOO cute together! so what is Plan B, give the dog some whiskey before bed?? haha JUST KIDDING, not that I would ever think to do that with the Doofus!!!!!!!!!

  8. mi maggie ,
    dont worry , mour mom&dad love you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more , and it will always be that way . pairnts always love the first , plus you have the same bday as your mom . you got to teach that little pice of toxic waist whos boss .
    well, luv ya maggie #2

  9. Awwww Maggie,
    It will be okay...Your Mom and Dad will always love you.
    Cut the lil' fella some slack, and you will see it will all be okay.

  10. I really appreciate you posting this Maggie. Mama and Papa have been considering getting me a sister. I want Mama to read this so she sees that these little buggers can be pesky things.

    Mitch seems kind of cute though. Good for you though, you need to show him who is boss.


  11. Hiya Maggie,
    You're turning out to be a very good big sista!! :) Mitch will grow out of his whining and crying soon. I did that during the first week when I got home. It drove the hoomans crazy especially Dad who according to Mom is an extremely light sleeper.
    Mitch looks adorable...and Mom's coming up with farnie ideas about getting another dacshie to keep me company.
    PS : I linked you to my blog. :)

  12. I love that photo of you standing over your new brother. He is so unbearably cute I'm almost ready to head out a pick myself up an Airedale.

  13. Wow, that's rough! He is darn cute, but seems like a total pain. Maybe he'll grow up to be a fun play brother someday. Keep your chin up!

  14. Hi Maggie,
    I think you are being a fab. big sister to Mitch.. he's probably still testing his boundaries. Poor lil' Mitch.. he must be so scared at night!! Oh and pls don't think that Mitch had replaced u in the hearts of your mum and mum tells me that parents will somehow find more room for love in their hearts

  15. Oh Maggie, good to hear that Mitch is making good progress. Dont worry, your mom and dad will still love you as much. :)

    ~ fufu

  16. ahhh the joys of potty training. Mummy says she's glad I'm a big boy now.

    Simba xx

  17. Oh Maggie, you really do have a grumpy face on those photos, you poor girl!

    Mitch does look kind of pleased with himself in the photos where he's got your toys & bones, so I can see why he's annoying you! I don't mind sharing my toys with other dogs. The other day in the park 2 dogs got my ball, but I just went & found a stick!

    Oscar x

  18. look at that puppy eyes in the last 2 photos. maggie, mitch is irresistible. sorry to say that.

    wet wet licks


  19. Oh my poor Maggie.....But don't worry I'm sure your mom loves you. She can also loves him but differently.... you are so different.
    Kiss, Faya

  20. I think having Mitch around could work in your favour. It's got to mean more treats all round. And maybe more toys too! J x

  21. I think having Mitch around could work in your favour. It's got to mean more treats all round. And maybe more toys too! J x

  22. Mitch is so cute. So did all that confrontation work?

    Boy n Baby

  23. sorry Maggie I have got behind with my comments on blogs.....the pictures of Mitch and you are adorable!

    He will soon get the hang of things I am sure with a lovely example like you to follow!

    love and licks Marv xxxxx