Saturday, March 24, 2007

Our Day of Beauty

Mom decided that she would groom me today so after breakfast she took Mitch out to pee and poo and then crated him so that she could spend the couple of hours on me that she needed to.
After my grooming session we went for our normal walkie. Mitch wasn't too happy being left alone. Mom says she can't wait till he can go for walkies with us - I can wait! I like having mom all to myself!
When we got back home mom took Mitch out for a shorter walk - he had some time on the street but most of the time was spent in the woods where I go for all of my snowy walks - back where the duckies are! Mitch met our swan today and darn, mom didn't have her camera with her! Bad mom!
Mitch barked at Dauby and when she flapped her wings to go back to the water Mitch was scared. hehehehe I wish I would have been along so I could have laughed at him. What a baby!
When they came back inside from their walk, he was carried upstairs to the room where mom grooms me. She didn't get much grooming done on him because Mitch wouldn't stand up for her but mom figures at his young age this is a start and that next time it'll be easier.
After his short grooming session Mitch was dumped in the bathtub! HAHAHA and he wasn't quite sure if he liked it or not. Mom's pretty sure this must be his first bath. He did like to be dried though! He thought mom was playing with him rubbing him briskly and he wouldn't stop biting at the towel the whole time! He came downstairs looking quite a bit fluffier and he actually smelled somewhat better! Here he is all cleaned up!

On our last posting we told you that Mitch gets baby gated in the computer room with mom. Well, he now climbs over the baby gate and plops himself down on the other side! Mom said I NEVER EVER did this before! Yup, Mitch is sure a handful!

Look at the great idea mom came up with to keep him contained and check out the expression on Mitch's face! I guess she outfoxed the little nipper - this time anyway! He's pretty smart and he keeps mom on her toes!

We've been racing through the house a lot lately. Mitch still comes at me with those teeth but I sorta give it right back to him so he doesn't think he's the boss! This is the pink bunny that mom brought home with her the same day she bought our new bed.

Guess who now thinks HE owns it!

This is us deep in conversation about whose toy it REALLY is!

Take a look at this shot! What a doofus! The ball is obviously way to big for him! And do you see him guarding that bunny that we just had our discussion about!

So that's pretty much how our day went today. I hate to admit it but I'm sorta getting used to having the little pain around!

Until next time.............

Love ya lots,



  1. hi maggie , too bad the gate thing didnt work out cerry well ..
    at baby's r us they sell a tall gate with a door opening (so your mom doesnt hafto move it or climb over it) they REALLY work .
    luv ya , maggie

  2. hey hey maggie! mitch is a clever pup to get over that baby gate... good thing your mom is a bit cleverer!

    i hate it wen pups steal your toys and think they own everything. be sure to let him know who wuz there first!

    luv ivy

  3. May I ask you all why you have bath ? I'm now 1 year old and I never had one.... Hé I don't stink ! Big kiss, Faya

  4. The expression on Mitch's face is priceless! Love it! Your mommy is pretty smart...hehehe.

    Tell that little whipper-snapper that pink is NOT his color. That is obviously YOUR toy, Maggie. But the little guy is cute. Really cute. If I got the chance to play with him I'd put him in his place for you. Really, I would. I'm actually pretty self-assured (mom's note: *ahem!* aggressive is more like it!) with big dogs :)

    Puggy kisses

  5. Hi Maggie! It looks like you and Mitch are doing pretty well! He's very clever to get over the gate; good thing your mom is smarter! Davy can jump ours, but we aren't allowed so we don't. But Davy does. Not that he's allowed, 'cuz he isn't... but he does anyway.
    Hey guess what? You know M. Beublet who told the funny joke I blogged today? Guess what kind of puppy he had? An AIREDALE! Isn't that cool? Her name was Heidi.

  6. Wow... Mitch is quite the little smartie isn't he? I see the baby gate and want nothing to do with it, even now that I'm a big boy.

    By the way, you look LOVELY today...


  7. Mitch is so smart to get over the gate.. lucky thing your mom thought of putting two at the same time. But we are just curious, how come you have so many baby gates around the house?

    Boy n Baby

  8. Looks like U have to help your mom to discipline Mitch. Let him know he has to behave like a good kid.

  9. Oh my gosh. Even now I have never managed to get over the baby gate! Mitch sure is fiesty!

    Glad to hear you're still getting some alone-time with mum.

    Oscar x

  10. ok, sorry to say it but Mitch is TOO CUTE! the doofus hoards toys like that too!