Thursday, March 8, 2007

Running Errands

Mom had to run errands today and she told me that I could go too! yahooooooooooo

Our first stop was Agway to get food for me and the duckies and goosies and our one swan. When mom came out of the store she was grinning from ear to ear. She told me she had a surprise for me! Oh goody! A bully stick! It's not the three footer but it's a bully stick just the same and it's my first one so I'm totally happy about this! So unwrap it and pass it over mom! Mom said not now - later! Bummer!

Our next stop was Thyme and Season. It's a natural food store and mom could spend major bucks in here! She could spend major time in there too but she was quick today seeing as I was waiting in the car.

So out she comes with this huge bag! I'm trying to see if there's anything in there for me! Mom told me it's a secret to be revealed on another day. awwwwwwwwwwww come on mom! No fair!!!

So our last stop is the bank - the one near my house that passes out cookies!

My favorite lady waited on mom. She likes me! When the drawer opens for mom to put her banking business in there, out comes a cookie! I just love this lady! And when the drawer opens again for mom to take her cash and what-not out, this nice lady passes me another cookie! Yup, she's a true friend!

So that was how I spent my morning - running errands with mom!

Till next time...................

Love ya lots,



  1. Cookies, bullysticks and a surprise what a great day.

    Simba xx

  2. Wow, I get cookies when we go to Lowe's. I love Lowe's they are soo cool.

    Murph the Dog

  3. That sounds like a great morning to start your day with. You are lucky that in your city, they welcome pups. In Singapore, if we stepped in a bank, we believe it will raise eyebrows, dont even mention cookies.

    Boy n Baby

  4. ooooh that last photo of you is adorable Sweet Maggie!

    love and licks Marvin xxx

  5. Yesssss a bully stick. AND cookies. Did your mom took pictures from you and the bully stick ? Kiss, Faya

  6. Sorry for posting in your comments section but I couldn't find an email address for you. Can you contact me via email? It's about your blog being listed on our site. Thanks in advance.

    Again, sorry if leaving this message here is annoying to anyone reading these comments.

  7. Miss pretty Maggie,
    I personally am certain that you will just LOVE that bully stick!! Try not to chew it too quickly though! I still have plenty of mine left! Sounds like a fantastic day! Curious as to what your surprise was that your mum got you at the natural food store! Me LOVES that natural stuff too! (even if it's medicines!)

  8. Errands can be very fun - our bank people here aren't as friendly though.

    Mom and I checked out the quilts today - VERY COOL!!! Mom is jealous, she wants to learn to quilt but already has too many hobbies - at least that's what Dad says!!

    Have a great weekend

    Wet nose smooches - Dory

  9. Wow Maggie, that sounds like a good trip out! I've never had a bully stick, but they sound good. To be honest, I think Mom's a little grossed out by them. I really don't know what the big deal is. Who cares what part of the bull they come from? I hope you enjoy yours!


  10. What a great way to spend a morning! I have never had a Bully Stick. Was it good?
    Big Wags,

  11. what a wonderful morning! I cant wait to see what she got at the food store!!!

  12. What a perfect girls day out!
    You should of taken your mom to the groomers with you and had a spa day.


  13. Bully stick? Hummm, I've heard a lot about those since I've been blogging....but I have never had one....have to tell Momma about that!

  14. Hi Miss Maggie!

    Wanted to let you know that there is another Maggie Aire-girl who I've just helped to start her own blog..

    Of course she's not as cute as you...


  15. A bully stick and treats? That's one good morning! Maybe I need to start running errands with my mom!

    ♥ Saidie

  16. i want to go to your bank! here, not even pet store gives out cookies. :-(

    wet wet licks


  17. Maggie, you look like a very well behave doggie in the car. And that bank lady sounds very nice to give you cookies. :)

    ~ fufu

  18. Maggie,
    A bank that passes out cookies! Sign me up; I need to make several withdrawls!
    Lub Nugget

  19. What a tail-wagging day, Maggie!! You're so lucky you get to go into the bank for cookies.. they must love your sweet face there. Have a great weekend!


  20. Wow, I may have to go on errands with my mum more often!

    Oscar x

  21. wow - you get to go to the bank - we never get to go to the bank unless it is a drivethru!

    And you get cookies!