Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Package From Suki

The good news is mom got her beauty sleep last night! Mitch did not cry at all. The bad news is that mom didn't set the alarm clock to get up at 1AM to take Mitch out! So when mom rolled over in bed at 4AM she flew out of bed apologizing all the way down the stairs! Yup, Mitch left her a couple of nice surprises.
Hey, I have to go to bat for the little guy here! It wasn't his fault - it was mom's for sleeping like a dead woman - actually we both did - ahhhhhhhhhhh peace and quiet!

The mailman brought us a gift from Suki today!

The package has my name on it but Mitch wanted to get in on the act too! Check out my foot in the pic. That's me hightailin' it out of there before he lunges at me with those alligator teeth!

Suki sent us Mother Hubbard puppy biscuits that she didn't care for. We offered to take them off her hands and she took us up on our offer! Hey, thank you so much Suki! They sure are tasty and a really good size for Mitch's small mouth! Suki offered to send them to us before we even got Mitch! And they're puppy biscuits! hummmmmmmmm could Suki have had a premonition??

Mom even shared one of MY biscuits with the little scamp! She made him sit for it and he did!

Suki also sent a big mailman cookie but I'm not sharing that one! It's mine all mine and mom says yup, that's the way it'll work! yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

She told me that I could have it tomorrow when she runs errands without me. Well, okay!

Things are progressing here. I'm thinking that I want to be in the family room at night again with Mitch and mom and hang out on my bed. Mom says that she's going to get each of us a bed for the family room so that we won't fight over just the one bed. We're getting more used to each other a little bit more each day. I just wish that Mitch would stop chasing me with those needle teeth! Mom tells him to stop it after 10 minutes or so and when he gets nasty with mom and starts biting her, he gets time-out in his crate! Ya know, he's been getting a lot of time-outs! hehehehe

Until next time..............

Love ya lots,



  1. What a good big sis to share your biscuits from Suki.

    I say get yourself back in the room with mum & Mitch. A new bed sounds good. I need one too!!!

    Oscar x

  2. Those kookies look delicious! I've never tried Mother Hubbard treats! I'm glad your mum is getting an extra bed! I mean, who would want to share a bed with Mr. Stinky II?

  3. Hi Maggie-
    Your little brother looks cute. Mr. Whiskers said to tell you he knows exactly how you feel about Mitch. He feels the same way about me. Do you know what that means? Why would he say that? I'm his little seester.

  4. Sharing your cookies, that is so nice. When I stay with Audrey, she won't share with me, and it makes me sad. Oh well, she is an old lady and kind of set in her ways!

    Murph the Dog

  5. Hey Maggie! I'm glad you got the treats OK, and it looks like the mailman one didn't break - YAY!

    I'm sorry again about forgetting the, mommy's sad about forgetting it. It wasn't my fault! I'm glad things are going a little better with Mitch :)

    Puggy kisses xoxo

  6. Maggie, please don't tell me you are falling for the litte guy...

    I agree with Joey, we older siblings need to stick together!!

    ps. STINKY was in his crate while I was opening my pressies, you think I was gonna SHARE???

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  7. Maggie you're being such a good girl with Mitch, I'm impressed! I do a bitey thing with my cats that (mostly) keeps them away from my stuff - basically I just bite the air near them and they run away. Maybe it will work with Mitch?


  8. Maggie:

    What a nice BIG SIS your are....

    Mitch is so lucky to have you..

    We're happy he did not cry last nite...poor Mum ...those kind of pressie NO ONE WANTS...

    Maybe Needle Teeth will be working hard on the bisquits and not you...Good idea to share with him...

  9. Maggie, your such a great big sister. I think Mitch is very lucky to have a big sis like you!~


  10. All you dog bloggers should get an award for keeping the post office in business. How nice of Suki to send the cookies.

    I love Mitch's black ears. Will his colours stay or will he fade as he gets older?

  11. You get the best treats little Maggie:) How nice of Suki to think of you.

    Hugs from Billy Boo:)

  12. Hi Maggie!

    I'm back from my trip, and Mom brought the book with us that we got from you. She says I can blog this weekend but now she's real busy. We have a lot of catching up to do!
    Thanks for sending us that nice book!

  13. Wow, you sure are adapting quickly to having Mitch there! You are very sweet to share some of your cookies with him, but I'm glad you got to keep the mailman one all to yourself. You deserve it!


  14. Hi Maggie,
    Seems like you are opening up to the little guy! Poor Mitch must've been too busy trying to hold his pee & poo to cry last night!! You are an amazing big sister for sharing your pressies with him!

  15. Hey Maggie, those cookie sure look yummy. Is Mitch fun to play with now?
    Good to hear that you guys are getting your own bed. :)

    ~ fufu

  16. Hi Maggie, Congrats on the new brother. He is cute, all legs and paws!

  17. Ohh you got post. I love getting post.

    Simba xx

  18. talking about mail. maggie has your mom gotten my book yet? she sent exactly 2 weeks ago and it should reach you by now. coz the mail man said 2 weeks!

    how come mitch looks exactly like sunshade's stinky? that's scary!

    wet wet licks


  19. Boo is right. Mitch really looks like Stinky. Dont tell us the 'Stinkies' are taking over now.

    Boy n Baby

  20. Hang in there Maggie. I'm sure U will always be the boss.

  21. alligator teeth eh? That is a bit of a worry in an Airdale, do you know exactly who is mother was???? I am quite qorried now I read about Alligator teeth......where in Dog did he get Alligator teeth??

    Puzzled Marvin xxxx

  22. Hi Maggie. Your are the sister we all dream to have....
    Kiss, Faya