Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Afternoon with Putter!

Putter came to visit me today - finally at long last! yahooooooooo
Our mom's made this playdate quite awhile ago and it was pure agony waiting for today to finally arrive but it did and we had the bestest weather! It was just gorgeous here! A perfect spring day!

Putter arrived just after noontime with her mom Kate and her dad Ted. The hoomans welcomed each other like long lost friends but I have to say that it wasn't that way with us girlz right off the bat! I've bonded with Mitch believe it or not. I can finally say that as much of a pain as Mitch is, I really love the little guy! He's fun and he's my little brother.

I sorta took a hissy when Putter first came into the workshop. Please forgive me Putter, I wasn't a very nice hostess, was I! I was just protecting Mitch but Mitch didn't really need protecting I later came to realize.
Know what? I think Mitch is quite the lady's man! He and Putter had lots of fun together!

Putter is a really sweet girl - very playful with a happy-go-lucky attitude. After our immediate squabble, mom suggested that maybe we should go for a walkie - just the girlz, and leave Mitch home with dad.

This was a good suggestion on mom's part because Putter and I pretty much settled down and got to know each other better without Mitch constantly gnawing on poor Putter's beard and legs and face!
I had a great time showing Putter our neighborhood! Here we are getting better acquainted. Putter is a lot furrier than I am and mom says she actually looks larger! She has the greatest collar! It's green and it's golf related - get it - Putter!

Isn't she a cutie! She is such a playful girl and she was trying her darndest to get me to play with her and I was just too pooped from our walkie. This was the second time around the block for me today!

Putter is doing playbows and Mom wanted so much for me to answer right back to her with my playbows! Next time, okay mom?!

We really had a good time together - all of us - all hoomans and all dogs. Putter's mom and dad are just the nicest people and this was the first time that an Airedale has ever visited me at my house and it was really so cool! Thank you so much Putter!

Putter also came bearing pressies! yeaaaaaaaaaaaa - the bestest part!

She brought this really cool football! Mitch can't really get it into his mouth so I guess that means it's MINE hehehehe *really evil grin*

And Putter also brought us a tennis bone! Mitch is so tired from all of the new adventures today that he could care less about any new toys at the moment! This won't last though! Give him a nap and he'll be chasing me through the house trying to claim all of the toys for himself!

Putter also brought us big, L-O-N-G bully sticks - the kind mom can never seem to find! OMG we can't wait to sink our teeth into those babies! We hear Monday it's supposed to rain so it may very well be another workshop day! Guess what I'll be doing? Yup, chewing on my bully stick! Mom says she's going to put Mitch's away till he's a little bit older.

Thank you so much Putter for our new gifts and for your fabulous visit! We all had such a good time. Let's do it again soon, okay?! I can tell we'll be bestest and goodest friends for a long, long time!
Putter now has her own blog. Her mom took tons of pictures while she was at my house so I'm sure Putter will tell you about her meeting up with me and Mitch for the first time!

And on another note:

Rudy has finished reading the Fitzgo book that we told you about awhile back. So anybody who wants to read it, please go and visit Rudy at his blog and sign up if you want to read it too, okay?

Love ya lots ,



  1. Oh that sounds so exciting! I wanna meet some of my doggie bloggie buddies for playdates....

    Bussie Kissies

  2. You Airedales look so dignified when you're together - even when you're playing!

    I'm glad you had a nice playdate, Maggie, and good for you for sticking up for Mitch! He needs you :)

    Puggy kisses

  3. Wow that looks like FUN Maggie!!! I love when I get to play with other Dales.... hope I get to play with you someday! Guess I'll have to bring burgers...


  4. wow you meet your best girlfriend face to face! that's so cool. what with all the gifts... i bet putter has so much fun with you too.

    wet wet licks


  5. Oh I'm jealous...... I feel totally left out even tho I know I was invited. I tried to book myself tickets, but they said since I was under 18, I needed mum's authorization. Of course, mum said NO, she thinks I'll die if I fly. Geezus!

    Glad you guys had fun, you and Putter sure looked happy together. Wish I could have gone on that "gurrrls only" walkie too....

    Hey, can I mail STINKY to you for a playdate with Mitch??? Maybe they can play 'til they both lose all their teeth??

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  6. That is so cool that you had a playdate - and that you had so much fun :-)

    Those bully sticks look AWESOME !!!!


  7. Awww, Putter looks like a real sweetheart!~ And look at the cool pressies she brought you!! You are SO lucky!!!


  8. Playdates are so much fun...and it looks like you really enjoyed yours! Putter is so handsome!
    We love the new pics of Mitch too....xoxoxo

  9. Wow! A playdate with another Airegirl! Sounds wonderful! I would be dancing with playbows too! What a great time you had!

  10. Hi Maggie! Hi!

    Thank you so much for having me over yesterday! I had the bestest time! It was so much fun to meet you and Mitch and your Mom and Dad in person! I can't wait til the next time we meet!

  11. Hi Maggie,
    Wow you are lucky to have a freind come to visit with gifts and everything! -Lucky girl!

  12. A tennis bone!!! Get out of here! Really? Oh my doG, I think Sophie's brain just exploded. She can hardly stand it that she doesn't have one.

  13. Tell Mitch I'll hold on to his long bully stick for safe keeping.


  14. what a fabulous visit, you are all so cute. not as cute as those gigantic bully sticks, though! wow!

  15. Hey, I had a play date with 2 airedales today! I'll update my blog soon.

    I hope you & Putter can become really good friends. It'll be good to have some back up for when Mitch gets too anooying.

    Oscar x

  16. You are so lucky that you could play with Putter. It looks like you had a great time. I wish I had an aire friend that lived close by. I just have Mr. Whiskers and he gets anoying sometimes. He just doesn't understand airedales. He's such a dud.

  17. Hi Maggie,
    You are so lucky to have Putter over and spend the day with you... You gals looked like you had such a great day!!

  18. So nice that you meet up with Putter. You 2 look great and aire kisses.. That's so sweet. :)

    ~ fufu

  19. That must have been really fun!! Will you be going to visit Putter at her home soon?

  20. That must have been really fun!! Will you be going to visit Putter at her home soon?

  21. ohh.. smart of your mum to think of some private bonding time between you and putter!

  22. A play date sound so much fun. May be we should plan something with Chiyo, Huskee, Fufu and whoever is keen. That will be so much fun.

    Boy n Baby