Sunday, March 18, 2007


Friday the snow started to fall and around dinnertime it started to sleet and hail. Overnight it continued to sleet and rain and Saturday morning we woke up to crusty ice on top of 9" on snow! It's awful! It's not even fun because I can't walk on this.
I start out on top of the ice and then I fall through and it scares me and hurts my legs and I just want mom to get me outta here!
I'm not having any fun at all!Can you see my toenails all extended like a cat? I'm tryin' so hard to walk on this snow and it's just not working!
I keep falling through!
I'm really trying to make the best of this situation.

I heard some kids and wanted to go see what they were doing but it's not worth the effort! It's too much work to get over there just to say hi and be nosey!

Enough snow for this year! Mom has finally convinced me that spring is better! Hurry spring! Enough of winter and please, no more snow~

Until next time.............

Love ya lots,



  1. I like snow but if it comes now what will happend to all the flowers in my garden ? ...
    Kiss, Faya

  2. Haha...we had snow like that and it just cut up my legs. But I'm a big strong man and didn't let it bother me!

    Your comment on my blog made me blush! I love it when girls tell me I'm cute!

    Lots of freckled nose love,

  3. Hey Maggie,
    Ew, that does NOT sound like fun at all. You do look pretty funny with your nails sticking out for traction, though!

    I hope you don't have any more snow. It's almost April, sheesh! I have an uncle who lives in Maine and a great-aunt and uncle in Mass and they're ready for spring, too!

    Puggy kisses

  4. Hiya Maggie,
    Seems like Spring is real late this year huh? You looked like you hated walking in that snow!!

  5. Hi there Maggie! We had blizzards today in Central Scotland, but they have gone now and so has the snow! Our weather man on the BBC said the weather was blowing in from The States, so guess you have it much worse than us. Our ground is too warm for it to settle. Sun is out now!

    Don't fret, Spring won't be long.

    love and licks from Marvin xxxxx

  6. Hi Maggie, Hang on Spring is on the way! Our weather fluctuates between rain and sun. On friday it was 59-60 degrees! Today it's overcast.

  7. Hi Maggie, What's snow?? Maybe next year I'll see some. Mom says we got a few inches before I was born and it shut our city down!! Right now it's sunny and all the cherry trees are blooming PINK everywhere! I love pink. 'Cept in our backyard- we have a white one. Figures...
    I'm going on a hike up a small mountain (really small...) today. I did it on Friday after dinner and Mommy was so surprised I jogged the whole way- Mommy nearly fell over:)from lack of lung power. I'll get pictures today while on the trek and work on my blog tonight. Talk to you soon. Hope the snow goes away fast, I hear it's cold and I don't like being cold...brrrrrr

    Cupcake Kisses

  8. Snow? Snow? Wow, can I come over? The bipeds are in shorts and tee shirts here! It's horrible! They seem happy... but not us Siberpups!
    Play bows,

  9. Hey Mag, Same here. Snow, snow and more snow. Someone said it was going to rain tomorrow. I'm not sure that's much better because then the snow just turns to mush and freezes into solid ice. How about just straight to sun and tulips!

  10. Maggie, I think we need to get you some snowshoes!!!


  11. Ohh... Spring sounds nice! My M loves spring, because of the cool yet sunny weather. I like anywhere as long as there's food.

  12. Hi Maggie,
    Do you want to come over to where I am and 'thaw' out for a while?? I'd love to have you over...

  13. Ooh, that snow looks so white.. it doesn't even look real cause you're standing right on top of it! That kind of snow hurts my feet too.


  14. Hey Maggie. Hope that snow didn't hurt your feet too much. Can you make a snowdog out of those snow?

    ~ fufu

  15. oh maggie, show me some spring photos! i wanna see flowers and you eating it! hehehe.

    wet wet licks


  16. Brr, that does look cold. It is trying to snow here but I don't think it will settle. Fingers crossed your snow melts fast!

    Oscar x

  17. Its freezing here too. Just as I was getting used to the warmer weather.

    Simba xx

  18. Wow, I can see why you can't wait for spring, it looks hard to walk on that stuff. Spring has sprung here and all my lady does is sneeze and complain. Silly lady.

    Murph the Dog

  19. We never experienced snow but when we read your story, we were thinking, maybe snow isnt that fun after all.

    Boy n Baby