Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Special Gift from Putter

Putter is my bestest and goodest friend that lives in Connecticut and although we haven't had our play date yet, we still correspond regularly. We're waiting for spring to arrive to get together. We've all decided that warmer is better!

Yesterday the mailman delivered another card from Putter. Mom says the yellow tulips are putting her in a cheerful mood and we both can't wait till Putter and her mom visit us soon!

Putter wrote the nicest letter and sent me this most beautiful charm for my collar! It says "Best Friend"!

Thank you so much Putter! You and your mom are just so special to me and my mom. I can't wait till we meet in person! Here's a photo of me wearing my new charm. Mom attached a special hook to it so that if I change collars the charm will get switched with the collar and I can always be wearing it!

Now I have to tell you that Putter has been under the weather with a mild case of kennel cough and a doggie virus that she picked up at doggie day care. Her mom has been spoiling her and feeding her especially good nutritious foods and Putter is getting better. She's less achy and is feeling more perky! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Keep getting better and better, Putter!!! We want you back to your old bouncy self real soon Putter! Mom and I can't wait for the day when you and your mom come to our house and we can play together!

Friends forever,

Love ya lots,



  1. Wow Maggie - you're gonna get to meet your penpal! Sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Butt sniffs and pose downs and running!!!!!!

    Bussie Kissies

  2. Hi Maggie, Putter is such a nice friend. That charm looks great on you. I hope she feels better soon. Do post pictures of you 2 together when you meet.

  3. awe we hope putter feels better really soon!!!

  4. so sweet of putter to send you that "best friend" tag!

    i am sending my best wishes to putter for her to recover fast fast!

    wet wet licks


  5. What a lovely present. I bet your really looking forward to meeting your friend.

    Simba xx

  6. We hope Putter is better now. It is so sweet of her to send you that charm.

    Boy n Baby

  7. Was it Putter who had the froggie toy?

    That charm is beautiful just like you maggie-licious!

    Oscar x

  8. That is a beautiful picture of you showing off your gift.

    I hope Putter gets well very soon.

    Tail wags

  9. Maggie the Model! YOu girls are so lucky that you get to have pretty charms and stuff (this is Mum being wistful here!). I hope Putter feels better soon.. kennel cough is such a sucky thing to have. But at least being sick = being spoiled! You have to keep us updated on when you two meet!


  10. That is so sweet... Nice little charm too!

  11. Waouw Maggie ! You are so lucky ! Flowers ! I love flowers too but especialy the ?coquelicot?.... I will see if Oscar can help... Big Kiss, Faya

  12. That is lovely news Maggie! I like reading your blog!

    love licks and drools, Marvin xxxx

  13. ooooh and the charm is so pretty on your collar toooooooo!

  14. Awwwww...I'm jealous of your airedale friend! Most dogs are scared of me because I am so big, and I don't have a pen pal yet...*sniff* Now that there are other Newfs on dogs with blogs there's hope!

  15. Oh Maggie!
    Having a pen pal sounds like fun! I think Putter is getting better cause of all that AireZen you and your mum are sending out!
    PS: & Airezen for Putter!

  16. Putter is such a great name. Well, that's what Papa said and he is a golf fanatic.

    Mama and I like the name Maggie much better.


  17. Maggie, the charm looks very nice on your collar. I am glad Putter is getting better!