Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day Three with the Monster

The little guy is coming to life around here more and more and showing his true Airedale spirit! He sleeps in MY bed now more than I do! He's chewing on the special blankie that mom made especially for me and when mom tells him to stop he nips her with those puppy sharp teeth! What did those other pups teach him in that pet store??!! Thank goodness we rescued him before he learned any more bad habits!

Look at the way he looks at me. I'm trying to tell him that this is unacceptable behavior for a puppy who just came to live here 3 days ago but he thinks he's boss! He's got both of my favorite toys! Who does he think he is??!!

Mom keeps telling me to stop running from him and stand up to him and tell him who the Princess is around here! I guess I haven't gotten mad enough yet!
Mom has been getting lots of emails telling her that I can be the one to teach Mitch to go potty outside! REALLY??!! Will this get me extra treats? I have been doing a pretty good job in the peepee department but the little bugger still hasn't gotten the hang of poopoo's outside. We're still working on that one.

Little Mitch had to go to the vet today just for a check up! I'm sure glad it was him and not me! He weighs a whopping 21 pounds already! He checked out okay and didn't get any shots. The vet did offer a couple that mom deemed unnecessary. Mom is looking out for his best interests - just like she does with me. Yeaaaaaa mom!!!!

The little guy went for his first major walkie today. We normally walk about 2 miles but we knew this was too much for Mitch's legs seeing as he was crated for 2 whole months in the pet store. So we set out and he was following me and keeping up a pretty good pace! Dad carried him up the hill and he was itching to get back down, so dad put him down and let him go farther till he stopped and sat down. I guess that was our clue that he was pooped. Now dad and mom had to share the chore of carrying this heavy bundle till we got home. We wore his little hiney right out though! How does that saying go " A tired puppy is the best kind"! hehehehe

I hate to admit it but he is pretty cute when he's sleeping like a rock! The only bad part of it is that HE'S SLEEPING IN MY BED!!!!

Till next time.............

Love ya lots,


  1. Wow, sounds like me when I was really small, I would nip, eat blankies, and sleep on all my friends beds. But it gets better (or so I keep telling people)!

    Good Luck!

    Murph the Dog

  2. Yes Miss Maggie, you absolutely SHOULD teach the little guy "the ropes"... then you can bend him to your will and have him take the fall for you in the future... but also, if you teach him then he'll learn to do things the way YOU want, not the way the humans want which is ALWAYS good...

    And yes, you DEFINITELY deserve extra treats for all of this work you're doing!!!!

    Love and BIG AIRE KISSES to you all,


  3. Wow, you've got a cute wee brother! You're being much nicer than I would be.


  4. Maggie:

    Mom & Dad must give EXTRA treats...
    It's a hard job being a BIG SIS and helping Mitch learn....

    Maybe you should ask Mom if Mitch gets to sleep in your bed where's your NEW bed ??? Princess must have princess' beds.....and extra treats....

    Tired puppy is a very good puppy....Jst wait till he starts school.....

  5. ok he is soooooooooooooooooooooooo
    oooooooooooooo cute , i wish i had a baby brother to teach things to , but NOOO mom once more said NO , grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    well , good luck , maggie #2

  6. Poor Mags....bite him a few times and maybe he will leave?

    Bussie Kissies

  7. Hey Maggie!

    My Mama is oohing and awing and making baby noises at your brother. Which is precisely why I don't want any other animals in my home. I want Mama to be ooh and ah over me only.


    p.s don't be mad but, he is really cute when he is sleeping.

  8. Maggie, I'm so proud of you for teaching Mitch how to go potty outside :)

    And yes, he is really, really REALLY cute. I think he needs his own bed, though :)

    Puggy kisses

  9. Hey Mag, Sharing your bed is a tall order, but I'm sure you'll get even more extra treats for that one.

  10. Hiya Maggie,
    Your little brother seems very cute and looks like both of you are getting along well enuff. Now both of you can gang up together and train your hoomans!

  11. Hi Maggie,
    It is so generous of you to share your fav. toys and even your bed!! Mum and I are glad that Mitch has found a good forever home with the added bonus of having a fantastic big sista like you to teach him a thing or two!

  12. How kewl you got a baby brother! Sometimes it can get irritating to have a younger playmate, but they are loads of fun, aren't they? Linda keps telling me to show Emy who is boss, but i am just too mellow and laid back. I usually let her have her way. But when she gets too annoying I have body slammed her and pinned her down a few times- hee hee!

    You and your brother are going to have lots of fun together.
    Big Wags,

  13. hmmm doesnt the pest have his OWN bed somewhere? I swear, little brothers are such pains! but he really is super cute!

  14. If he were mine, I'd teach him how to get in the trash, chew up mum's pillows, chew the drywall, etc etc. THEN you could have ALL the fun and that little bugger would get in ALL the trouble! Heh!

  15. Maggie, you're so nice to let Mitch sleep your bed and play with your toys. You're a great big sister.

    ~ fufu

  16. Yeah, mum still remembers well how sharp those puppy teeth are! We heard a sad story yesterday about an 8 week old Jack Russell puppy that got taken back to the breeders as he was nipping & someone told the news owners he was a very dangerous dog!!!

    I bet Mitch never had many toys of his own before, so take it easy on him Maggie.

    You'll be a super duper big sis!

    Oscar x

  17. Your new baby brother has the longest legs I have ever seen. I think he is going to be bigger then you.

    Simba xx

  18. Your new baby brother has the longest legs I have ever seen. I think he is going to be bigger then you.

    Simba xx

  19. Oh Maggie, Mitch looks like so much fun! I could just play with him for hours :) If your hoomans get sick of him, maybe they can just ship him to us for a while!! Although I'm not sure my hoomans are ready for those razor sharp puppy teeth all over the place again...he is a cutie though although I can understand your disgust ;)
    Lots of love,

  20. OMG Maggie!!! Your RING and STICK............ I almost went through my computer screen trying to get them back for you!!

    Personally, I would have umm.... you know... really showed him who the boss is if he were mine... hehe

    Mum says you're such a patient big sister, but I say, you gotta toughen up Mags, make sure Mitch doesn't think he can climb all over you and take over your house!!!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  21. Oh no Maggie not in YOUR bed. You have to show him again and again who is the boss... Kiss, Faya

  22. You are such a generous girl to share your toys and bed with Mitch. Is he a mischievious boy? Well, he looks like one.

    Boy n Baby

  23. Oh Mitch is cute. I'm sure he will learn real soon not to nip at you.

  24. Wow Maggie - he sounds like a little monster! But he is very cute! I'm sure he'll learn quickly that you are the boss. I'll be watching with interest because mum says I'm going to be getting a baby brother soon...oh dear!

    lots of licks,
    Toby pup

  25. oh maggie,

    do i have to share my toys like you do when i have my own little brother/sister?

    i overheard dad was telling mom that i might not have cousin Bebe as my brother afterall. we'll see.

    wet wet licks


  26. I know how you feel Maggie, my Guest was always after my toys, my bed, my blanket. But Mitch is rather adorable!!!!!!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxxx