Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mom's Cookie Tester

Mom baked Christmas cookies this morning and she asked me for my help in the kitchen. Sure mom, I'll help you out all I can in that department! No problem! I'm available!
I always sit right beside mom when she cooking and baking. You just never know when she'll need me to clean up some mess on the floor as she moves from the stove to the frig to the sink. Gotta stay close by so that she has to step over me! hehehehe
The first batch of cookies mom calls Spritz. They have lots of butter and sugar and yummy stuff in them. Mom's mixing away and the batter is flying out of the mixer bowl and I'm hard at work cleaning up mom's mess. I always get to lick the beaters when the batter has been mixed.

Boy, mom was sure generous with the amount of batter she left on these beaters! I'm working hard to get every single drop!

Turn it once more mom. There's a nice big glob on the other side. I'm gettin' it all now! When I'm all done you won't need to wash them!

Time for the cookies to go into the oven. Now it's my job to watch that they don't burn. Can you see the red and green sugars on them? They look so yummy!

Hey mom - the timer just went "ding"! Time to take them out so I can start to drool!

ummmmmmmmm boy! They look pretty tasty! (Mom is butting in - sorry the color is so bad on the hand and the cookie. I was concentrating on Maggie) How soon can I give one the taste test? About 10 minutes has gone by and mom says I can have one! yeaaaaaaaaaa but then she tells me I need to say pretty please with sugar on it! WHAT???!!! Well, okay - anything for a cookie!

While I'm munching on my cookie, the mailman is leaving another Christmas card for me and mom. This card is from Jeri and Bentley. Jeri is the Queen bee for the Airedale Quilting bee that mom sews for. Jeri's job is to keep everyone on schedule so that the quilt gets done on time. Bentley is her handsome, and I mean handsome, Airedale son! Hey, it's another one of Ann Curran's cards! Ann sure does awesome work! Thank you so much Jeri and Bentley. That was so sweet of you! Merry Christmas to you both!

I've had quite a day today! Christmas is almost here! I can't wait! Until next time..........

Love you lots,



  1. I do the same when mom is in the kitchen to do a "Tiramisu"... humm
    Have a nice Christmas... kiss

  2. mom made some cookies tonight too, she let me lick the wooden spoon then she let doofus and he grabbed it and tried to run away with it! he is so bad!!

  3. Maggie:

    You're Mom is SOOOO great to let you be her Sous Chef...Thank you so much for stopping by our blog....Keep up the good work in the kitchen..If we could just teach our Mom to bake...

    Love, Hugs and Belly Rubs

    Lita and Trish - The Airechicks

  4. Oh Maggie..... aslfhowi lkgfjhoih
    asjklg f oops sorry, I drooled so much on the kee board it waas hard to typi for a minute there.

    Love that picture of you saying "PLEASE", yup, that's definitely the shape of a please!!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  5. Maggie, those cookies look so yummy!! You are such a good girl for helping your Mommy out!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!~


  6. Oh boy, the cookies look so yummy. We love the way you stare hard at the cookie in case it gets dropped on the floor..hehe. Hope that you have a lot of fun.

    Merry Christmas Maggie & Family!

    Boy n Baby

    p/s: We saw the bark you left us in our bark box. the stoopid blogger is always giving problems so dont worry about it.

  7. My mommy laughed and laughed at the pictures of you licking the beaters now next she might let me do that do you think?

    Have a Happy Christmas

    Just one sleep down here in Australia till it is Christmas

    Tail wags

  8. oooooooh those biscuits look so yummy! Send one up here to Scotland please Maggie!

    Are you ready for Christmas, we are now! Jeannie just fought her way thru the supermarket here in town to buy some beer for the boys, and that is us, done now!

    Hanging my stocking up tonight! I am sooooooooooo excited !

    love and Christmas Licks Marvin x

  9. Hey I help my Mom cook too!

    Have a very merry x-mas guys!

    Bussie Kissies

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  11. Mery Merry Christmas Maggie and family!
    Have a safe, joyous and blessed holiday!

    Merry Christmas,

  12. Merry Christmas, Maggie and family! HOpe you have a wonderful holiday. Those cookies look SOOOO good! Mom won't let me have any cookies. She says I have a sensitive tummy (yeah right. whatever that means).