Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Collar Collection

My mom is NUTS about buying me dog collars. She likes me to have a wide variety. I haven't ever counted them but we have a drawer in our laundry room that is FULL of collars for me.
I'm going to model some of them for you so you can see exactly what I mean.
These first two I call my cloth collars. Mom found them both on ebay. The sunflower one is for late summer and into the autumn and the purple one I normally wear closer to Easter. They both have color coordinated name tags. I told you she was nuts!The next collection is my Christmas collection - one is blue snowflakes and the other one is jingle bells. Sometimes mom will put two collars on me because the jingle bell collar doesn't have a name tag on it and it's not very sturdy for an Airedale! I like wearing the jingle bells on my daily walk. Mom says I sound like a reindeer.

These next two are my Nantucket collars. Most every summer we go to Nantucket, Massachusettes for a whole week. It's a blast! I get to go on the ferry and mingle with the other excited people and pets headed over to the Island for their summer vacation. Everyone is in such a great mood. MEEE TOO! So to "style on the Isle" a girl has to have the right outfit to wear, right? I'm sure on the next trip over, mom will consider a third Nantucket collar. You just never know what she's thinking!
These next two collars are my leather heart collars. Mom got the brown one first and loved it so much that she decided to get one in red for Valentine's day. Nuts right!
This next collar is my Airedale collar. It's breed specific! Isn't it so cool! Only - mom is scared of the plastic quick-release closure. She's afraid I'll pull too hard and snap it and run away. Why would I want to run away? I love my mom and dad very much and they're very good to me but mom is still and always will be the over-protective type. My cloth collars all have metal quick-releases and she feels much better about the metal VS the plastic. So I don't wear this collar as often. That's why it's so bright and RED!!! Mom keep asking sellers about this collar coming with a buckle instead but so far everyone says no!

And last, but not least, this is my Master's Pride collar. It's the most expensive one to date that mom has bought and it is a beauty. It has a gold plate on it with my name instead of a hanging info tag. Mom also still has my puppy collars - two of them. The doggie at the very end of my nose is wearing a red navajo collar. This is my very first puppy collar and Happy, the Steiff doggy wears it proudly. I think it's pretty special that mom kept it all this time. Do you still have your first puppy collar? My purple collar is worn by Kipper. This collar came next when I out- grew the red navajo. I also have gentle leaders and harnesses and a prong collar and both leather choker collars and the chain-type chokers. I have quite the assortment and believe it or not mom STILL shops for collars! Word has it that my next one will be tooled leather! Oh goody - I can't wait!

So now that I've modeled ALL of these collars, what about a cookie or two mom, huh?! I deserve one, don't ya think?!




  1. Maggie, We love the heart collar. It is so boo-tiful perfect for a pretty girl like you. By the way, do you wear clips too?

    Boy n Baby

  2. I really like the snowflakes collar. I still have the same collar I have had my whole life, isn't that wild!

    I did have a very cool collar that had my name and phone number embroidered on it, but then mom and dad moved and the phone number was not right anymore.

    So I am back in my 7 year old collar!

  3. Boy n Baby,
    I've never had clips. Are they made just for furgirls or are they hooman girl clips and furgirls wear them too?
    and Joey,
    You take very good care of your collar to have it 7 years! My friend just got sprayed by a skunk and she had to have a new collar. Her mom was NOT happy as this was not a cheapie collar!


  4. Maggie:

    You and Miss Sunshade are the most stylish Airedales we've met...

    Mom just going to have to add to our collection so we can be stylish also....


  5. Hi there Maggie, your collars are so cooooool! My Jeannie is the same, I have a collection of the silly things! She likes the washable, expandable ones best, my current one is dark red with silver bones on it.

    I will try to post a picture soon for you to see.

    I love your Blog! Love and licks

    Marvin The Scotsman xxxxx

  6. Oooooooo, pretty collars for a pretty girl!


  7. Maggie, I like the leather heart collars. But you look real pretty wearing any one of the collar. So did you get the cookie after all the posing?

    ~ fufu

  8. wow maggie, those are all nice collar. i like the "jingle bell" and the "heart shape" collar.

    so far i only have 2 collars - the one i was wearing when i was a 1 1/2 kg pup and the one i'm wearing which have my name clip on it. my hooman bought it when they went for holiday. they love that collar. but sooner, they will need to get a new one for me coz i will outgrown the collar!

    wet wet licks


  9. Oh the hair clips are for little girls but they are good for furgirls with short hair like i just clip it at my ear.


  10. Hé mom, come and have a look ! You see the first one with flowers... that is the one I like the most.... Hello Maggie, I just try to hypnotise my mom.... huhu

  11. OKay..... I thought I had a lot of collars..... but I think I only have half of what you've got there Mags.

    They are all so pretty too, but guess which one is my favouritest??

    the AIREDALE one!!!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  12. Luv your Nantucket collar. That is so cool. I've never been there. But, I did go to the Martha's Vineyard this summer=:)