Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Two More Christmas Cards

Two more Christmas cards came in yesterday's mail. The mailman was running late and I was already taking my afternoon nap. Mom brought the mail in for me to see and as you can tell in the photo's I wasn't too anxious to get up off my butt! The first card was from my Airedale friends in Vermont, Jesse and Scuffer. I see these guys usually once a year at Barktoberfest in Western Connecticut at an Airedale rescue event. We were there this past October and it was GREAT fun. Jesse and Scuffer's mom is Carol Usher, the artist who does the Wooliedales. Notice the stamp on their envelope. It's one of Carol's creations that was on ebay - a Dale sleeping on a child's block. Mom REALLY, REALLY wanted to win that but lost! Bummer!

The Christmas card is by another artist named Anne Curran of RagtailAiredales. She does AWESOME work. All of my buddies that are Wires, Buster and Butchy and Snickers and Mackie you need to check out her website. You may see something you need ;-)

This spring, for 2 whole months, these furbutts, along with their mom and dad toured our country in their RV stopping along the way and taking in some fabulous sites in America and hooking up with old friends and new friends. I can tell you that I wish that I could have been along for that ride! Thank you so much Jesse, Scuffer, Carol and David. What a cute card and one that I'll save forever!

The second card that I got today was from my Olde English Bulldog buddy Daisy Mae. Daisy has a fancy stamp on her envelope too! These stamps are just too cool guys! Love the red envelope! Very festive!

And I see Daisy Mae has her own Christmas tree and it's a real one to pee on! LOL Way to go Daisy!! Thank you so much Thom, Rebecca and Daisy!

Mom put a couple of new packages under the Christmas tree yesterday. The one in the front has my name on it! I wonder what's in there?? Don't tell mom but I give it the sniff test at least 5 times a day!

This is how I act when I know she's around and watching - like I could care less about Christmas and packages but we know the real truth, don't we??!! As soon as she leaves the room, my nose is right back in that bag and I'm ruffling the tissue paper tryin to see what's in there!

Only 11 more days till Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.



  1. Gosh...with Airedales capable of packing an RV full, Maggie can come on our next trip (pending Jesse's approval, that is!). By the way, I've been "wearing" Maggie for a long time now...I didn't know she was the model for the ABB painting with the bandana! I loved that one and bought a T-shirt with her proudly on the front!!! (BTW, Scuffer says Maggie can come as long as she doesn't take his special spot in the RV!). Carol et al.

  2. wow, you are receiving cards too! make sure you sign up for next year's card exchange. that would be so much fun.

    wet wet licks


  3. You are such a good girl to just sniff the parcels. I know I'd have to rip a bot of that paper to check out what was inside. Then probably tear it all off & eat/play with whatever I found!

    Oscar x

  4. Oh hahaahahha Maggie, you should just take the pressie down and open it. Do what I do, don't try to be a good girl all the time. Wait... is that why I have no pressies under my tree??


    ps. I have X-mas tagged you, so you have to read my blog and do what it says on there!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade