Friday, December 29, 2006

Playing with Mom

Mom thought it might be fun to attach my purple elephant baby to my collar and then toss the ball. What an evil mom she is! She just wants to trip me up so she can laugh but I showed her - I'm a good mom! I would never leave my baby behind!

Now I ask you - does your mom do this to you? What will she think up next to add to her amusement!

Love ya lots,



  1. mom's can be SO mean sometimes!! but you sure are cute!!

  2. Oh Maggie, I see, you have to put up with what I put up too...

    You know I like to love my big stuffies right??? Well mum got the clever idea of putting my big stuffies (not the gigantic gorilla but the other two) on me for them to love me. Then she tells me, "see, that's how it feels"!! So I flip and turn and attack as I regused to let anything to be on my back!!

    Hey, that ball thingy you were doing, I do the same. I go chase the ball and take it back to my spot, and that spot is almost never mum unless I want her to chase me...hehe

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  3. Ohhh Maggie.. why must Airegirls be so pretty? And also, why must Mums be so CRUEL? You must be a very gentle girl to have a stuffy and not tear it apart! I have a big pink stuffy bunny.. a big, pink, armless stuffy bunny!

    I like to do the same thing to with my fetchy toys.. retrieve them, and then settle into a corner to chew on them! I'm not much of a fetcher but I love tug'o'war and other destructive games. My best chew toy when I was little was my couch. How about you??


  4. MAGGIE!!!

    Happy New Year - Our mom's are kindered spirits, I have more collars than I know what to do with!!! Mom said to say she loves the Nantucket collar - I have a lobster collar myself, very "New Englandy".

    ANYHOW - I feel your pain, Dad loves to wrap me up in bows, attach toys to my collar and has been known to put too much peanut butter on my cracker. He gets a chuckle and Mom tells him he is naughty!!

    I like your purple toy - but you should ask for a duckie - I love my stuffed duckie toys!!

    Happy 2007 - Dory the Decorated!

  5. Hi Maggie!! You are ADORABLE!!! Please come visit my blog. I'm making a beaded portrait of my Airedale, Tawny Bear. I had her when I was a kid, and she looked just like you!!

    Have a Happy New Year. Cheers from Boston=:)

  6. Maggie -

    Your Mom just being silly....NEW YEAR mades people silly....

    You and yours please have a safe and HAPPY New Year......

  7. Awwww but you sure looked cute.

    Have a Happy New Year


  8. Maggie, you are not the only one. Our Mama does that to us, all the time.

    Boy n Baby