Saturday, December 16, 2006

Project of the Day

Mom told me that the project for today was going to be making me a new cover for my family room bed. I just love when she spends time doing something special for me. Mom has been complaining for awhile now that the fleece cover on my bed was getting thin and that the eggcrate mattress was starting to show through.
This is because I like to nest. The definition for nesting is to stand up with your tail tucked between your legs and use your right paw and dig, dig, dig, dig, dig at your bed trying to rearrange the situation so that it makes everything more comfy and cozy. Mom pretty much all the time tells me that I'm wasting my time. Maggie, she says, the cover has a zipper and it fits snug and this is just not going to work out for you. You're wasting your time! But I'm an Airedale and I have to figure this stuff out for myself and do it MY way!
I also try to nest on rugs. There is one rug in particular in the kitchen, right in front of the entrance door. It's a longggggggggg hallway-type rug that goes from just inside the door, past the sink and ends in front of the stove. If I'm in a really aggressive nesting mood that day I can actually wrinkle the rug so that when mom or dad comes in the back door from outside they trip on my wrinkle. hehehe oops!
So getting back to the project of the day - mom has now been upstairs for over an hour and I can hear the sewing machine humming away so she's obviously working very hard for me as I lay down here in the family room waiting for my new Princess cover to be all finished. I think I hear her coming down the stairs! Yup, and there's my new white cover blankie. I wonder how long it will stay that nice super white color?! She's putting it on the eggcrate foam mattress and swearing up a storm. My new cover and the mattress are not sliding nicely together - it's sort of a sticky mess and mom's getting frustrated and I'm getting impatient. Hurry up, wouldja! I wanna try it out. Okay - so now it's hitting the floor and it's time for me to give it the sniff test. hummmmmm, yes, this could possibly work.

And now for the taste test! So what's underneath. ohh - double layers! Yes, I'm liking this even more now. It looks like it could be nice and soft for my 8.5 year old bones!

Now it's time for the plop test. It feels pretty good. It contours to my butt nicely. I think you did a good job mom. I think we'll keep it! My pillow is in place. We're groovin'! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ - The End!




  1. Maggie, your bed looks so comfy.
    By the way, we have linked you in our blog.

    Boy n Baby

  2. oh, maggie, i love your bed! unfortunately i don't like sleeping on bed. my hooman bought me a bed from Ikea, nice, but I prefer sleeping on the cold cold floor!

    wet wet licks


  3. Looks comfy, your mom is GOOD.....

    I too am mostly a floor boy like Boo, but sometimes I sneak onto the sofa at night when everyone is asleep (which sometimes wakes up Kafka the tabby)...


  4. Looks like that passed the test!

    Bussie Kissies

  5. Awwwh.... Maggie (mum added the "Awwwh" part), that last picture of you sleeping, I sometimes sleep in that exact position too - all curled up.

    That's so funny that you "nest" because I do that sometimes too. But I don't really just dig, I will hold the blankie or whatever I'm trying to nest in my mouth, then use my paws to try and gather the rest of the blankie together. I will keep doing it until I think it is good enough and lie down contently!

    My mum always just laughs at me when I do that cause she says digging = no digging, the blankie still looks the same. No wonder she needs contact lenses!!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  6. Hello Maggie
    Nice to meet ya! Your bed does look very comfy indeed. Lucky girl!
    See you around.

    Fei & E

  7. Maggie my friend, you need a chat box so I can say HI to you a million times a day!!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  8. Maggie, so nice of your mum to make you a new cover. It looks real comfy, Can i bunk in with you?

    ~ fufu