Monday, December 18, 2006

A Trip to the Bank

Mom had to go to the bank today and she told me that I could go to. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! I LOVE going to the bank. They give me cookies :-) Mom put her coat on, hooked on my leash and off we went to get in the car- hummmmmmmmmm, now that we have both Airedale bobblehead and Airedale taxi tag could we call it the Maggiemobile????! What do you think Sunshade?

Can you see me? I'm in the front seat waiting for mom to stop taking pictures so we can get the show on the road! Hurry up wouldya ma!! Mom had to take just one last shot she said before she got behind the wheel. Oh alright!

So away we go! Our bank is only five minutes away so I don't have long to wait for that cookie! Let's see if they're in a great Christmas mood at the bank. Maybe I'll get two cookies!! Are we there yet???

I can see the bank ahead of us. yessssssssssssssss! Shoot - another car is in front of us. Now I have to be patient - not one of my strong points! Here we go - it's our turn. Now I go to work. I need to stare this lady down so she notices me and takes pity on me. I'm a skinny girl, ya know and mom hasn't fed me in WEEKS!

It worked! The lady smiled at me and the drawer opened and out came two cookies - not one but two!!! Thank you, thank you! They're in FABULOUS Christmas moods at the bank! Maggie scores!!!!!!!Thanks for the trip mom! Can we please go back again tomorrow??!!

Just call me cookie monster Maggie!


  1. COOKIES - YUM!! I must confess I have been having a piece of birthday cake each night after my supper. Mom said even though it had good things like carrots in it - I would be sick if I ate too much. Mom used the recipe on DWB and it was Dorylicious if I do say so. I wish our bank had cookies - you are very lucky. Merry Christmas!! - DORY!

  2. Banke cookies are the best. Specially when you go to more than one bank in the same trip!

    Bussie Kissies

  3. argh! why aren't my bank giving me cookies? ok, forget abt cookies, they should let me go in their with mom! i think you should ask for more cookies, afterall, they are making lots of money rite?

    wet wet licks


  4. What! U mean the banks there give out cookies! Thanks Maggie for that info. Now we know that our banks here are 'stoopid'. They dont even let us in.. Hmmph.

    Boy n Baby

  5. WoW a drive thru bank AND they give out cookies. That's it we are moving to the USA

    friendly tail wags

  6. KEWL MaggieMOBILE!!!! The Taxi sign look GREAT!! Can you take a front profile of that bobby head Airedale??

    Hey, what kind of cookie did they give you, how many did you get, did it taste like chocolate, or vanilla, what was the shape of the cookie, did you chew it or you swallowed it? Can you tell I'm drooling here??

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  7. humm thank you for that suggestion Butchy & Snickers. You're right! Think of all the treats I'm missing out on!
    And Dory you are very smart to eat in moderation. We don't want an upset tummy, do we?!
    Hey, Buster! I have been to two banks - actually 3 on the same trip and scored at all of them. yesssssssss!
    Boo, Super Boy and Baby and Scrappy, you need to assert yourselves and tell them doggies need cookies. Kids get lollypops,right? We have rights!
    too! I"ve heard that certain gas staions give out cookies too. I need to find out where these are!
    Sunshade, mom got my bobble off ebay. Yesterday's cookies were boring - both of them were the same color- tan-but they were still good! Sometimes I get green ones. They should have had green and red for the Christmas season,right?! Mom tried to take a pic of me eating cookies but there were cars behind her and she doesn't want them honking or getting frustrated while she snaps away. Dumb people! This is important stuff!

  8. I wonder why we never go to a bank? I had no idea there were places you could drive up to and get treats!
    Festive Wags,

  9. Hi Maggie, me again Scrappy....
    Tell your mom if she wants the link to how to make the clock to let me know.

    tail wags

  10. You mama loves you to pieces - we can tell!

    Your so well behaved in the car and so patient - your mama must be soo proud!

  11. Maggie-

    you just got 2 cookies because you are so pretty!
    (Love the pic of you from the back ready to go!)
    Merry Christmas!

    Your pal, Mackie

  12. Here is the site
    It is very easy you just upload a pic and choose the colors etc and then get the code and copy and paste it into where ever you want. If you need help to do it the first time email me at

  13. Maggie, you get cookies at the bank?? What? That doesn't happen at Mommy's bank. Mmm...just thinking of cookies makes me drool!