Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hello From Sunny Florida

Hi Maggie,
This is mom writing to you from sunny Florida. I miss you terribly! I miss hugging and kissing you more than anything! I hope you're doing okay with dad. I'm sure he's taking good care of you. He didn't forget to feed you, right? You write back and let me know and I'll be on that first plane back to you! Did he remember to kiss you goodnight just like mom does?

Guess what? I met Coco the kitty yesterday! I can hear you barking - lemme at him! LOL
He's a very pretty kitty and weighs 21 pounds!!! He's a big kitty! Aunt Kathy got him a haircut so he looks like a lion. His body is shaved down and his fur is ohhhhhh so soft - but his head has all of his normal length fur. His tail has this big lion puff on the end of it that would be just too temping for you to latch on to!! Coco sleeps in a baby carriage that's all made up like a real bed with a blankie and pillow. It's too cute! Do you think he could be as spoiled as you are?! I wish I could send pics but Gram and Gramp don't have a digital camera and mom is stupid with someone else's computer anyway so it would never work! Do you think that Coco is considered your cousin?
Did you get to go for your walkie yesterday and did dad remember to put your coat on you?
We had 75 degree temps here yesterday! You would have been panting up a storm and hating every minute of it.
That's all the news for today. Please remember that I think about you all the time and miss you like crazy. You be a good girl for daddy and give him a couple of extra licks from me. I love the both of you very, very much.
Gram and Gramp send their love too.



  1. oh, this is so lovely. i hope maggie write back soon!

    in the mean time, i hope Maggie's mom has a wonderful stay in florida.

    wet wet licks


  2. Aw, mummy is missing you lots Maggie, but don't worry, she'll soon be home.

    Oscar x

  3. oh oh oh how sweet is that! A posting from your Mum!

    More than I got from Jeannie when she left me and the computer last week, and swanned off to the sun without me.

    You are a lucky girl. I bet your Pa is looking after you just fine!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxxx

  4. So glad that your mom wrote you Maggie, how nice is that? She misses you as much as you miss her. She will be home soon Maggie, don't be too sad.

    Hugs from Billy Boo:)

  5. Aw Maggie, it's so nice to have a mom who loves you soooooo much!!!!

    Don't be too sad, I have a feeling that you'll be getting something nice in the mail really soon...


  6. Maggie's mom. please come back soon. Maggie misses you alot and I hope her dad feeds her.

    ~ fufu

  7. That is so sweet of your mom. But we know thou you miss you mom, you are also having a great time with Dad right.

    For us, spending time with Daddy means getting to eat and drink anything we like.

    Boy n Baby

  8. Wow Maggie, You have a posting from your mum! How sweet.. you are such a lucky gal..

  9. Is it today that your mom comes home Maggie? And yes my squeaky still has both his ears, I haven't been too destructive with him yet! Now that my mom is away at work, I'm going to have time to get down to business.

    Hugs from Billy Boo

  10. I think mum is back tomorrow Maggie. Don't go too crazy & send her flying when she comes in will you?!

    Oscar x

  11. We heard from Maggie and she misses her mom ti bits!

    Hurry back! Her dad is not giving her enough treats!

  12. Hello Maggie. Is your mom home now ? ?
    Kiss, Faya