Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My First Cuz

Mom ran lots of errands today - without me! She told me that I wouldn't have any fun on this trip seeing as I'd be locked in the car most of the time so before she left she gave me a dried chicken treat (thanks again Bogie) and told me to be a good girl and she'd be back real soon. I knew she went to the bank and I was soooooooooo disappointed because I lost out on two cookies right there and I knew she was going to the fresh fruit market. She was also going to buy duckie food at our local Agway. It's a feed and grain store but they also carry doggy beds and treats and toys and all sorts of fun stuff for us furbutts! Mom was back in just over an hour smiling from ear to ear. She walked in the door calling to me and telling me, just you wait and see what I got for you Maggie! She drove me nuts taking off her coat and putting other stuff away! Geez, hurry and get to the important stuff here, wouldja!! She pulled this big orange thing out of the bag and told me that this was a Cuz - especially for me! Oh boy! A new toy and one that I've wanted for quite awhile now!

I ran into the family room with him so I could investigate on my own without fear that someone would steal my new gift. Mom says I'm really stingy with new toys! Now why would she say that! hehehehe This is sure a funny looking ball with feet! Nope, his feet don't stink!
For the next two hours I played keep away from mom. She kept trying to offer me a piece of banana and a piece of an apple and I told her, no way! I'm not falling for that!
So at this point it's time for my big meal of the day and I know that evil woman is going to have some sort of trick up her sleeve so she can squeeze my Cuz and make him talk! It's the funniest noise I ever heard and I haven't actually squeezed him myself yet. Hey, I wanna be first!
Geez, does she ever
give up??!!
Does she ever get tired of trying to get my special toy?!
I'm an Airedale ya know and us Dales just don't give up and we never give in! Mom eventually got tired of losing so she gave in! hehehehe
Score another one for ME!!!!
Until next time..............
Love ya lots,


  1. I have a red Cuz! That thing drives me nuts. I never play with it myself, ever, but sometimes when mom wants to torture me she grabs it while I'm sitting and squeezes it hard. It makes the most awful noise that gets me all bothered. Then it's fun... until I get it in my mouth, and I'm completely uninterested.


  2. Hey Maggie, Oh.. you got a Cuz, have you made it speak already? Hee.. it sure does look fun to play with. :)

    ~ fufu

  3. YAY you got a CUZ!! I am soooo happy for you!

  4. the cuz is taking over the doggie world. and the only doggie that doesn't fall for cuz is SIMBA. yes, he hates cuz!

    tell ya, only the smart ones love cuz. hehehe. hope simba doesn't read this.

    wet wet licks


  5. We love the Cuz too qnd we got the exact one that you have. Same colour too :)

    Boy n Baby

  6. See Maggie, you've got to squeak it really loud when your mum & dad are trying to talk to each other/are on the phone/watching their fave TV programme, that's the whole point of the Cuz!

    Oscar x

  7. I sure hope Momma gets me a looks like a lot of fun to play with! By the way, those beads look so KEWL around your neck!!!

  8. I had three cuz toys, I hated them all and posted them to other doggies, who for some strange reason seem to like them.

    Simba xx

  9. Nice. I think all terriers should own a Cuz, if you know what I mean. They are the bestest. I'm glad you enjoy it. Have fun!!!

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  11. Hi Maggie!

    I hope you love the Cuz. I just go crazy for them!!! I love banging them into my mom's legs to let her know I am ready to play and making them squeal.

    Have fun!

    ♥ Saidie

  12. Cool a Cuz is the best toy ever.

    Tail wags

  13. Ooooo, wish I had a Cuz. I love destroying toys especially ones that make a noise. J1 & J2 are always looking for new toys which are indestructible, but there's no such thing with me around! J x

  14. Hi Maggie! I have a blue dinosaur cuz toy, which Simba sent me!

    I only found out today that it squeaked.....!

    Do you think this reflects on my intelligence?

    love and licks to my Best girl from Marv xxxxx

  15. Wow a new Cuz!! Lucky you, Maggie.. your Mum sure loves ya. Maybe it's a late Valentine's Day gift?! And if it was.. boy was it rude of her to try to STEAL it back! Those boomans, sometimes I don't understand half the things they do!