Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow for Valentine's Day

We had snow for Valentine's day! It started as sleet and then it changed to snow and then back to sleet. We ended up with only about 3" and it's very crusty. Mom and I can walk on this stuff without sinking and I'm having the hardest time sniffing good smells to go pee and poo. This is the worst part of the snow! I like to see grass and by the time mom and dad got out there to clear the white stuff it weighed a ton so they didn't shovel me a grassy area. Today mom and I took a walk out in our woods to check stuff out.

I'm looking for duckies and I see them on the other side of the pond. Darn, I thought I might like to chase them!
After sniffing for a bit, I discovered that someone had been in my yard and had done peepee. Who would have the audacity to come in my yard and pee!!! Then mom tells me that it was me! OOPS! Okay, I forgot! This isn't my normal peepee spot! The snow has me all confused!
It sure is pretty out here today. It's cold but sunny. I sure do love the snow.
Until next time..................
Love ya lots,


  1. Oooh, it does look like very frosty snow.

    Mum lauighs at me whe I pee pee, as I don't cock my leg at bushes etc, I climb on them then pee pee like a girlie, hehehe.

    Oscar x

  2. Hey Maggie,
    You're so silly, don't you know your own pee pee smell? hehehehehe! Didn't that stoopid mailman show up yet?? I wonder if the snow has slowed them down or something. Don't tell my Mama, but I'm going to the post office tomorrow and going to raise TERRIER ??*O)(*)(*)#! Not really, but I would like to. Next time maybe I should hire FuFu to deliver something to you, ya think??
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers
    PS We have -23 today, very coooold.

  3. hehehe. how can you forgot where you pee & poo? ok ok, i wouldn't understand coz i never had snow before.

    you must have made lots of yellow cone!

    wet wet licks


  4. Hi Maggie. It's look very cold to you. Here it is almost spring !
    15°C .... Big Kiss, Faya

  5. Awww Maggie I love your pictures we had another day of 95 degrees and it is going to be nearly a 100 tomorrow. I envy all that cool looking snow.

    Tail wags

  6. Maggie,
    I fully understand how you can get confused in that snow...the same thing happens to me! So what though, we are both still KEWL dogs!

  7. Hi Maggie!

    You seem to have a great place for your walks! Hope you have a super day:)

    Hugs from Billy Boo

  8. Wish I had some of the snow to play in! Maybe I'll have to go visit pretty Maggie! heheheheh!

    Yours truly, Mackie

  9. Wish I had some of the snow to play in! Maybe I'll have to go visit pretty Maggie! heheheheh!

    Yours truly, Mackie

  10. Hey Maggie, so lucky of you to have snow especially on Valentine's Day. That makes it even better.

    Boy n Baby

  11. Hey Maggie,

    You have been nominated for "Photo of the Month Award" over at the DWB BoneZone, head on over and cast your vote :-)


  12. Hi Maggie:
    All the snow came your way. It is snowing here a little bit tonight. I like the snow, and the kids want more. They can't go sledding.

  13. Thank you for the link Maggie. All those puppies are so cute.....