Saturday, February 17, 2007

My visit to the Vet

Yesterday mom took me to visit my vet. She discovered this big squishy lump on me right behind my left front leg. I had one other problem too. I've had this horn shaped growth on me for awhile. Mom and dad discovered it this summer and thought it was a tick and tried to yank it off. OUCH!!! I don't think they realized at the time that it was a part of ME!!!! I kept giving them dirty looks and skirting away and they kept chasing me to keep on yanking! YIKES!!! They finally gave up realizing that it wasn't a tick. DUH!!! Geez, I kept tryin' to tell ya!
Well, the week mom was gone I was a bit more stressed than usual and I kept biting at this horn-shaped thing. Mom discovered while she was grooming me on Wednesday that it was all irritated and red and she thought it best to call the doctor. So I got 2 needles yesterday - one in my fatty tumor lump (thank goodness it's benign and just a fatty tumor) and the other needle went into this cyst to make sure that it was not the bad kind. WHEW! It turns out that I passed the grade and I'm okay!
The good part of yesterday was that I scored lots of cookies! I got two at the vet's office for being a good girl and I got 2 cookies at the bank right before we hit the vet's office and mom and dad bundled me up yesterday and we went for walkie and I scored 2 cookies from mom! I'm a very happy girl having had all those yummy cookies!
Until next time.................
Love ya lots,


  1. Ohmygosh Maggie, I'm soooooo glad to hear that you're ok!!!! I hate those nasty needles myself, and I remember my mom and dad trying to pull some things off of me this past summer (luckily they were "just" ticks).

    I'd definitely say that extra cookies are in order... sending you extra special love for my Valentine Airegirl!


  2. Hey Maggie,
    We're so relieved that you are ok. Mama has had to pull ticks off of Snickers before. Snickers also had to have a needle do a biopsy on her boobie one time, yikes! Everything was ok, so no problems. You're really making out with the cookies. You must be doing a good job at begging, hehehehehe!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  3. I think a trip to the vet deserves ice cream.

    Bussie Kissies

  4. Welcome to the "fatty lump club" sweet Maggie. I have loads of those big ole lumps - apparently it is an "older female thing". Sheesh, who they calling old ?

    Very glad you are okay :-)


  5. A vet visit and needles, yikes! I am glad to hear all is well and that you scored some cookies!

  6. OMGosh Maggie I was so worried reading your post.... I am soooo glad you are ok.

    Tail wags

  7. oh my dog maggie! i am glad that you are ok too. i hates those evil tick monsters. it is bad enuf wen they bite you but then wen your peepol try to pull them off it is even worser. and needles at the vet is no fun at all!

    i totally agree with buster that you need some frosty paws after that day. cookies are good but ice cream is better!

  8. so so so pleased you are ok Maggie! I have the fatty lump syndrome as well! Horrid things.

    I am waiting on my liver functin tests to be ok and I will get it removed soon I hope.

    Take care won't you, thinking of you!

    Love Marvin

  9. thank goodness those lumpies were not the bad kind! I told mom you are horny and she giggled. stupid humans, I don't think it is very funny!

  10. hi maggie--
    thanks for comin' by my blogs. you're a lovely lookin' dog! there are so many airedales blogging. smart breed!

    glad your lump turned out ok. i've had several of those benign fatty tumors. so many that it's become my new nickname! not funny.

    take care and score lots of cookies.


  11. Glad your okay and way to go on all the cookies.

  12. Maggie~

    Ouch! I do not know what it is, but it looks like it hurts! those humans like to pop" pimples.Avoid them Maggiethey will pick anything ..woof-woof

    Lot's of Lick's

  13. Poor Maggie. I'm so glad that you are all OK. I'm sure the cookies went down very well!

    I liked the video of the Airedales you gave me the link for!

    Oscar x

  14. Maggie,

    I am so glad to hear that you are okay! (I knew you would be!)
    Kisses to you, sweet girl!

    Yours, Mackie

  15. Woo woo! I'm glad you're okay Maggie! I had to go the vet recently too, I had a yucky eyeball. But now I'm all better.

  16. We are so gald that you are okay. Boy has these lumpy stuff on his tail and tummy too. But his is more rounded and look like a smaller version of marble. But vet says that is not cancerous... so we are just glad.

    Boy n Baby

  17. Phew...I was worried as I was reading through your post but glad you are ok! I guess it was worth all the needle pokes for cookies though!

    Lots of love,

  18. Maggie:
    I am glad you are alright. I was kinda scared for a minute. Blogger isn't letting me post on your site. Do you know whY? Mr. Whiskers has one of those lumps you are referring to as well. Mom keeps an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get any bigger. She takes such good care of us. Sounds like your mom takes really good care of you too!

  19. Dear Maggie, So happy to hear that the vet took good care of you and that you are just fine:) I'm sure your mom and dad were worried about you but it's nice that all is good...glad you enjoyed those yummy treats too!

    Hugs from Billy Boo:)

  20. Whew! I am so relieved your lumps weren't the bad serious kind.Sorry you had to get stuck with needles- poor girl.

    I just love that picture of you peeking around the door! You are so adorable.
    Big Wags,