Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Mail from Putter

Putter sent me a Snoopy card while mom was away so I wouldn't feel so bad while she was gone but dad just put the mail aside and didn't help me open it or read it to me. That's okay! When mom got home she helped me out!

I gave the envelope major sniffs. I knew I recognized her scent! This is my second card from Putter. She's such a sweetheart!

This is Putter's friend Froggie. Froggie doesn't have a tongue anymore because Putter ate it off! hehehe Putter tells me that she likes to sit on the couch and she asked me if I was allowed on it at my house. Well, the answer is a big fat NO!!! Mom has never allowed it! She keeps buying me new beds and making me new covers so I'm most happy on the floor! I'm sure it's not as comfy as the couch but that's just the way that it is here. I'm glad you have a more lenient mom Putter!
This is the back of the card. You can see Putter with Froggie in her mouth. Isn't she just such a doll? Thank you so much Putter! You're so thoughtful!
Putter also sent me a couple of pics of herself. It looks like her collar matches Froggie! So Putter, does Froggie have a squeaker or did you eat that too? Curious minds need to know!

Mom was reading blogs today and she noticed that Oscar got groomed so mom decided that it was time for me to get a trim job too. Gee thanks Oscar! Life was just fine till you had to go and post that! So here's a pic of me with my Valentine hairecut! Mom keeps telling me that now she can see my big brown eyes! Oh well - whatever! I really don't mind hairecuts much. I would rather be cool than hot!

So life is pretty much back to normal now that mom is home. We're getting a lot of sleet mixed with snow today and we heard that the aireport that mom flew into yesterday was closed! Thank goodness mom flew in yesterday or she would have been stranded in Florida thousand of miles away from me and dad! Yesterday must have been my lucky day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Love ya lots,



  1. I am so sorry Maggie! But you do look even more beautiful (if that's possible).

    Oscar x


    You'll have to work with Dad some more the teach him how to help you with the mail....

  3. Hi Maggie:
    So glad to hear your mom is home!! I like it when my mom is home, too. Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Love, Lillie Valentine

  4. oh yeah, maggie, you should show your beautiful brown eyes more often. i think oscar meant to see your beautiful eyes that's why he posted his own hair cut... and i also think he is preparing to show off his own BOOtiful eyes.

    wet wet licks


  5. Yayy.. your mum's back!! My absolute 'favouritest' toy is also a frog (I have gone through about 6 of them now)..!!

  6. Maggie, your mum is really good to help you open your cards. So nice of Putter to send you a card. You look really pretty with the hair cut now. :)
    Happy Valentine's Day and I'm sure glad your mum is with you now

    ~ fufu

  7. Maggie, you look FABULOUS!!! Happy Valentines Day my gorgeous Airegirl!!!


  8. Happy Valentine's Day, Maggie!
    I think you look beautiful with yur new haircut.
    Big Wags,

  9. Happy Valentines Day, sweet Maggie :-)

    Big hugs and kisses,


  10. I am glad your Mom is home again....and you and she will have to teach Dad how to open the mail for you! :o)

  11. Very nice of Putter to send you a card! You are so loved Maggie.

    Hugs from Billy Boo:)