Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Mardi Gras

Today is Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana - not that I've ever been, and neither have mom and dad, but mom's brother and sister-in-law used to live in New Orleans and they're big time fans!

Gram sent mom Mardi Gras beads awhile back and every year mom lets me sport these beads on my morning walkie.

This is a pic of me trying to decorate elephant baby so he can get into the spirit of things too.

We had GREAT temperatures for our walk! It was almost 30 degress and this is wonderful news! It means that hopefully some of this horrible ice will melt and I will have some decent sniffs to do my pee and poo. This yucky white stuff is sure making it hard on a girl!
Mom meant to bring the camera on our walk so she could get my beads swinging and rustling but she forgot! DARN!!!

When we get back home, I always get a treat. It's hard to tell by this pic but mom is handing me a heart-shaped cookie. She says it's a little "lagniappe" in honor of Mardi Gras! I think I really like this holiday.
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Until next time............
Love ya lots,


  1. oooh we heard on our radio this morning that it is Mardi Gras! It is Pancake Day hee in the UK today! Yummmmmm! Jeannie always gets the first pancake wrong, so I get it!

    Jeannie took her new digi cam out yesterday to take some pics, and as soon as she put it on.....the battery failed!

    We will take some more this afternoon, it is a lovely spring day here in Scotland, the Sun is Out and the Sky is Blue.

    love you Maggie! love and licks Marvin xxxxxx

  2. Yes, as Marvin said, we call is "Pancake Day" here! I'm hoping I may get one if I am a really good boy.

    You look really pretty in your beads.

    Oscar x

  3. Mmmmmm... I like ANY holiday where treats are a requirement - enjoy yours Miss Maggie!!!


  4. Hello Maggie,
    In Switzerland our Mardi Gras is called Carnaval. In Bienne (that's where I live) it will beginn tomorrow... On Sunday I will go with Véronique to do the "cortège" (I think it is procession in english). Ok I will put some pictures.... Big Kisses, Faya

  5. Hey Maggie, you're one swell gal. I've linked to your blog. Drop by again soon! Jackson x

  6. Hey Maggie,
    Happy Mardi Gras! & Pancake Day, & whatever gets us doggies treats, hehehehe! You look so lovely in your beads. Did your card arrive yet? Let us know, if not, Mama will email it to you so you can at least see what it looks like. Darn postmen. Butchy is so bummed.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  7. sweet mardi gras celebration. i'm a fat of anything that involves a day called "fat tuesday!" fatten me up, please! i hope you don't have to give up anything for lent, though.


  8. Maggie -

    You look lovely in those beads - I am very jealous. I have to get my Mom up to date with all these fun days!!

    We are both very glad your lumps are all not the bad kind. :)

    Take care - Dory and her mom

  9. Thats very nice beads you got there. Our Mama loves beads too.

    Boy n Baby