Saturday, February 3, 2007

Snow and Pawties

Last night mom heard rain going through the gutters as she read doggie blogs. When I did my final pee of the night, I stepped outside to snow, but not much of it - barely any really! Overnight we heard the plows going and I had such high hopes! Okay, so it wasn't all that much but it's white and it's cold and it's beautiful!

I'm so excited!!! Isn't it so pretty!

Even the waterfowl seem to love it!

Mom and Dad are havin a party today and I'm really sorta not too happy about it. I've been helping them clean and prepare all week long and this morning I was even helping Uncle Phil cube the cheese and helping mom fill bowls with potatoe chips. I heard something about the musicians being on the way and I was hustled inside - something about them not liking their guitars being jumped on! Pawty poopers the bunch of them for not letting me come!!!

Here's a pressie for ya dad - meatballs for your soup!

I know, I know - not nice but I am sorta upset about it! Mom did say she's sneak a piece of pizza into me and thanks mom but I'd much rather attend the pawty. Won't you reconsider?? Pretty please? I promise not to jump on any of the guests and to be a good girl!

Anyway mom said she'd see how it goes. So cross your paws that I get to go to the pawty too!

I leave you with a video of me in the snow this morning before the sun came up to melt half of it away!


  1. We hope you get to attend the pawty. Maybe if you promise to be good (but you are already a good girl), your hoomans might consider.

    Boy n Baby

  2. yay meatballs! I hope you have some fun at the party, if you get to go!

  3. Wow! It's so beautiful where you live. If I had my very own water pond, I would be the happiest dog on earth!

  4. Meatballs are yummy Maggie:) I see you like the snow just about as much as I do...

    Hugs from Billy Boo

  5. I should clarify the meatball comment, the ones that are made from hamburg! haha...didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea from yours truly here.

    Billy :)

  6. maggie,

    i hope you will not feed any hooman with your "home made meatballs"! hehehehe.

    so, how was the pawty? did you get to go?

    wet wet licks


  7. Humans are so mean. MaMa took a picture of me doing my doo. Not very cool. She threatens to post it on the web if I misbehave.