Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad suggested that we go out for ice cream last night after our oonie dinner! It's not hot here at all but mom was up for an outing!
Mitch has never ridden in dad's truck before. I think I told you all that dad has custom outfitted his back seat just for me. It's like a big playpen and I love it this way! He covered a piece of plywood with carpeting so we don't have to worry about falling out of a seat and there's lot of room for toys and blankets and even to lay down and sleep!
Mom grabbed my special red ice cream spoon and one for Mitch and off we went. I had no problem jumping into dad's truck but Mitch needed some help. His legs are still too short for such a high jump! He wasn't sure at first if he really liked this truck stuff. He was clinging to me like velcro. He looked pretty nervous about this whole adventure.

It only takes us about 10 minutes to drive to Durham (next town over) to the ice cream stand. Mitch started to relax about half way there. Once we arrived, dad asked mom what kind of ice cream she wanted. She always chooses frozen vanilla yogurt so she can share with us! Dad ended up with a raspberry chocolate chip and boy did it ever look yummy! Mom said that we couldn't have any of that! What a meany!
Mitch seemed to come to life when he saw people eating! hehehehe - that's my brother!
See Mitch - here comes dad with our ice cream! Wait till you taste it - you'll be begging for these trips every single night!
Here's Mitch getting his first lick of frozen yogurt. He had no problem deciding if he liked it or not!Now it's my turn!This is the BEST part about summer and heat - the ice cream! mmmmmmmmmmmmm

On the way home mom turned around to see how Mitch was doin' and he had this doofus look on his face. Do you think maybe it's a brain freeze? hehehehehe

I sure hope another trip to the ice cream stand will happen soon! That was fun and it was a great idea dad! Thanks!

Until next time................

Love ya lots,



  1. That is sure a 'doofus having a brain freeze' look..lol

    Boy n Baby

  2. Hi Maggie,
    We have met at the Pawty. My human is in love with Airedales after she see so many of your kind at the pawty. She keep saying that you guys has got cute teddy face.

    I am so jealous. I hope that she will not abandon me to get an Airedales as my house is strictly a 1 dog only home (Rules set by my human parents.)

    Can I link you to my blog so that I can learn from you guy on how to behave like an Airedale and so my human will love be more?



  3. Hi Maggie and Mitch....

    We laughed so hard at the brain freeze picture. Sounds like you had a great trip to the ice cream store. You guys are too cute!!.

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

  4. Wowie Maggie! I still hven't tried ice cream. Dad is mean & says if I try it I'll always beg when hoomans are eating it. And the problem with that is...?

    Love Mitch's doofus face, hehehe!

    Oscar x

  5. How fun for you and Mitch. I love ice cream but haven't had some in a long while. It's hot here so maybe if I'm a good girl I get some.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

    PS - I LOVE the brain freeze shot of Mitch!!!! He's so cuteeeee!!!!

  6. Maggie! WOW -- super cool idea!!!! You guys look like you had the most bestest time ever!!! Maybe I can join you for ice cream sometime! I love ice cream!!!! We could follow along in the PutterMobile:)

  7. G'day Maggie, That Ice cream sure looks good! I'm going to have to ask my hoomans to give me some! I really enjoyed pawtying with you this weekend. xxx Asta (oz)

  8. Yummers. Maybe I can convince my moms to take me out for some ice cream.

    I'm thinking french vanilla, no nuts, no sauce.

    I think its so cool you have your own spoon too!

    brain freezes rule!


  9. hay sista !!!!!
    iv never had "real"icecream before i had some of moms homeaid icecream (she was tryinh to be traditional , *major eyerole* ), it was like cold putting . one time i had some doggie icecream , it was ok , but still ........

  10. Woo Woo Maggie.. I love the photo of you eating off the spoon! I do that too :)
    Hugs, Sitka

  11. I like Mitch's doofus face - very funny! Heehee!

    Hey Maggie, I didn't see Mitch at the pawty. Is he still too young to type? ;)

    Puggy kisses

  12. It looks yummilicious!!!!

    I love yogurt anytime!

    Mitch is a lucky chap. I got my first taste of yogurt only when I was 6mths old!!!

  13. Hey Maggie,
    Oh oh..ice cream = brain freeze!! Your dad's really nice to suggest going out just to get ice cream. I never had ice cream before but Mom gives me ice cubes to cool me down. hehe

  14. Oh.... ice cream. I love ice cream too. I hope we will have a long long long summer...... with a lot of ice cream. Kiss, Faya

  15. I have never eaten ice cream Maggie! Give us a lick!

    love and drooooling licks, Marv xxxx

  16. Oh man. I'm drooling just watching you guys! Mmmmmm.


  17. Hey Maggie, that ice cream sure look good and Mitch looked happy to go out for the ice cream. :)

    ~ fufu
    p.s did Mitch really got brain freeze?

  18. Hi Maggie,
    I love yoghurt but not ice-cream (I don't know why either..).. Mitch looks so cute!!

  19. Haha, Mitch looks like he got a brain freeze. I don like ice cream that much now that I'm older. I'm more mature & I don eat kiddo ice creams anymore but my sista Chloe loves it! Hehe!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  20. ah maggie, i love the mitch doofus look! especially that small and pink tongue of his...

    he looks so much like stinky.

    wet wet licks


  21. I agree the best part about summer is ice cream.

    Simba xx

  22. I so LOVE truck rides with Daddy! I am smaller than you so I sneak out of the back and stand on the arm rest in the front so I can navigate.

    Bussie Kissies

  23. MMMMM! Lucky you! I get Frosty Paws from the ice cream shop down the street and I get to lick the bowls and thats the best because they make their own ice cream and it was voted the best ice cream in the nation!

  24. Oh man, I love trips to the ice cream shop, they rock! I hope Mitch's brain unthawed ok, hehehe, that happens to me too sometimes.......must be a guy thing!


  25. Mitch's picture is priceless! I like ice cream too, vanilla is my choice since I can't have chocolate!!

    BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

  26. mitch's doofus face is SO cute, not like tanner.

    You guys are so lucky to be able to go get some yummy ice creams and cold yogurt. Mom needs to find a place like that to take us since we live in the desert!

  27. Lucky you all!
    Last summer, mum took me to get ice cream and guess what?! The guy at the counter just GAVE me a "pup cup" for FREE!! That was back in Texas though....
    PS: Mitch looks like he's deciding on whether or not to like the truck or not. After having the ice cream, I think he changed his mind! LOL!

  28. Aw, the look on Mitch's face is adorable!!!!

    Sounds like you guys had fun - and a whole back of the truck to yourselves, n-i-c-e!!!!!


  29. 10 minutes drive juz to get d ice-cream for u....tat's so nice of ur daddy...

  30. what??

    you have ice cream?? with your own ice cream spoon??

    Oh you are sooooooooooooo lucky. I want ice cream too...

  31. steals a lick


    you both are so lucky~ get to travel in daddy truck and enjoy icecream while outside!!

  32. Hey Maggie and Mitch...were you lucky to have more ice cream today? yum yum:)

    BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)