Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mitch Is Home

Mitch came home yesterday. Mom and Dad both went to pick him up late afternoon. He came home with 3 "sleepy" pills to keep him quiet so he can heal more quickly without popping open his booboo! And he came home with a lampshade too and so far he hasn't had it on his head! DARN! Actually mom is wondering how you work the stupid thing! I'm sure if he needs it, she can figure it out pretty quickly!
Mitch was hungry when he got home but we were cautioned to feed him small portions so he wouldn't lose his dinner all over the floor - and the same for the water! He did just fine - no pukes!
He stayed quiet pretty much. Boy, those pills pack a mean punch! I wish mom could get a lifetime prescription of those and give him one every day! It would sure save me many nips on my legs and face!
That's a good boy - swallow that pill! ummmmmmmmm
Overnight in the crate went well - no noise from the monster and he was pretty alert this morning at 4AM! Mom washed his blankie for him so he was pretty happy about that. He loves it nice and warm just out of the dryer! I'm sure Mitch is dying to dig into his breakfast! He hasn't had a decent meal in over 24 hours! Yup, he's happy about that too!

Mom and I will be heading out for our walkie soonish. I hope Mitch isn't too disappointed that he can't go too. The vet said he had to keep a low profile for a few days.

Thank you all so much for all of your sweet notes concerning Mitch's surgery!
We're so glad he's home and so is he!

Until next time..............

Love ya lots,



  1. Hello Mitch ! Welcome Home ! Big big Kiss, Faya

  2. Maggie,

    Please put Mitch on! Mitchy- I am not sure if your eyes can focus or not, but I loved those pills also. I just gobbled them up! I got 6 of them. Momma didn't even need to put them in my food!

    I also came home and was ready to eat! I was soooo hungry. I have to tell you the day after you couldn't even tell I have been through life "altering" surgury.


    Allegra and Saffie!

  3. Good boy Mitch for not needing your lampshade! If mum does need to use it Maggie, tell her his collar threads through the loops. I need to share the pain of having to wear it!

    Oscar x

  4. You can get loads of channels with those dishes. I hated mine I kept bumping into things. So glad Mitch is home and getting better.

    Simba xx

  5. A lampshade? Was he also drunk and dancing on the table? Was he at an office party?

  6. Yay Mitch is home!!! Yay!!! So glad Mitch is feeling better and you're being such a great sister to take care of him Maggie!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  7. Yay Mitch! Glad the surgery went well and sounds like you're well on the road to recovery. And, I always say, we don't need bits to make us real men, right?

    Now, can I borrow some of the pills for my sissy?


  8. Welcome home Mitch! A hungry doggie is always a good sign that their feeling better. Maggie, he'll be biting your legs again real soon!


  9. Hi Maggie,
    What a terrierific big sis you are..I'm so glad the little Mitch is home and OK! He actuaallly looks like he's ready to pawty with that lampshade on his head, heheheheheh It's a much better way to wear it than the usual.
    Take advantage of the pill induced quiet to have a little Maggie time fun! lots of smoochie kisses to both of you

  10. Yay! So glad that little Mitchy is home and doing okay. He will be bouncing around again before you know it! Yay for Mitch!

  11. well maggie, just as simba said you can get lots of channel from that dish and i got a lot of affection from that dish! hehehe.

    mitch is fully recover from the pill already? well, i was blurry for 2 days before i recover.

    wet wet licks


  12. Glad that Mitch is doing fine. He'll be up and jumping again in no time. =)


  13. We are sure Mitch will be fine again soon and then both of you can go for a walk with your mom.

    Boy n Baby

  14. No worries, you gonna be fine Mitch. Trust me, you still can play ike a mad dog & still you will get all the lovely gal out there!!

  15. Maggie,

    I don't know if Mitch knows it or not (will he ever get a peek at your earlier posts?) but YOU WUV HIM!! *wink

    Mitchy, way to pull through like the trooper you are. Put the lampshade on just to give a lookie, k?

    Your Goober,

  16. Ruby said what I was going to say! :)
    I'm really glad Mitch is home! Take good care of him, Maggie!

  17. I am so glad Mitch is home and safe and well!

    And enjoying those pills!

    Take care Mitch and welcome to the Neutured Club "motto" "what you don't have, you won't miss - although it will sting for a while when you pee"

    oooops sorry took it too far then!

    love and healing licks to poor Mitch xxxxxx

  18. LOL @ Marvin! Good boy Mitch, and Maggie - you are such a sweet older sister! Mitch doesn't look phased at all.

  19. Welcome Home Mitch! I hope you don't have to wear the lampshade :)

  20. Maggie,
    Thanks so much for the offer, next time a fly terriorizes me I'll call you right away so you can run over and eat him up, it's a relief to know I have a pwotector.
    Mitch is vewy lucky to have you
    kissies to both of you

  21. So Mitch's surgery is sort of like a Maggie Vacation!

    Glad Mitch is doing well.


  22. Hey Mitch,
    Glad to hear your surgery went well for you & you didn't get sick. You'll be better in about 2 days. If you're a good boy you won't even have to wear that funny cone thing. I Butchy never had to have one thank dawgness. And don't worry Mitch, you're still a BOY! hehehehehe!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  23. Hey Mitch,

    I was thinking of you today sending good Aire-vibes that your boy-bit-surgery went well...

    Hope you're feeling good buddy!


  24. now mitch is a he/she !! ;p just kidding !!!! im glad everything went well !!!!

  25. Maggie my dear. Enjoy the pills while you can...Teka was a lot nicer with her pills after her surgery. Mom was so impressed she asked the vet if Teka could have a refill, and the vet said no. Poor muzzer.
    Glad that Mitch is doing well.

  26. Hi, Maggie.
    I am so happy to know that Mitch is fine and recovering.
    Take care of him

  27. I hope Mitch is back to his old self soon :) It sounds like he's a strong healthy pup. He's lucky to avoid that lampshade. Mom has two of mine in the closet (ugh!) that she's saving. PS: The lampshade goes on his head the other way, just in case...

  28. we are so glad mitch is home and doing so well. if you end up with any extra sleepy pills PLEASE send then to me for the doofus

  29. Glad Mitch's snip went well. He'll soon be bounding around again...
    The lampshade shot tickled me!

    Pats to you both

  30. Hello Mitch! How are you after your small surgery? Do you feel any different? Less heavier? Hehehe... Glad you finally had your 1st meal after 24hrs. Gosh, I can't imagine me getting starved for my surgery next time! Nooooooo!!!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  31. Hey Maggie,
    I'm glad Mitch is doing ok. Looks like he'll be back to his playful normal self soon. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. :)

  32. Hi Maggie,

    Nice to meet you!

    Wow Mitch looks like a space dog in the first picture!

    Can't wait to see you and mitch back into action!


  33. Hey Maggie, glad to hear that Mitch is feeling better. Hope he doesn't have to wear the dreaded cone of shame! J x

  34. I didn't have to wear the silly cone after my big boy surgery, hoepfully Mitch won't either!


  35. Hi Maggie,
    I glad to hear all went well. Mitch is lucky, Ozzy came home with the lamp shade thing on.

  36. U look like you are doing well after the snippy snip snip, Mitch.

    Don't you worry cos U will be fine in a couple of days. Oh, U do know that U can still humperdy hump hump even without boy bits right? I still do... hehehe....

  37. I am glad you got to come home Mitch! It is no fun being at the doctor's office. Hope things heal quickly!

  38. Hi Beautiful
    Just stopping to show some love:O)