Thursday, May 3, 2007

Mitch's First Trip to the Bank

Mitch had his first trip to the bank today in mom's car! Mom surprised us last minute and said that we both could go! The only problem is that I really like to sit in the front seat next to mom so I can navigate, but she wanted me in the back with Mitch so he wouldn't feel lonely and after all - it was his first time in the back seat!
So in I jump and yup, you guessed it - Mitch needed mom to pick him up and help him onto the seat. He was stuck like glue to me again. I don't think he liked that he could see the floor and I suppose to a little tyke like him it must have seemed like a huge drop! Here he is checking out the situation before mom steps on the gas pedal.

The bank is only a couple of miles from our house so it's really a short ride. I had just eaten my big meal of the day but I ALWAYS have room for cookies!

My favorite bank teller was there and we got to introduce her to Mitch! She couldn't get over how cute he was! Yes - I hear that an awful lot - too much in fact! But if it gets us extra cookies then I guess it's okay! Keep giving her that sweetie look, okay Mitch?

Here we are waiting for that magic drawer to open and send those cookies out! I kept telling Mitch - just you wait and see what you're gonna get!
Can you see our Airedale bobble head behind Mitch's head and one of our most favoritest pressies that Sunshade gave us for Christmas!
And just as I suspected - the drawer opens and out comes not one, not two but three cookies!! yippeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thanks Mitch! Thanks for being so cute!

I told you this lady is the most generous! Isn't coming to the bank such fun?!

We both can't wait for our next trip!

Until next time.................

Love ya lots,



  1. It is funny but Mitch always looks surprised when he sits in a car.... And to get cookies he is a "cute" alibi. Kiss, Faya

  2. You are such a good big sister sitting in the back with Mitch.

    Simba xx

  3. Hi Maggie! Hi!

    A ride in the car and coookkkiiieeesss at the bank -- that is the bestest fun ever! You are lucky, I was stuck at home today:( Oh and it was nice of you to help Mitch get used to the back seat -- you are a great big sister, Maggie:)!

  4. Ah, the bank. Yes, I get kookies there, too, and they're great!

    Oh, and I'm not allowed to be destructive with everything...only my toys. I get in trouble if I try to chew on stuff that isn't mine. Mom wants my puppy teeth to fall out soon (I've only lost my bottom 2 canines so far) so I think she wants me to chew a lot! Something about puppy teeth being really sharp, I don't know!

    Puggy kisses

  5. Bussie says I can't come to the bank with him. Something about cramping his style.

    Fuzzy face sniffies

  6. Rides~~~

    Mitch sure enjoys his 1st trip to bank!

  7. oh maggie, you are such a good sista for willingly sitting at the back with mitch!

    maggie maggie, can u have few near shots of the bobble head miss sunshade gave u? i would love to see it.

    wet wet licks


  8. Hey Maggie!
    I used to gtet a little nervous in the car like Mitch when I was his age! Except I was worse! I used to get car sick ALL the time! When mum moved to CA, I had a very long drive and now I LOVE going for rides! I sure am glad mum and dad decided to take me with them!

  9. Hey Mitch, did you steal any money you mommy took out from the back? That you could buy your own treats, ANY treat you want with that money. Haha! Hope you had a fun ride. Did you get any car sickness?

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  10. I still am so jealous that you get cookies at the bank. We need to promote this idea over here in the UK!

    Oscar x

  11. cool!! We love cookies too! But we aren't allow to go to banks... =(

  12. I wish our banks here give out cookies too. Mitch looks happy about the trip

    ~ fufu

  13. If bringing Mitch = more cookies, we think you just drag him along.

    Boy n Baby

  14. Your bank is awesome! I can't believe your bank dispenses cookies! Ours just gives paper and that doesn't taste good at all.


  15. i've been to a local bank to....coz mayb my owner was afraid she might get rob...hahah...

    but i juz waited for her outside d bank...coz they dun allowed me to enter...:(

  16. 3 bank cookies?!?!?! Score!

    Bussie Kissies

  17. You two are some lucky dogs. Ice cream and cookies!!!! Pretty soon Mitch will want to get in the car every time the door is open.....treats, treats and more treats!!!!

    Love, Seadra & Zoe

  18. U lucky fellows!!! I'll be lucky if I can even be close to a bank.

    3 cookies!!! How lucky. So who got 2 cookies?!

  19. Oh Maggie -

    I am so jealous - we go to the bank but all that is there is a computer screen - no people and no cookie drawers!!!

    My mom has been so impressed with you and Mitch that she and dad are talking about adopting another dog!!! (Thay are even in CT!) I'm not sure I will like not being the "only dog" but as you say there can be an up side (MORE COOKIES).

    We hope you, Mitch and your humans all have a great weekend -

    Love and kisses - Dory

  20. Hi Maggie and of course, the lovely Mitch too!! Thanks for visiting my place. Mum is going to put your link on my place so that others can come and see how nice you both are!

    Loui xx

  21. wow, our bank isn't nearly so nice! The people completely ignore me.....


  22. Banks in Singapore aren't that nice...we can't even get into the bank with our hoomans. Lucky you!!

  23. I think having Mitch has increased your cookie quota! That's got to be a good thing...J x