Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mitch's Big Boy Surgery

The vet's office called yesterday afternoon and told dad that Mitch couldn't have breakfast this morning before his neutering surgery- only a small drink of water. Mitch wasn't too happy with that news at all but he did as he was told like the good little boy that he is!
Dad also asked about him coming home the day of his surgery (today) and they said that we could call around 3PM and as long as we kept him quiet and things went as expected he could come home early! This should be real interesting - keeping Mitch quiet! Yea right!
Dad couldn't wait to share that news with Mitch! Did you hear that Mitch - you can sleep in your own bed tonight! See how happy he is!
We did our two mile walkie this morning and Mitch did his business and that made mom very happy. She didn't want him uncomfortable with this problem too!
After our walk, mom and Mitch got in the car and off they went! Mom did ask about the lampshade and the people at the animal hospital said that a lot of dogs don't need to wear them so maybe Mitch will be one of the lucky ones!
We've been keeping busy in the yard with weeding and planting but it's a bit more quiet than usual. We came in to make tuna for lunch and - no Mitch to help eat me eat celery and walnuts! Now I'm depressed!
I'm going to wait right here for you to return this afternoon little brother! I thought it would be fun to be queen for a day once again and to pretend I was the "only" child but I was wrong. I miss you!

Hurry home! I'll be waiting!

Love ya lots,



  1. Oh you love your little brother soooo much. It is so nice. Kiss, Faya

  2. Thats so sweet you miss Mitch, I hope he is home and well again in no time.

    Simba xx

  3. Hi, Maggie.
    You'll see Mitch is going to be fine and at home very soon, so you will take care of him while he recovers from his surgery.

  4. Aw bless you Maggie. You look al lost without him. Take good care of him when he's home like the great big sister you are!

    Oscar x

  5. awwww. We're thinking good thoughts for Mitch. Poor little Maggie, all alone without the pesky kid brother. We're gonna check back again soon and hope you will post us when Mitch comes home and he's all groggy from the drugs and stuff. Then you can laugh at him! It's funny!

  6. Good Luck with your surgery tomorrow Mitch!

  7. Don't worry, Maggie! Hopefully by the time you read this, Mitch will be back home with you where he belongs! Let the little (?) fella know he's in our thoughts and prayers!!!

  8. Aaawwww Maggie, that's the sweetest post ever. Mitch is lucky to have you.

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

  9. Oh Maggie... you love Mitch so much! I can see it all over your pretty face. He will be fine, and hopefully he can come home soon.


  10. Aaaaaaaah,so sweet with you missing your litle brother1
    Now,don't spoil,whem he comes home with a cone by teasing!!
    A big ASK I know!

    Pats to you both

  11. Maggie...
    You are such a good sister. Mitch will be so happy to see to when he gets home and I know you will take good care of him too. I wish you were my big sister!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  12. Maggie, ya gotta tell Mitch he's still a suave and debonaire stud-dog! It's a guy-thing, you know...

    Give him a kiss behind the ear. He'll be fine!


    Buster & Seffie

  13. haha maggie, i wonder if little stinky is gone for a while will sunshade miss him!

    we all know you miss mitch and love him. but u just can't show him that when he's around, he'll know you love him.

    wet wet licks


  14. ooh maggie , its like old times !!

  15. Maggie,

    What a sweet soft heart you have, girlie! AireZen to your bro, Mitch. You be sure to show him some good lovin' when he gets home. Keep us posted, chica.

    Goob love,

  16. we sure hope everything went just perfect for Mitch's surgeries!!

  17. Don't worry about Mitch. He'll be home soon and don't forget to keep us posted alrighty?
    You are such a good big sister!!

  18. Oh Maggie! You are such a sweet big sister, I can bareley even stand it:) How is Mitch? Does he have a dreaded collar?

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  19. Aw, Maggie, that is so sweet that you're waiting for your little brother.
    How is he doing? I hope he doesn't have to get that darn e-collar!
    Puggy kisses

  20. You love your brother, dont you. But dont show it when he is around or he will step all over you.

    I love Baby too but i dont show it.


  21. I haven't had to wear a lampshade on my head! Those are horrible! Luckily I was good when I got snipped, or whatever you call it for a girl doggie.