Thursday, August 20, 2009

True Colors Thursday - Pale Pink

It's true colors Thursday! If you want to play. send Blue a shout!
Today's color is pale pink!

The "smokes" on our smoke tree are pale pink!
This pretty dolly is wearing pale pink!Margaret and this cute bunny are sitting together on a pale pink and white quilt!This is the nursery in the doll house! There is lots of pale pink in this room!I'm wearing pale pink undies on my head! Who thinks this is funny?! You're embarrassing me, mom!Next week's color is sky blue!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. A Smoke Tree is new to me but looks interesting.
    Love the doll & dolls house, wish I still had mine!

    Poor Maggie, you & Sir Woodstock are just not happy with this pant thing started by Bob T Bear, esq are you?

    Love, pats & pets

  2. Looks like dale abuse to me.

    Thanks for asking about Hector. He seems to have retired for a bit. Something about him not having any good adventures to talk about.


  3. Oooh, hope your mom took that "hat" off before you went outside!

  4. No,she DID NOT put pale pink panties on your head??? Mitch maybe but you????

    OMDog, you need to have Dad take you for some ice cream - just you and Dad....oh and some Pizza too....


  5. Pink undies on the head - were you looking for the undies monster in the laundry basket? those were excellent pale pale colors

  6. Maggie...I have no words for what your Mom went and did. I always have held her in high regard, but now.....well, let's just say that we hope she has pale blue panties for Mitch in the column next week.


  7. What a great take on the meme - it's one girlie post! :)

  8. What a great take on the meme - it's one girlie post! :)

  9. Very pretty in pink - undies on your head indeed!!!
    Lovely colours post - doll's house always our favourite - just so sweet.
    What about those pink tongues of yours - first thing we see when we come to your blog as you try to get that melon!
    Happy Thursday
    Martha & Bailey xx

  10. Maggie - you are such a patient dog - we don't think we'd sit still for the wearing of the undies. Well, maybe Java would.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  11. I think it is
    I would love to have a dolls house to collect things as a hobby...
    Must be very rewarding...
    Have a nice day.

  12. We have never seen a smoke tree - it is so pretty!

    PS: I have a spot on my nose that is pale pink!~

  13. Oh Maggie, you just tickle me pink! Which happens to be my favorite color of course.

    Oh my gosh! You have a doll house? It's GORGYOUS!

    I have one too, only mommy won't let me play with it. Oh, poo!

    She started it from scratch and has been working on it for ten years now!

    She keeps redecorating it. First it was Victorian and now it's "girly-girly".

    My human sister just had a baby girl so now my mommy is getting it ready for her. Oh, poo!

    Riley can't wait for you to do blue.


  14. As foxy boys, we're not into pale pink -- and we are truly grateful that no one in our household would ever ever ever think of making us wear pink panties on our handsome terrier heads.

    Maggie, we think a law suit is in order -- or at least a gallon of luscious (strawberry pink) ice cream!!

    Wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry

  15. Neat assortment of pink items. The smoke tree is interesting. I hope Mommy doesn't get any ideas of putting underwear on my head.
    Hugs, Miley

  16. Do you have pale pink panties on your head? Lily is scared of the little dolls teeth
    Benny & Lily

  17. Oooh, that smoke tree is very interesting. Pink is such a delicate color - and tender.

    At least the panties are only on your head, she could have made you wear them:-)

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  18. Oh Maggie! I am giggling over here, but really! The abuse! Panties on your sweet 'dale head!?

    I think your momma owes you icecream for that one...

  19. I haven't seen anything that funny, pale pink undies on the head?
    Ooops, I'm laughing with your mom, not at you, sorry!

  20. oh dear, undies on the head..hehe

    Nice selection.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  21. Lots of pink stuff at your house. We have lots of it here, too. You are very patient to sit there with undies on your head.

  22. The pale pink undies on your head made my day!! Too funny.
    Best wishes and HumanHugs,
    Cassie (BabyRD & Hooties mom)

  23. aw man - pink undies on your head... there is only one remedy... stash them!!! arf arf... with all the hidden socks arf arf

  24. Giggle, I think it is kind of funny. My Mom does stuff like that to me too.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  25. hehe, Maggie you look so mad!
    Mum loves the doll house room. I hope you will post more pics of it soon.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  26. OH my undies on your head?! I guess things can have more than one purpose!!!

    xo martine

    Ps: thanks for being such a good sport

  27. Um, tell your momma that the undies are supposed to go on bottoms, not heads... How humiliating! You must have I good sense of humor - hope she doesn't make you wear a blue brassiere next week....
    That doll house room had me fooled - thought it was a real nursery until I read the caption

  28. We love the picture of the ummers.. That is what Sis used to call them.. Silly pup..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  29. I hope you got some treats for putting up with the undies!

    Teddy Bear

  30. GREAT pale pink items!

    Of khourse my favourite was the last one! I mean, that is what boys are fur!


  31. What a pretty doll house, and so nicely decorated. We love pale pink (at least my mom does.)

  32. Pink undies on your head?? Haaa!
    I need to have a serious talk with my mom. Every thursday she forgets about True Colors!
    Kisses and hugs

  33. So cute, the whole post! Poor Maggie having to put up with her people!! She is a very good girl!
    I put pictures on my blog tonight of my abilites of quilting and sewing. Come over and see.
    Love you all, Fern

  34. Holy smoke!
    undies on your head! tee hee hee!
    Well, i would be so embarreased!
    tee hee hee
    the smoke tree is awsome!
    We love all the pale pink prettys!
    thanks for sharring

  35. You do look very pretty in pink though :-) But can't really imagine that sitting on Mitch's head hehehe.

  36. Hi, Maggie and Mitch -

    We love the picture of the dollhouse. Undies on your head - how hooomiliating!

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci