Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Very First AireCut

Mom has had me up in the grooming room before but she's never turned the clippers on until now.    She has been calling me fuzzbutt and fathead and all sorts of not very nice names so she said it was time to remove AireFur.
Here I am with my very first AireCut!
 Dad is forever comparing me to Mitch.   In all fairness to Mitch,  he was groomed with a clipper blade that removed more furs than the blade that mom used.  
 Yes, we kind of do look similar. 
 Which is my better side?
 Yes, I know I look more like a cute AireBoy now and not a fatface. 
 Molly told me that I was going to have tons of energy and act like a nut after my groomies session.    Maybe next time, Molly.   I'm tired and need a nap now.  
Love ya lots♥


  1. Mackie that thud you heard was mom and I fainting from your handsome-ness. OMCS OMCS...your first big boy hair cut very very handsome indeed and you do look like Mitch. As for your best side you look quite debonair coming, going, running, sleeping. Yep you are one purrfect AirDale
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS can you curl your tongue like Mitch? He was very very talented!!

  2. You do look very handsome. We're quite shaggy because it's too hot to trim on the porch and Mom likes to do it outside so that there's less cleanup.

  3. You look wonderful, Mackie! You also look so grown up all of a sudden!

  4. Mackie, you are lookin' good!
    from Vancouver,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  5. You look so handsome, Mackie!!! And we agree that grooming is very tiring and definitely warrants a good snooze.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. Dear Mackie,

    You look very cute and handsome with your cut!


  7. You look great Mackie. We bet if you had a bath you would probably be doing zoomies.

  8. A handsome boy. Naps are good. It's so hot here I take a nap after work.
    Thanks for sharing your handsome boy!

  9. You look very much like an Airedale with your new haircut. Mighty mighty handsome.

    Aroo to you,

  10. Mackie, you are a handsome fella! And we are envious that your Mom is so handy with grooming tools. Parental Unit is proud of herself that she clips my toenails with ease:-) But a good brushing and furminating is all my coat gets...and that's enough for me!

  11. I'm usually exhausted after a grooming session with Miss Jacquie! But you're looking great Mackie!

  12. Congratulations on passing this rite of passage with such aplomb !

  13. Just look at how cute you are! I love your hair cut!