Sunday, August 14, 2016

Too Many Toofies

Mom says that if I lose any more toofies, I'm not going to be able to chew my meals!
 I think I'll do just fine, mom, but just in case, maybe you should have extra ice cream in the freezer just for me!
 These are the ones that I lost yesterday.  
 Mom keeps our toofies in this heart-shaped box that she and dad and Maggie and Mitch bought on Nantucket years ago.  
 The Tooth Fairy left me this Good Boy tag.  Do you notice that my Good Boy tag is an AireBoy?  That makes it even better!
 I like the Tooth Fairy.  She's very smart!
Love ya lots♥


  1. Mackie that is a for sure sign that you are growing into a big boy...well that and your long handsome legs
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. I would definitely hold out for ice cream! Yummy

  3. We are sure ice cream would be helpful for your mouth. We don't know about the tooth fairy cause we weren't in our forever home when we lost our teeth.

  4. You're going to break the Tooth Fairy's bank. She did a great job picking out the perfect tag for you it's super cool.

    Aroo to you,

  5. Hey....that Tooth Fairy never came here.... SHE has a bowl of teeth, too. We think a supply of ice cream is a good idea...and not just for emergencies.

  6. Wow, that's a lot of toofies to lose in one day, Mackie!!! Better slow it down a bit so the Tooth Fairy can make more visits:) Love your new tag!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. Oh my, you sure are lossing some teath, Mr. Mackie! Parental Unit says I need mine professionally cleaned, but she's too afraid to put me under...whatever that means!

  8. Mackie, you are SO adorable!!! And we LOVE your good boy tag! How special is that?!?!?
    I think ice cream would be VERY helpful. Medicinal, even! And maybe some pizza, too. Really.

  9. We hope your new teeth fill in soon so you won't be drinking your meals through a straw. BOL!

  10. hello mackie its dennis the vizsla dog hay if loozing toofs meens gitting more ice creem then that sownds like a deesent trayd to me!!! keep the ice creem flowing sez i!!! ok bye

  11. We like your tooth fairy!
    Ice Cream and presents, BOW WOW!

    ♥♥ Wyatt and Tegan

  12. Those are some mighty big toofies, that dont live in your mouth anymore! I hope the toofy fairy brings you some icecream!

  13. Crikey ... ICECREAM ... Did I hear ICECREAM??? I think icecreams definitely the way to go!!!

  14. Dear Mackie,

    Wow, you much be a chew-monster right now - is your mouth sore? Are you getting your big teeth?


  15. Your parents are pretty observant! Our humans never found any baby teeth from Ginger, Joey, or me! Our Jessy human made earrings out of her own wisdom teeth after they got removed from her mouth, though.