Thursday, March 1, 2007

Spring VS Winter

I'm not sure I'm ready for spring yet! Yes, I love helping mom in the garden and I like the smell of the earth but I love the cold weather and I like snow.
Today mom was trying to convince me that spring is better. I'm not sure yet! I'm still trying to hang onto winter. Which would you choose?

Spring or winter?

Love ya lots,



Billy said...

Good morning sweet Maggie!

I have to agree with your mom that spring is better than winter. My paws freeze when it's too cold out and it gives me a limp when I'm out on my walks. So spring for me it is!

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

jaffeboy said...

Well well well... Living in the tropics, I only get to experience Summer. So I say, Spring or Winter, bring it on babe.

Kevin the Collie said...

I choose spring any day - those flowers look great and set off your gorgeous looks, Maggie. Thanks very much for your birthday wishes, I am having a great time
Kevin the Collie xxx

Butchy & Snickers said...

Oh Maggie,
We choose Spring any day. Mama has tons of flowers & it's warm in the spring. We are having a nasty storm again! If you like it so much, come visit us today and you'll change your mind, hehehehehehe! Could get 12 inches of snow on top of this freezing rain we have pouring down right now. The wind is very bad too. They are calling it another blizzard, closing all schools that were open. Some are still closed due to no power from last weekend. Bet the kids are loving this!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Faya said...

Winter, winter, winter, snow, snow, snow, more snow please !!!
Big kiss, Faya

Murphey said...

I vote snow! When it's cold I have lots of energy, and I don't itch...

Murph the Dog

Ebbi said...

Thankyou for my Happy Birthday Maggie! It was my Beazli's birthday too and we had a special day with a lovely swim at the end. I love summer best because you can swim every day. And there was no thunder! Over and Out

Ebbi said...

Thankyou for my Happy Birthday Maggie! It was my Beazli's birthday too and we had a special day with a lovely swim at the end. I love summer best because you can swim every day. And there was no thunder! Over and Out

Schniblet said...

Oh golly Maggie! I just don't know! Now I will be torn between the two all day! I like summer cause it means MUCH longer walkies & mum is more likely to take me to the park! Winters are so nice cause of the fluffy snow to jump in & all those nice cold breezes! I like Autumn too - chasing leaves, nice breeze flowing over my beard & Spring too w/all the rain & puddles to plop my paws in. ....I just don't know!? Now I'm all flustered!

Blue said...

Found you via Oscar!
Love the flowers & you!
You're a neat airdale!

Studly Dudley said...

Spring all the way!! Don't you love the way the sunshine feeels on our furry coats? It makes me drool for more!! Plus when it's warm, Mum is more inclined to take me places (she is so lazy in the winter, she goes into hibernation).

I thnk the spring suits you too, Maggie.. you look so pretty next to your flowers!


Ike's life said...

Snow sucks!

Chelsea said...

I love snow but, detest the ice, salt and cold weather so I gotta go with spring too.


Joe Stains said...

i have never ever seen snow so i might like to see that, except I usually start shivering when the temperature gets to about 55 degrees.

Fu Fu said...

Maggie, both season sounds great to me. It's only hot, hotter and hottest over where I am in Singapore

~ fufu

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Maggie,
Fu Fu is absolutely right.. we only get Hot, Hotter or Hottest over here in Singapore. When mum and I lived in Australia where they had seasons, my favorite is actually autumn. But between winter and spring, I like winter more!

Bogart said...

Gee, is there a difference? Her in Los Angeles it all feels kind of the same - it's either hot or HOT


Simba said...

I just love life. I don't care if its cold or wet or hot as long as I can run around and have fun and get lots of hugs.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

What a tough question! I think I'm going to have to vote winter & snow, snow, snow!

Oscar x

Jasper said...

I have something....very related to SPRING on my sure to have a look!
(it's kinda sad though)

The Army of Four said...

PRETTY flowers! They look good enough to eat - and I probably would. :) We love Winter, but Mom says BRING ON SPRING. Silly mom.
Play bows,

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We say 'Winter' cos we want to see snow.

Boy n Baby

Marvin The Dog said...

I love the Spring Sweet Maggie!

It is spring here now, lovely!

We had some rain and cold the other day but today has been perfect, sun has been out and all the trees are in bud!

I just lurve the spring!

love and licks Marv xxxxx

wally said...

SPRING! i have stumpy legs and low clearance so my belly gets chilly in the winter. my sister votes WINTER because she loves playing in the snow. you two could have a playdate in the snow. i will watch from the inside with a cup of hot cocoa.