Monday, February 5, 2007

Mom's Trip to Florida

Mom will be leaving me and dad alone together for 6 whole days while she visits Gram and Gramp in Florida. Gram and Gramp are the ones that built the dollhouse that you all saw. I'm not sure how I'm going to like mom gone for such a long time. There have only been two times in my life that mom has not kissed me goodnight before she climbed into bed - the first time was when I was staying overnight at the animal hospital after being spayed and the second time was when I was 4 years old. We spend a week on Nantucket almost every summer and this one year in particular was different. We normally spend a night on Cape Cod before sailing to Nantucket the next day or we may spend a night in a hotel on Nantucket before we get to move into the house that we stay in for the week. The hotel that happens to be right at the top of Main Street used to allow pets to stay in the rooms. But this one particular year, the hotel changed hands and pets were no longer welcome. grrrrrrrrrrrrr They were letting guests know that dogs could be boarded at the local animal hospital. Remember this is a small island.

Mom was not thrilled with this idea at all and it took her some time to come to accept this fact. She called and talked to the people at the animal hospital and decided that they sounded pretty nice and MAYBE, just maybe, it would work out. So when she dropped me off on this particular day, she was dead set on seeing where I was going to sleep and who my roommates were.
To make a long story short, mom was not happy about any of it. That night in the hotel room, she missed me and she had a hard time facing the fact that I wasn't at the foot of the bed. The next day she couldn't wait to pick me up and give me big kisses and hugs. But she came to realize that I wasn't as happy to see her as she was to see me! I was mad and I wanted her to feel badly for leaving me in a strange place with strange people.

Mom has not forgotten any of this and she's not happy about leaving me alone again - and it's not that I'm really alone - I'm with my dad. It's just different!
Mom has been writing a manual for dad on how to take care of me - things that dad just doesn't get involved in because mom is around! Dad has never even fed me or brushed me! He doesn't have to! Mom does it all! This manual is a small book already! I'm checking the list to make sure nothing was forgotten!

So on February 7th mom is jetting off to sunny Florida for 6 whole days. I'm going to miss my mom terribly and I KNOW that mom is going to miss me and worry about me. She and dad will keep in touch by phone and on the computer but it just won't be the same till mom comes home on the 13th. I'm sure I'll be spending lots of time in Dad's workshop because that's where he spends lots of time! And dad has promised me that we'll go out for burgers (hey Bogie! My first burger!) and he promised that we'll get pizza while mom is gone too, so maybe it won't be so bad. We'll walk every day, just like when mom is here, only dad will be hanging onto my leash and mom has already instructed dad that when the temps are cold, I need to wear my coat! I'll probably have to remind dad about that!
Awwwwwww mom!!! I miss you already! Do you really have to go!!!!

Mom has been upstairs organizing and getting out the suitcase. I'm totally bummed! It's freezing out today and I won't get my walkie and my mom is preparing to leave me for SIX WHOLE DAYS!!!!!

I'm really gonna miss my mom (and I'm going to miss you too sweetie, more than you'll ever know)

So that's my big news for today and for the week! Dad has told me that I can go with him on Wednesday to drop mom at the aireport - our first date together!
Will you write to me while you're gone - pretty please? I'll be checking the mailbox in hopes that you will. I'll miss you lots and I love you.
Your bestest girlfren and daughter,


  1. Your mom will be gone for 6 whole days? Oh my my my...when my mom leaves, dad forgets to feed me and when he does, he does it all wrong! Maybe your dad will just buy burgers and pizza for 6 days!

    Lots of love,

  2. Aw, poor Maggie! Poor, poor Maggie pie! I know you will missyour mommy, but I bet she misses you even more. My mommy says she misses me more when she is gone too. My mommy and daddy got married three years ago (Yes, I lived in a house of sin) and they still havent gone on a real honeymonn because mom says she doesnt want to go too far away from me! We have this power over mommies!
    Hugs to you, pretty girl! Wish I could be there to kiss you goodnight! hehehehehe!

    Your pal, Mackie

  3. Maggie -

    Never fear your dad will take good care of you. My dad is very good at taking care of me when Mom is gone although she has never left me overnight yet. Just think how nice it will be for your grandparent to spend time with your mom!!! And remember when parents go away they usually bring back presents!!

    Love you lots - Chin up and time will fly by...

    Wet nose kisses Dory and her mom

  4. Hey there Maggie,

    can't believe this is my first visit to your smelly blogplace, how bad am I?

    You are one good-lookin' doog, but you know that already. And we just love that photo of you peepin' around the door. That camera loves ya, bee-itch.

    Now, your ma could end up writing a best seller, by the sounds of it. How to look after an Airedale (or a dog) when its owner isn't coming home (for a few days).

    Just sayin'.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  5. oh maggie,

    i understand how you feel. last year, mom and dad went away for 5 days. i was forced to stay at my grandma's. i had lots of fun playing with my cousin but still, i miss my ma & pa. mom told me she misses me a lot too when she comes home. :-)

    i hope you will have fun with your dad!

    wet wet licks


  6. oh no!! I hope you get 30 hamburgers and 20 pizzas, even then you will still be sad :(

  7. That's such a long time to be away. You better remind your dad to feed you in the meantime..

    ~ fufu

  8. Why is my mom crying now that she has read your story ? Big big big kiss just for you Maggie. I will be thinking at you a lot....

  9. It's OK Maggie, Your Dad will do a good job- How can he fail with a great manual? I bet your Mum will bring back treats!

  10. Aw Maggie, I could come to stay & keep you company if you like? I love playing, so I'm sure the time would fly by.

    Oscar x

  11. Thank you everybody for your support and encouragment. I'll be saying goodbye to mom in less than 24 hours now. It'll be okay. Dad loves me lots too. I'll just miss mom awful, that's all.
    You guys are the best!
    Love ya lots,

  12. Oh no.. We are sure that your mom will miss you too.

    Boy n Baby

    p/s: my papa has been gone for a week already and he will be back only next week...sigh

  13. Maggie, I know how you feel! My mama AND papa will be leaving me with my grandma for a whole week starting on Friday. I'm already depressed, and to make mama feel worse I've given myself an eye infection.

    That'll teach her to go snowboarding in Colorado!

  14. oh, poor Maggie. I know how you feel. One time MaMa had to work late & PaPa didn't know which "pack" of food to feed me. I won't what to do if MaMa is gone for that long. Well, I hope your Dad will read the manual carefully & not mess up. Good luck Maggie

  15. Awwww Poor Maggie. Do we have to wait a week for updates to your blog too. That will be torture for me too. My dad is always going away but that is okay as I love my mommy the best. Shhhhh don't tell my dad I said that.

    Tail wags

  16. Poor Maggie.. I'll sure miss your updates.
    (By the way, the pic of you peeking from behind the door is too cute!!)

  17. It is the 9th of Feb and you must be missing your mom tons. We know she is prob missing you tons too!

    Soon she will be back - not to worry :-(

  18. Dear Maggie, I know you are missing your mom. She'll be home before you know it. I bet she's calling home to see how you are doing and your dad is probably taking really good care of you. Don't be sad Maggie.

    Hugs from Billy Boo

  19. Maggie:
    Your mom will be home in no time at all. I like it when my dad takes care of me because he gives me stuff I am not supposed to have and I can get away with alot more. Hang in there. Maybe she'll bring you presents!