Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday With the Cousins

Mom and Dad have cousins in Rhode Island and yesterday we spent the whole day with them. We left at 9AM and didn't get home till 8:30PM. It was a blast! We went down in dad's pick-up truck, which is so much more comfy than mom's car for trips - at least I think so! The backseat of the truck is fixed up pretty fancy for me. Dad put a piece of plywood over the backseat so that I have a whole playpen to spread out in back there. Then they put carpeting over the plywood so it's nice and soft for me. Yesterday mom put one of my beds back there too so it would be even nicer and more cushy. Rhode Island is an hour and a half ride for us - one way - and mom wants me to be happy. I was! She filled the water cooler and she packed my dinner. I didn't need any toys because I always steal Jenna's raw hides! Mom doesn't give me these at home so it's a special treat to be able to swindle one of Jenna's!!
This is Jenna. She's a Vizsla and she's the Princess at her house. She's allowed on the sofa and yesterday mom and Aunt Karen were sitting on the sofa talking and obviously mom was in Jenna's spot! Jenna jumped right up on the sofa behind mom and pushed her off! hehehehe
This is the two of us getting love pats from cousin Thomas!
Jenna and I have a strange relationship. Because she's a princess and I'm a princess we interact pretty much from across the room. Sometimes we have to share the same room - like the dining room when lunch was being served, and we choose our spots to beg at opposite ends of the table!
This seems to work out best for us!

After the hoomans had their lunch I went on a search to find one of Jenna's tasty rawhides and fortunately for me I found one laying around! I did manage to eat the whole thing pretty quickly! yummy!

This is Jenna sitting on Aunt Karen's lap. I think Jenna likes people better than she likes me. That's okay - I really don't mind. I just like the fact that I can spend the whole day with mom and dad in another state and have a change-of-pace adventure and I love my cousins! They're all so nice to me!
Around 5PM the cousins all agreed to go out to a favorite restaurant of theirs to have fish-n-chips and clam cakes. Mom says these clam cakes are to-die-for! I wouldn't know because I was left in the truck to wait for them. I did have some entertainment while I was waiting. A pretty black and white kitty was hanging out in the parking lot, possibly waiting for a free fish hand-out! Mom and dad did bring me a dinner roll for our trip home for being such a good girl and waiting for them. Thanks!
Yesterday was a really fun day! Thanks again Auntie Karen and Uncle Michael for showing us such a great time!
Until next time....................
Love ya lots,


  1. Hey there Maggie,

    that sounds like a great day out: company, food and stray treats. And another princess to princess around with.

    Wishing you plenty more of those kind of days!

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  2. What a great day you had... And you were such a good girl to wait for you Mom and Dad to finidh their dinner :)

    Boy n Baby

  3. Neato Maggie! I used to play with a Viszla named Mango until he moved away... they have a LOT of energy, even more than me!!!

    Sounds like you had a FUN day!!!


  4. maggie,

    dad told me his old dog liked hooman than doggie too. dad told me that's bcoz his old dog hardly has playtime with the doggie so that's why.

    wet wet licks


  5. There are 2 Vizlas in my puppy class. They are very wriggly!

    Looks like a good day out. Bet you were tired when you got home!

    Oscar x

  6. Jenna is beautiful, but I love you best Maggie!

    Your car ride sounds cool. The Maggie Mobile!

    love and licks Marv xxxxx

  7. oh jenna is so pretty, not that you aren't too!! glad you had a fun day!!

  8. Mmmmm...rawhides! Wish I knew someone I could visit and steal theirs. I'd go for dinner rolls too! I love road trips - we lay around in the back seat and I watch out the window.

    Have fun!

  9. Hi Maggie, Too bad you didn't get to try the clam cakes! I am glad you had a great trip.

  10. Maggie!
    You're a better girl than me! If mum & Dad left ME in the car, I'd pine away until they came back! They did it to me once & I couldn't help but to forgive them when they came back w/some left over fish! Yum!
    What a great weekend YOU had!

  11. Maggie...sounds like you had a great time!! Jenna is pretty.
    Clam cakes huh? Oh well, maybe you can have a taste next time?

  12. Hey Maggie, way to go on getting those tasty rawhides. Jenna looks nice too. Good that you 2 get along in your own ways. :)

    ~ fufu

  13. Hi Maggie,
    I'm glad you found one of Maggie's raw hide! Sheesh.. the clam cakes sound yummy.. wish I could have a try..