Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Aire-Plan

Putter and I have been talking a lot lately and we've decided that we would like Sunshade to come to Connecticut for an Aire-girl visit with us! We want to go on walkies with her and take her to Pepe's in New Haven for their world famous pizza and Putter wants to show her the daycare that she attends and maybe they can swim together. We have so many ideas going around in our heads!Sunshade is the one that introduced me and Putter in the first place and we've become such good friends so we want to pay her back and show her the bestest time in our beautiful state of Connecticut. And seeing as Miss Sunshade is a true celebrity we intend to offer her ONLY top notch transportation and accommodations! We thought about an aireplane but cargo just isn't the place for our aire-friend. Would you want to ride in this:

We wouldn't either so we came up with a better idea! My dad knows two pilots that fly private jets and we thought that this might be the better idea for her Highness!

These seats are much more comfortable that that old dirty metal floor. We hear it's cold down there and it gets very noisy - not at all fitting for our girlfren! And we thought when Sunshade gets tired of sitting in those plush seats, the private jet would have a spot for her to rest so she'd be fresh when she got here and we could go for a walkie right away - maybe even climb Sleeping Giant with us or go visit the duckies and goosies!

Would this be to your liking Sunshade?

And we couldn't forget food! Heavens no! How about this tasty looking lunch! We'll make sure that the proper waite staff is aboard! We want everything to be to your liking!

We contacted Captain Bob and Captain Ross to see what their itineraries were so that Sunshade could fit us into her very busy schedule - soonest is better, right?!

Captain Bob told us that the private jet doesn't land in either one of our yards - the plane would land at an aireport and she'd have to find transportation from that point. Okay, we can work that out too!

We came up with a plan to send a limo to pick Sunshade up at the aireport - there's one problem! Do we go with the Hummer limo? Is this Sunshade's style? She's not really a girly girl - she's more of a tomboy!

Or the Rolls Royce? This choice is just so elegant and ritzy - total luxury!

Now remember - only the very best for her, right? So Sunshade, which will it be? Before we can can go any further with the reservations we need your input here. Which will it be? Putter and I are both eagerly waiting for your reply!

To be continued.....................

Love ya lots,



Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Wow--Sunshade really rates--she should come to CT for an Aire-girl conference! You Airedales sure know how to do things in style!

See ya

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting. Sunshade is going to freak when she hears your plans!

Oscar x

Putter said...

OMG Maggie!

This is going to be the funest ever!!! :))) I can't even wait for Sunshade to come see us? Any word from Sunshade yet on which Limo she will prefer from the airport? Since I am a tomboy too, I think we should go with the super cool, Hummer:) Oh I just can't even wait, this will be the most funest ever!!!!

Simba and Jazzi said...

I'll come. Looks like great fun.

Simba xx

Boo Casanova said...

maggie, since you are sending an aireplane, i could suggest using an airecar!

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Woh, you girls are really planning a grand trip for Miss Sunshade. :)

~ fufu

Billy (YES Casanova!!!) said...

Wow Miss Sunshade is sure getting the Royal treatment! I'd love to be in her shoes errrr paws!

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Suki & Joey said...

Oh my dog! How COOL! I think meeting a dog blogging pal would be AWESOME! And your plans sound soooo luxurious :)

I hope it all works out, Maggie and Putter! That will be a long trip for Sunshade, though. Is Jaffa invited, too?

Puggy kisses

Sunshade said...



Sunshade said...

*calming down*.....

Sunshade said...

Okay, I think I'm calm enough to make comments.

First, you Aire-gurls are geniuses to come up with this plan that's basically had me *speechless*...

The private jet looks FANTABULOUS!! I especially like the private suite where I can dine in style (please make sure everything is wheat free, thank you).

Now, yes, I'm not a girly gurl, and *ahem* not very classy either, so I would totally go with the HUMMMMMMMER!!! Can I ride shot gun??

Omg omg omg...... I must be dreaming...

Love nibbles to both of you,
Miss Sunshade

Ben & Darling said...

Oh thats too much !!!!

How can you not inviting me?? (okok....other doggies as well)??? The plane is TOO big for sunshade....and and I can go along to protect her.

Sophie Brador said...

I've been thinking about this whole Sunshade travel business and the amount of damage that whole trip would do to the environment, what with the private jets and hummers. I live so much closer that you wouldn't even need the plane. My mom could just drive drop me off in the Subaru. I'm not an airedale, or even a terrier, but I can pretend.

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

!I wanna come too!!!!!!

My walk to Kansas was interrupted by my Dad going into hospital, but I will start again soon, so I would love to be at the party with you all!

Sorry but it is taking me some time to get round to all the Blogs, I am reading up fast though!

love and licks Marvin xxxxxxx

Bogart H. Devil said...

Now there's a playdate that I need VIDEO of!!!!


Asta said...

Maggie WOW! wish I were an reallu know how to dream in style..I wanna hear how it all goes and see pictures of this fantabulous party
while you're waiting, come visit my blog and leave your pictureOK? pleeze, and Mitch too
smoochie kisses

Myeo said...

That playdate sounds liek alot of FUN!

Boy n Baby

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Only the best for Miss Sunshade! J x

Anonymous said...

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