Saturday, June 30, 2007

Meet My Parents

I was tagged by Reina to tell you a little something about my mom and dad.

My parents have been married for 34 years and and they have one daughter, Melissa, who just got married earlier this month.
If any of you have ever read my profile at the side of my blog you'll know that my dad is a heart transplant recipient. His miracle happened on November 6, 2004. His donor was a woman from Boston and that's one reason he loves the Boston RedSox!

Dad flew to Louisville, Kentucky last year in June and participated in the Transplant Olympic games and won a bronze medal for a swimming event. We are so proud of dad!
Here's me modeling dad's medal with Mitch looking on!
My dad is a woodworker and a timber framer and he teaches timber frame classes each year to lots of students to keep the art alive. He has a HUGE passion for barns! He's restored and built around 35 barns and a couple of them have become houses - like this one in particular. It's located in Maine. Dad has a beautiful workshop and loves to build furniture in the autumn and in the winter when it's too cold outside to do much else. Mom and dad are both stay at home parents and Mitch and I are VERY lucky dogs and we know this!

Mom loves to garden! She loves the sun on her face and the dirt under her fingernails and she loves to hear the birdies singing away!
She also loves to woodwork. She puts all of dad's wood scraps to good use carving spoons and small dishes and donates them to Airedale rescue to help bring in funds for the less fortunate doggies. Here's one of the dishes she made a couple of years ago. She also loves to knit. Last year she was knitting purses and felting them in the washing machine and then needle felting Airedales on them and donating those too!
Check out her summer purse! It's me! Isn't it just perfect!
I can't even tell you how many of these babies she cranked out! She was having so much fun that she wore her wrist out and had to have surgery! She's given up knitting for now but she's going to try to go back to it when the seasons change! That's how much she loves it!
My mom also sews for the Airedale quilting bee. She's participated in 6 of the quilts that they've made to raise money. The quilting bee is always planning their next quilt and you can be sure that mom will be a part of that one too! This quilt is called "Aire Lifted". Mom's block is the first one way at the top on the left hand side. That's me with Mr. Carrot!
So that's about it! I could ramble on and on about my parents for hours! Mitch and I feel very fortunate that we have two very special parents!
We've decided that we're not going to tag anyone. If you want to play along then by all means jump on board! We'd love to hear about your family too!

Until next time...............

Love ya lots,



  1. Maggie, you must have the most talented parents ever!!! Those barns are just amazing. How cool is that!! And that Airedale quilt is beautiful. It's so pretty mom says she wishes she had some sort of talent too...

    We're so happy for your dad. And its wondeful to see him competing and winning medals! You wear the medal very well Maggie! I think Mitch is jealous... He looks kinda sad in that photo.

    Wow, married for 34 years. Now, how many years is that in dog years?? Like 8 million right?


  2. That is just awesome. U two are such lucky little pooches.

    I love the summer bag. That ice cream looks absolute tempting. I'll go beg for some later.

  3. You and Mitch are lucky to have such wonderful, talented parents. And your Dad is so lucky to have received a heart transplant :)

    That barn in Maine looks pawsome! My uncle lives in Wells and my Mom says that if it weren't for the fact that my Dad HATES snow, we'd probably be moving to New England instead of Oregon! Thanks for sharing, Maggie :)

    Puggy kisses

  4. Hey Maggie...
    What a pawsome post!!! Your parents are SOOOO talented! Your Mom and my Mom would get along so Mom knits and has quilted before too!!! She is in pawe of those felted purses with your picture on them!!! It's giving her some ideas I think!!! Oh and those airedishes!!! AMAZING!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing...

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  5. Wow, Maggie & Mitch, your Mom and Dad are very talented. You're lucky to have them around.
    Luv ya.
    Eddie & Peaches

  6. BTW, how was the birfday Pawty? Did you get any cool pictures? What kind of games did you play?

  7. The story about your dad is pretty amazing i must say.
    Mummy said how she wish she can be as talented as you. She has had enough of city life, rushing hours. And i am so envious that you have your parents stayed home to look after you!

  8. Hi, Maggie.
    Your are so lucky girl.
    Your parents are very talented! And your have them at home all day!
    Its so nice you dad could get the trasplant. And he competes too!
    Wow! We like a lot their works!
    Have a good night

  9. wow! your mom & dad are quite talented! i *love* your mom's purse, it's very cool!!

  10. Maggie,

    You should be very proud of your parents! They are very talented and love you and Mitch very much. Do you think your mom could make a basset quilt square?

    My moms have lost the fine arts of sewing.



  11. maggie, like your parents. they are so talented. i love the fact that they are stay a home parents. oh, how i love my parents are stay at home too.

    didn't know there's such transplant olympic! your dad must be one awesome swimmer.

    wet wet licks


  12. Maggie,
    Both your parents are very talented people. I love all the things that your mum have made. If we are staying nearby, I bet jie jie would be pestering your mum to teach her all the skills.

    Have she attempt to make any outfit for you?


  13. Hi Maggie!

    I think your pawrents are amazing!

    they went through alot and they stick through all times. Your mom and dad is vewy talented. and great works with their hands.

    The barn is awesome! and the bag.. I can see mom now pointing at the screen.. (well, mom you have to knit that, it's a special bag). hehe! she doesn't know how to knit..


  14. Your dad was so lucky to get his transplant. Mum's best friend's dad just had one as he had cardiomyopathy (might not be spelled right) after getting a bad case of 'flu. He is doing well now.

    You mum and dad are so very talented. My mum an't even sew on a button,hehehe! Mum loves the bowls and the bags.

    Oscar x

  15. Awww... omd!.. yr parents r sure a talented one!!.. i love your mom's quilting...can i have one???

    Golden Rossi

  16. Hey Maggie...
    A certain airegirl's barkday is coming up...can you send me your address?? My email is ruby.bleu at (it's on my blog too!)

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  17. Hiya Mags! Love the story about your parents! They are very talented people. In fact, most of my bloggy friends have talented parents. Wonder what happened to mine.

    just kidding muzzer, keep typing

  18. Your parents are great artits.... and love you sooooooooo much.....
    Kiss, Faya

  19. You have so many airdale stuff! We don't have much golden stuff in the house. :(

  20. WOW! WOW! WOW! What talented, wonderful parents you have! (I knew they'd be great to have such a great little girl!) Your mommy is so nice and kind to do all those wonderful things for Airedale rescue! Its nice to see that your daddy is so fit and healthy after having a heart transplant. What a special family!!

    Your pal, Mackie

  21. WOW! WOW! WOW! What talented, wonderful parents you have! (I knew they'd be great to have such a great little girl!) Your mommy is so nice and kind to do all those wonderful things for Airedale rescue! Its nice to see that your daddy is so fit and healthy after having a heart transplant. What a special family!!

    Your pal, Mackie

  22. both your mom and dad are SO talented!!! I love the purse!

    wait, NO MOM loves the purse, I dont like purses because I am a tough boy

  23. Hey Maggie,
    Your parents are so so talented with their hands. I think they are very fortunate to have you and Mitch.

  24. Hey Maggie

    You are so luckty to have stay-at-home parents. We love your mom's work. Very Beautiful.

    Boy n Baby

  25. Maggie - What creative parents you have! You must have fun watching them finishing all those wonderful projects. That airedale quilt is just beautiful!

    My mom is good at starting projects, but not finishing them :(


  26. Hello! Maggie,
    Your parents are super talented!!! I asked my daddy and mommy what their talent is. Daddy said, playing Wii (that's what he is doing now!) and it took mommy forever to think of hers..."cleaning the house".
    Married for 34 years! Wow!! My parents are celebrating their 2nd anniversary tomorrow. They have a long way to go!
    You have a very special family. Thanks for sharing your story!

    Preston the Puggle

  27. OMG.. the Aire-Lifted quilt is lovely!!
    WOW!! Your parents have been married for 34 years??! Thanks for sharing your story.. I enjoyed knowing more abt your hoomans.

  28. Your Mummy is super talented and your Daddy is real live hero.

    Simba x

  29. Hiya Maggie!

    I loved reading your post about your lovely family. It was wonderful to read about both your brave Dad and your clever Mum, although your Dad is pretty clever too with all that timber work. Jeannie says she loves the smell of wood.......(I just don't understand that, I would rather smell a juicy bone!)

    Such a lovely post, and a pretty picture of Melissa and her new husband.

    I am back from my Hols now, I have been away nearly two weeks and have soooooooooooooooooooo many blogs to catch up on now.

    love and many licks, Marvin xxxxx

  30. Ditto everything everyone els said.
    Amazing stuff~!!!!!
    And Maggie~Check this out, maybe you can go or order online or over the phone some choco crossants for your mamma
    The Ovner "Denis" is right off the boat France, like my mamma is right off the boat Norwegian (except they dont make those kind of crossants in Norway)
    Anyway they are some of the BEST crossants and pastries and you know the kind of snackie stuff they make in bakeries!
    Bon Apetit..hehe;O)
    Now your mamma will be saying "oh Barkness I can't get into my jeans anymore"!!!!

  31. Father and mother are excellent.
    It came to be able even to swim by recovering the heart transplant. It is a wonderful thing. Hereafter, please hold out for all hope.

    from loved ume tyan

  32. Hi Maggie! Wow--your family is much more interesting than mine! Your dad is quite impressive with his borrowed heart. And your mum is quite talented! I need to tell my mom to get on the ball. All she does is write booooooring stuff.


  33. Maggie... Wow, your parents are very talented. Your dad's wood working is beautiful as well as your mom's knitting. That is amazing that your dad has someone else's heart. Simply amazing.

  34. Hey, those bags are lovely! Your parents are very talented! Your daddy can swim like a pro & your mommy knows how to knit cool stuff! Thanks for sharing this with us Maggie & Mitch.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  35. What an amazing family you have Maggie..... A special heart for your Dad so he can continue to love you!!! Wow. And your Mom is so talented. We love that needlework she does. She is truly and artist, really!!! Let us know when some of her things go up for sale for the rescue networks. That quilt is pawesome!!

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

  36. Wow--I agree with every dog-- you are one lucky pup to have SAH parents and they are uber talented!!! My parents just had there 1st anniversary-- so maybe they just need more time to be soo creative!


  37. Wow, you must be so proud of both of your parents, Maggie! They're both very talented!
    Please give your mom my professional compliments on her quilt block for the Airedale quilt!
    Dave - Guide Dog for the Color Blind