Monday, June 4, 2007

Wedding Housework

Mom and I have been cleaning the house all day to prepare for our family that comes this Friday for my sister's wedding on Saturday, only 4 days away! Mom told me that gram and gramp will be flying in along with my Uncle Mark, Aunt Kathy and Hallie, my nine year old cousin!
Hey, I just realized that we're about the same age! Hallie was 9 in September and I'll be 9 in July! Cool! We can have lots of girl talk - maybe even a pillow fight!
Hoover came out of the closet early this morning and made lots of noise for too long a period of time as far as I'm concerned!He was running around upstairs and downstairs and all over the place driving me nuts!

Next was that darn dustmop - the one that steals my toys! I can't figure out why my toys want to jump on the dustmop and go for a ride but they do and I have to constantly get up and rescue them so they don't get too far away from my watchful eye! One of these days I'm going to rip that dustmop to shreds!Mom was upstairs setting up this fancy bed that comes out of a box. It has these neat legs that unfold and accordian out and a mattress that blows inself up and presto, you have a bed! It's really pretty cool! I didn't get to help with that part - I stayed on the first floor so I could guard my stuff, but I did hear some funny sounding motor noises going on above my head!

Next was the dusting - mom's favorite chore - UGH!!! Mom says dusting is a waste of her precious time because you spend all this time making the furniture shine and the next day the dusty film is right back so she feels that it's a senseless chore! Hey, Cuz doesn't need dusting!

Mitch has been outside helping dad organize the center bay of the barn where the food will go! That's the best part of this whole wedding - the FOOD!!!

Oh BTW, you keep asking if Mitch and I are part of the wedding party and the answer is no! For some reason my sister and Jim seem to think that two pre-school age kids can do a better job than we can! Imagine! Mitch would make the perfect ring bearer, don't you think? He's got that puppy black coat already and it's the perfect tuxedo coat! He's got his new bigboy collar and I think he's more handsome than any little kid! Don't you think that he can be trusted not to eat the rings? They don't smell or look good so why bother! And I love flowers and tossing petals doesn't take any training! Heck, I do that all the time!

It's a very rainy wet day today so we're glad that we're getting this "fun" stuff out of the way! The rain usually makes the weeds pop so we'll be out in the garden tomorrow with our butts in the aire makin' those gardens shine for the wedding!

Until next time.............

Love ya lots,



  1. Hi, Maggie.
    The wedding day its almost here! All your family most be very busy preparing everything, right?
    I hate that Hoover thing too! Its noise scares me a lot! My mom thinks the same about the dust, its always on the furniture!
    Its so sad you and Mitch won't be part of the wedding I am sure you two could do a great job!
    Have a nice day

  2. Maggie, You and Mitch would be sooo much better than hooman kids, cuter , better behaved,certainly more fun, they're missing a golden opportunity to have an even better wedding than 'I'm sure it will be.
    Oh well, since you don't have to do the flower and ring stuff, more chance to inspect the food table heheheh
    Hope you get lots of goodies. And much happiness to your family
    smoochie kisses

  3. We have had horrible drizzly rain all day today Maggie.

    The wedding stuff sounds exciting (Jeannie says that!) I don't know nothing about weddings, but I bet the food will be nice, keep us posted won't ya? love and hungry licks, Marv xxxxxx

  4. Have fun at the wedding! Hopefully they remember you when its time for cake!

  5. a wedding, that sounds like fun if there is cake involved!
    i am scared of that hoover animal. it is so noisy and moves funny. i don't like when mommy lets it out of its cage

    nose licks

  6. Hey Maggie -

    We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed for good wedding weather!!!

    I can understand your sister delgating the rings to humans - we clearly remember a few years back a Labrador swallowing the wedding bands - I believe the groom gave the bride an xray of the rings!!

    Well as they say all things must come to pass and I guess the rings did too - ick!!

    We hope you and Mitch have a great week, keep dry and have a happy wedding!!

    Dory and Liza

  7. So Maggie, I feel really dumb, but WHO is your sister? If your sister is getting married, shouldn't you be the maid of honor? It it Mitch's sister too? Well, family is family, dog or human, and you deserve to be in the wedding party. You can dress up in your finest collar and look all fancy. I know you have good manners, right?

  8. Oh boy, a wedding! I hope you and Mitch get lots of food!

    Lots of love,

  9. we are not having a wedding around here but Dad was cleaning all day. We cant wait to see pics of all the FOOD, oh and the wedding junk too.

  10. maggie, isn't that fun? i mean, there will be lots of hooman show up and you and mitch will get all the petting. and you can even have a pillow fight with your cousin!

    what? the wedding is this friday?? and you are not part of the wedding? but at least u can attend, can u?

    wet wet licks


  11. Maggie you must be so excited! I can wait to hear all about the wedding. You must post pictures too. Hey where are you and Mitch going to be hanging out during the wedding...someplace fun I hope.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  12. Mags!

    Obviously, you and Mitch would add so much more... texture and fun to the wedding. It goes without saying.

    I'm with everyone else. Bring on pics of the FOOD, and of anything else you are able to get into.

    Love to Mitch and your mama & dad!


  13. Hi Maggie, It's a beautiful thing the Cuz, no dusting required! Hope you score some good treats during the festivities!

  14. Maggie, I'm sowwy you had to weed all weekend, but you'll have lots of fwiends for the wedding, and they'll go oooh and ahhh over you and Mitch,and give you tweats, and pwobably make your sister jelous for all the attention..maybe you could go get wet or something so she can look the pwettiest,and not you( bwides can be touchy about this)
    let me know how it goes
    smoochie kisses

  15. Hi Maggie~!
    Hope you and all at home are having a fun time doing housework for the wedding.
    Remember to get m0ore food at the wedding~!

    Great meeting you!

    Gigi, Slurpee, Nachos and Murrey

    I added you to my friendz list. hope its ok.

  16. You'll make perfect ring bearers and flower girl! The humans must be blind to miss this fact!

  17. Aw Maggie, hopefully they will at least save a bit of food for the pair of you.

    I bet everyone is getting so excited about the wedding, I'll keep my paws crossed for sunshine!

    Oscar x

  18. They don't want you in the wedding because you are too beautiful.

    Simba xx

  19. Oh wow! Wedding, this is wonderful news Maggie... Oh look at you two, doing nothing while your hoomans are doing the housework. We doggies are such lazy bums ha!? Hehehe...

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  20. Oh gosh, it's always fun to have a wedding in the family. :) Hopefully you'll have some piktures to share.

  21. Busy busy! I don't mind the Dyson that my mama uses to vacuum our house, in fact just yesterday she got my tail stuck in it! My TAIL! It was sort of my fault because she kept saying "excuse me" and I kept laying there nappin' and refused to move so she could vacuum under me. So she tried to vacuum around me and sucked up my tail!

    Oh my goodness. But I'm still not scared of the vacuuum. He and I are cool. As long as he gives me back the treats I had hidden on the carpet that he stole yesterday.

  22. Hey Maggie, Visitors! I hope that means loads of snacks. If you can't be in the wedding party I'm sure they can put you to work testing the reception food. And you definitely will need to taste test the cake!

    Congrats to your human getting married, too!


  23. hey hey maggie! good thing you haf a watchful eye to keep track of your toys or they wud ride off out of sight on the dust mop. i think you wud made a great wedding party... so forget the humans and throw your own dog party! while they are all busy marching down the aisle you can grab the food and run like the wind!

    p.s. if you get caught dont tell the peepol that it wuz my idea. tee hee!

  24. Hi Maggie! Hi!

    Housework ... Not so funest, but if there are treats at the end, then it is worth it I suppose:) Talk to you soon!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  25. Hi Maggie!~

    Wow a wedding?? How exciting!!! Do you know what they're serving??? Oops, Mommy says its rude to ask about the food first. But you know how us pups are, its all about the FOOD!!!


  26. I personally think that you and Mitch would be better than tiny humans, but hey, as long as some food falls off of the table for you at some point it's all good!


  27. Yesterday was cleaning day at my house and it totally sucked!

  28. Oh a wedding .... I never been to a wedding....
    It is nice to help mom to clean the house. I do that too it is so funny...
    Kiss, Faya

  29. Hey Maggie

    Your house sounds like a hive of activity. You must be getting real excited about the wedding. Never mind that you can't be part of the wedding. Just make sure you are part of the party that helps with eating of the food.

    The Mighty Scruff

  30. maggie, carrot isn't my best pal but i do eat it when mom hand feed me. lol

    wet wet licks


  31. Mags.

    Yes, I would like to know about your wagging Airedale icon, and, no matter how I try I can't get the DWB banner onto my page. How did you get it? Feel free to pee mail me if that is easier.

    Your Goob,

  32. Maggie
    I feel pwetty silly in the hat, plus it's dwiving me cwazy..I couldn't wear it to the the way how are things going?
    smoochie kisses to you and Mitch

  33. Maggie and Your Mum!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my Blog, they were much appreciated.

    Thank you for being our friends!

    love and light from Jeannie and Marvin xxxxxx

  34. Could you come with the hover & help do my house work too...
    My boy hated the hover too,infact anything that took attention away from him....
    TY for keep visiting me.. like to get your comments

    lots of pats

  35. Hey Maggie. Weddings = food. So that's got to be a good thing, right? I'm sure that you and Mitch will get loads of treats. J x

  36. Wow, are you a big help to your mom! I love to help with the vaccuming and dusting and everything!
    You and Mitch would be PERFECT in the wedding! I don't want to say anything, but maybe the bride thought you'd show her up?
    Play bows,

  37. Do you and Mitch have your outfits for the wedding! Weddings are so nice, I've never been to one. Take lots of pictures for us to see you two:)

    BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

  38. Oh Maggie!
    I would LOVE to see you as the flower girl and Mitch as the ring bearer! Mum told my dad that *I* just HAVE to be in their wedding *(....they've been engaged for 2 years now...).
    By the way, do you attack the vacuum cleaner like me?? I just hate that darn thing! Always trying to suck up my toys and bones! How DARE it!

  39. Woh the wedding day sounds fun...
    You and Mitch are so nice to help organize the house. ;)

    ~ girl girl

  40. Wow wedding!!!

    Sound fun...will you holding the ring??? or will you kissing the bride?? or will you finish up all the food???

    Hope you have a great wedding day with your family, and congrat to ya sista.

  41. Hello maggie.
    The housework of the wedding is serious.
    However, the enjoyment is large, and happiness is deep.
    The post of the following happiness is waited for the enjoyment. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  42. Maggie and Mitch,

    Don't let momma off the hook from posting just cause of that wedding. First things first- remember that you have an adoring audience that needs to know what is up with you guys...

  43. Hey Maggie! Sorry about my lack of posting comments on your blog lately. My mom's stoopid computer has finally decided to work!

    I hope the wedding goes well! I bet it will be a beautiful day :)

    Puggy kisses

  44. maggie, even if mitch and you are not part of the wedding, you're still going to get part of the food at least, right?

    photos! we want photos!


  45. Oooooooooooo this is all so exciting! I'm biting my foot here! I mean I never been to a wedding before. Maggie, the wedding dog! I can't wait to hear your report on how it went. I mean I bet you chowed down some great food too! The gardens look greaaaaaaat!