Friday, June 15, 2007

What Mitch Wants To Be When He Grows Up

Mitch was in deep doodoo this morning. Mom got up at her usual early hour and did a load of laundry and put coffee on and was coming into the computer room to relax and have an hour of fun before dad got up. She passed by bed #1 and no Mitch and she passed by bed #2 and no Mitch and she knew right then and there that he was up to no good!
She came into the computer room and there was Mitch happily sucking the eye off of her collectible Kathe Kruse floppy bear named Huffy!
Here's a picture of Huffy's good eye! It's a shoe button eye and we haven't found the button yet so we're guessing that it's still inside Mitch's tummy!
Mom was so upset about the eye that she didn't notice right away that his nose is also missing! Mitch is a bad boy!

Huffy didn't come with that sweater. Mom knit that sweater just for him because he's one of mom's favorite bears! She got him years ago when Missy was still in elementary school and now she's a married woman!

Mom and I have decided that Mitch must want to be an opthomologist when he grows up. He's already getting his surgical experience on both eyes and noses! He did do a pretty thorough job of it, didn't he!

Mitch doesn't look like he's very sorry that any of this happened! What do you all think?

Dad has offered to take us out for ice cream tonight! Does Mitch get to go too or should he be punished and have to stay home alone with a partially blind Huffy who now can't smell the better things in life?

Until next time..................

Love ya lots,



  1. Poor Huffy! He looks kind of sad without his eye and nose. I think he got off lightly though. If I'd been there he'd have been ripped to shreds in minutes! J x

  2. Uh oh...Mitch kinda has that 'who me?' look doesn't he. Mitch is still a baby, right...maybe he was confused and thought that Huffy was one of his toys?

    Hope you Momma isn't too sad, they have vets vets for stuffy toys I think.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. UTO, Mitch! Looks like you got into some trouble this morning ... Have you apologized to your Mom yet? How about Huffy? I always apologize when I have eaten something I shouldn't have:) Give it a try and maybe you'll get some ice cream! :)

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  4. aawwwe give poor mitch some ice cream, he cant help it! maybe the eye and nose were like umm infected and he was helping the bear??

  5. Hi, Maggie! We think that Mitch should get ice cream, too!

    The whole thing is probably Moms fault anyway. Did Mom ever actually tell Mitch NOT to pull the eyes off her bear? Hmmmmmm? I bet not.

    Eddie & Peaches

  6. Hmm, I don't think Mitch looks very sorry in that picture. I would say more of a "What? Who? Me? No! I wouldn't do that" kinda look...

    But I shouldn't judge. I have a thing for eyeballs too. It's an addiction that started back in my early pup days. It's a hard addiction to kick.

    As for the ice-cream... I think you should get double portions for being such a good girl!!!


  7. Poor Bear! I think perhaps I should eat Mitch's ice cream as punishment.


  8. So will you sew the button back on if he poops it out? I wonder if that would lower or increase Huffy's value as a collectible.

  9. Poor Huffy! Mitch rendered the poor little guy senseless. I am sure if you ask nicely, Mitch will give your mom back the eye and nose. She may not appreciate his method of giving back, however.


  10. Hi, Maggie.
    Mitch has a face of "I didn't do anything"! He is a baby and doesn't know about wrong things. I hope he gets ice cream too!
    Have a good night

  11. No, No, don't punish Mitch. Look at that face. You can't punish Mitch when he has that adorable cute innocent face. Sometimes things happen and your mom can find the eye and the nose when Mitch is *** ahem, done with them. or maybe not. maybe she can find a replacement eye and nose for Huffy.

  12. Gosh! What a lot I've missed in three days!

    Love & pats to you both

  13. Speaking as a male Dale myself, and one who was a mischevous fuzzy youngin' not that long ago, I say that maybe a little helpful correction (and a higher hiding place for the teddy) might be in order. But no reason to not include him in the ice cream extravaganza!


  14. I agwee, Mitch is still an innocent baby, and he was just pwacticing his skills as a future suwgeon, he pwobably thought that poor Huffy was in the waiting woom weady for suwgewy. Don't be sad Mitch's Mama, I'm sure Huffy will be OK with a little helpfwom you, and put him in quawantine so Mitch doesn't mix him up with legitimate patients..He shouldn't be left out of family tweats..maybe youcan bwing Huffy some too
    smoochie kisses

  15. Ohh Mitch... I didn't have a conscience either as a youngster and Mom can tell you all the bad things I did! I mostly tortured the adult dogs but I could tear stuff up like a big boy. I hope your Mama can fix Huffy or you're in big trouble!


  16. OOh my Dog!
    Mitch! you suck out the eyes of a teddy bear????
    Hopefully the bear can be rescued.
    And i hope u will get ur ice-cream inspite being a nottie boy!

  17. sorry mitch but i would say NO ICE CREAM FOR MITCH! at least for a week! yep, he doesn't look sorry for me.

    wet wet licks


  18. Hi Mitch, I suggest you just chew up the hooman shoes, they taste great!

  19. Poor Mitch, he was only doin puppy stuff, Poor Maggie's Mum, it was her favourite bear, Poor Maggie - for having a bruv like Mitch, and Poor Huffy with no eye and nose, and now after all that poor stuff, I am going to cry!

    love and sad licks Marvin ;0(

  20. Poor teddy bear, he needs an eye patch.

    Simba xx

  21. He doesn't look sorry at all! Oh, poor Maggie's Mom. I'm so sorry that your favorite bear got destroyed :(

    Puggy kisses

  22. I think Huffy and Mitch kind of look alike, except Mitch now has three eyes (hee hee!). My mom used to think she could leave her own stuffies around the house, but soon learned that every stuffie in the house is MINE and will be destroyed!

    Mom's note: I hide them on the top shelf of my closet :)

  23. Awwwww.. poor little huffy but I do admit looking all chocolatey I wouldn't mind grabbing a bite meself..

    Don't worry Mitch.. I myself get away with all "bad" stuffs but I pawomise never to do again.. if I can help it.. that's our excuse as a puppy. But I'm sure you don't want to see mommy sad.

    Maggie, I'm sure you'll share your ice cream with him.. looking all dejected like that!


  24. Your mom should have put Huffy in a safe place... poor Mitch....
    Kiss, Faya

  25. Aw, I don't think mItch should miss out. I find it really hard to know which are my stuffies and which are mum's or dad's girls toys when they come over (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

    Oscar x

  26. Maggie,
    I don't know if he's a concert pianist, but as you can see, he plays four-handed, which is pwetty special
    smoochie kisses to you and Mitch

  27. Poor dear Huffy, I wonder if your mom will make you check Mitch', um......leavings to find the missing parts!

    Good luck with that Maggie, BOL!

    And NOWAY, Mitch needs some ice cream to help get that button out!


  28. Maybe your mum can start digging around mitch's poo poo for the next few days, she may be able to save bear's eye and nose.

  29. I love ice cream. I hope you both enjoyed it!!!

    ♥ Saidie

  30. Whoa! I woulda been in a bucket of doo doo if I did something like that! I wouldn't have gotten ice cream for a LONG time. Come to think of it, I never get ice cream to begin with.

  31. Oh oh MichyBoy, I hope U didn't get too much of a punishment for what U've done.

    MaMa got upset with me ruining her shoes!

  32. Mitch buddy!

    We all have to get initiated sometime... guess this was your time. The fact that they are still even considering taking you for ice cream is a testimony to how completely loved you are, man.

    A button eye and nose with an ice cream chaser! Not bad, man.

    Goob love,

  33. I say he should become a plastic surgeon. If he needs a technician, just let me know, I know just the STIIN.. I mean, pup for him *cough cough*, but I'll make sure I won't go to them LOL!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  34. Wait! I'm confused here... Is Mitch a boy or a girl? Coz you mentioned her & she a few times. Maybe he's half girl & half boy, I dono... LOL! Anyway, poor Huffee! His poor eyeball gone! I can see how much he loves his teddy bear a lot...

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  35. Mitchy,

    Yikes! You are on lucky puplet not to be in the dog house.

    If that makes you a opthomologist...then all my loves of shoes equals....

  36. Poor Huffee.. but Mitch looks so sorry.

    Boy n Baby