Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another Early Birthday Pressie

I got another early birthday pressie! This one is from my pal, Bogie! Mitch happened to be around when the mailman delivered this one so mom and I decided, what the heck - let him stay and watch me open! Excuse me, Mitch! I said WATCH, not HELP!

That's better! Thank you! I see lots of pink in there! I never knew that turning ten meant getting so much pink! I LOVE pink!

A pink camo ring and a rope frisbee! UH OH! I know who's gonna want to get his mitts on these! More stuff for my bed, right mom?!

OMG, hey Mitch! Bogie sent you a pressie too! I wonder what it could be?

Holy Moley, Maggie! That's super nice of Bogie to think of me on your birthday!

No, Maggie! He sent this for me! It's not pink like everything else so that means that this is mine!

Hey, I just found something else in the bag for me! It's Bogie's heart!

Thank you so very much from both of us, Bogie! You're so thoughtful! We both love our gifts! You made this almost 10 year old girl a very happy DaleGirl! I sure am one lucky girl!

So until next time...............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Crikey Maggie, you're opening all your pressies before your birthday lol...I hope you have something to open on the day hee hee.
    Bogie has great taste in gifts.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah xx

  2. Pink is definitely a girl color. :) You have some awesome presents!

    That was awfully nice of your friend to give a present to Mitch too.

  3. w00f's Maggie N, watt nice pressies Bogie sended u 2..looks like mitch wuz nice to help u open ur barkday gifts...

    b safe,

  4. Hey Maggie, 10th Birthdays are special. Pink is your colour girl. I'm sure you'll be getting lots more pressies.

  5. How special to get PINK gifts for your 10th barkday!! It's a good think Mitch got something too so he'll leave all that pink alone ;)


  6. Wow Maggie,
    I haven't had a birthday in my new home yet - I can't wait!!!
    How lovely of Bogie to send such pretty girl gifts and not leaving Mitch out either.
    Have a wonderful birthday, whenever it is.
    Love 'n' Snuffs

  7. Oh Maggie...Bogie sent you his heart??? Oh Maggie...that is the sweetest thing ever!! You are one loved Airegirlie!!!!!

    All of those pinkest pressies are soooooo bootiful! You have such a sense of style, Maggie!

    My, Mitchie just gets more handsome everyday, doesn't he?

    Oh...ask that duck with the cool hat, where she ordered it from, Kay....???

    Barkin' at ya!


  8. You can sure tell you've had a lot of experience opening up presents and packages. You have such a cute look on your face when you're doing it. Happy early birthday!

    Levi's mom

  9. I can't believe you're almost 10. How do you do it? I'm starting to feel a bit creaky, but you look fabulous!


  10. No, we weren't in mommy and daddy's wedding party. In fact, they didn't adopt us until after their honeymoon!

    What great presents! We can't wait until we're big and can get cool things like that!

    Rush & Rollie

  11. Callie would like all that pink stuff. She's a sissy you know. Well not really I am just saying that. She isn't really a priss at all. She knows how to use those sharp little teeth.

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  12. Boggie was sooo nice to send you early Barkday pressie. And he didn't even forget about your wee brudder Mitch! He's sooo thoughtful...

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  13. Awesome pressies Mags!!! I am sure it is fun to get pressies in the mail almost daily, ha rooo!

  14. I have a feeling you're going to have a wonderful birthday based on all the early b-day loot you've gotten so far! But I can't believe you're almost ten!?! You don't look a day over three! :)

  15. Happy (almost) Birthday Miss Maggie... 10th birthdays are SPECIAL, just like YOU...

    I hope you have LOTS of fun with the presents - Mitch, yours was NOT pink for a reason :)


  16. Maggie what wonderful gifts you have! Pink is a wonderful color! Mom and I are pink fans! It was really nice of Bogie to send Mitch a present too! Mitch would have been sad had he nt received something!!!

    I can't believe you are almost 10. You don't look it!


  17. Oh, how SWEET! I just LOVE that pink camo!

  18. How nice to get such wonderful gifts from such a great friend.

  19. Maggie! Mitch! What awesome presents Bogart sent you! That was way awesome of him! Mitch! You are one lucky Airedude to get something on Maggies Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Mr. T-Bone Beasley

  20. wow you're ten! WOW! thats amazing! you look so good!

  21. Oh that pink is soo nice!!!! ANd he sent you his heart!!! Woo HOO! Love A+A

  22. Maggie is Bogie sweet on you? He sent you his!! Those were great gifts!! Pink really does look good on you!
    AAhh Mitch at least let her have her new booty for a few days before you try and take it over. Or at least wait until she is asleep!!!


  23. hi Maggie and Mitch, you are doing pretty good getting so many birthday pressies early and Mitch is getting some too! what a great deal. aren't birthdays the best!


  24. Wow the pink is so totally suited for you! It was VERY nice that Mitch got something. I will be ten soon too, you gotta tell me what its like ok?!

  25. I still can't believe you are going to be ten this week Maggie!
    You look like a young pupgirl!

    That was so thoughtful of Bogie to get you all that stuff. I know you will enjoy it!

  26. This only proves that you are a super-duper girlie that all of your dog friends want you to know how much you are loved!!!

    ...looks like you have a good tug of war photo there for the Pawlimpics!!!...

  27. What day is your birthday? Zeus's is on Monday (7/7) he will be 7 - that must be lucky with all those 7's.

    I think you have alot more hearts than just Bogey's - wink.

  28. Hi, Maggie!
    You got very nice presents from Bogart! And even his heart! Lucky you! He was so nice sending a present for Mitch too!
    enjoy them!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. Nice pressies Maggie! Bogart is so sweet to send Mitch a pressie too..

  30. It's so sweet of Bogart to send you and Mitch such lovely presents. Pink is definitely your colour!

  31. Wow Bogart is very good in picking up the gift, all the pressie he sent are pawsome and he is very kind to send one to Mitch too.

    slurpy licks,

  32. What pawsome gifts and Bogart is so sweet to send Mitch gifts too

    ~ Girl girl

  33. Happy almost barkday, Maggie. Wow, that Bogart really knows how to shop! He sent you some very cool presents! Have a great week!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  34. Wow....

    You two are hittin' the jackpot there....pressies all over the place...Maggie, yer gonna look delightful surrounded by nice that Mitch got ta celebrate with ya....
    Have a great one !!!!!

    Dewey Dewster here......

  35. Your birthday just keeps getting happier and happier, doesn't it, Maggie?! Your 10th year should be terrific!

  36. Maggie "the pink lady"....waouw ! Great pressie !
    Kisses, Faya

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