Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Early Birthday Pressie from Putter

The mailman brought another package to my house today. It's an early birthday pressie from my goodest and bestest friend, Putter. I asked her if I could open it NOW and she said YES! whoopeeeeeeeeee! Thanks, Putter! Mom and I both agreed that we'd send Mitch outside to hang with dad so we could open MY pressie in peace!

She's so pretty! I'm going to name her Bertie!

I know, I know - I was supposed to open the card first but I was just so darn excited! Check out all this pretty PINK stuff! I can't wait for mom to open up the bag of treats so I can taste one! Can you put one in my new bone tomorrow mom so I'm not so bored - please? I think we should take the frisbee with us on our vacation in August! That'll be fun!

I love all my gifts but guess which one I like the best, Putter? Mom and I are going to take Bertie upstairs so Mitch won't eat her legs and rip off her face! I think maybe I'd better ask mom for a bigger bed for my birthday so there's enough room for me! It's getting kinda crowded in there!

I love my card too, Putter! You really outdid yourself! Thank you so very much!

It wasn't long before dad and Mitch came inside! Yup, you guessed it! The little PIA thinks the bone is his!

HAHAHA! You make me laugh, Mitch! That's my birthday pressie from Putter! Get your dirty paws off of it!

Give it back, you little scamp! It's MINE! Boys don't play with pink toys!

Thank you so very, very much for thinking of me on my almost 10th birthday, Putter! I really do appreciate it and now to reclaim my new pink bone!

Some of you probably already know it but mom and I share the same birthday! We both think it's pretty special! Take a look at what Putter and her mom and dad and cutest ever twins sent to mom for her birthday! BTW, mom is older than 10 - a WHOLE LOT OLDER!!!! Is this not the coolest mug! They sent two of them! Mom and dad get to drink their coffee every single morning looking at me and Mitch! Sorry my beard is all wet! I just had a drink of water!

Here's the other side of the mug! Putter and Kate chose moms absolute favorite pictures of us and mom cried when she opened her pressie! She thinks this could possibly be the best gift she's ever received! Mom says thank you so very, very much too! You guys were over-the-top generous!

So until next time............

Love ya lots,



  1. G'day Maggie

    I know I am about a week early, but HAPPY early BIRTHDAY just in case I forget on the day (I am a forgetful pup you know!) AND to Mom too!

    Great presents and great photo's.



  2. yeah!! its great to received pressie!! very nice pressie.

  3. Hi Maggie,
    I actually had a package that was to be sent to you 2 wks ago but bcos of what's happened at home, mom did not have the chance to go to the post office. I hope you don't mind if your birthday present is late.. :(
    (Btw, the package contains 2 sets of presents.. one is for winning the 'Guess my Evil Deed' contest).

  4. Early pressies are the best! Is that a pink flamingo? Cute. The mug is such a cool gift. No wonder yr mum loves it.

  5. Happy soon to be 10th birthday pretty Maggie! And early Happy birthday to momma too!

    Wow-you got some super cool pressies from Putter.

    Way to go telling Mitch to back off!

  6. Good evening m & m.
    A lot of gardens are made by grow up the tomato wonderful quick, and not eating a lot of fruits.
    And, the package of the birthday :. A lot of happiness is carried. A pink mind is a flamingo.
    The mind shuts oneself up in the mug. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  7. The gifts are very nice...I like the pink bone...You are going to be 10 years old soom...welcome to the team Maggie.

  8. What great prezzies! I'll bet you can drink out of the mugs, too, Maggie, if you're quick enough.

    Happy Birthday to you and your mom!

  9. How lucky loads of pressie and all toys.Must admit love the mug too.
    Lucky lucky lucky.

    Ludo the cool dude.

  10. what a lovely pressie for your almost birthday, Maggie. Do you gots Maggie Moo places by you? I think you would like their ice creams, but don't know how to mail them


  11. Maggie, You are so well loved. Its not even your barkday yet and you have already received so many pressies.

    The mug Putter gave your mom is pawsome. Perhaps jie jie should use my picture to make a mug for herself too.


  12. I agree that flamingo is mom thought that coffee mug was such a thoughtful and special gift (as you already pointed out). What a wonderful way to start the day!

    happy 4th my friends!

  13. hi Maggie, we love all of your pink pressies. your birthday is almost here and you're already celebrating! that's the way to do it. we love your mom's mug pressie too. that's very nice of Putter to make that for your mom.


  14. How exciting! An early happy birthday to you and your mum. That sure is a special mug. It must be so nice to see you as your human take a sip and then see you napping on the floor too. It's like 2 Maggies for the price of one!

    PS- Your collars look so pretty!

  15. Wow MAggie! I thought Joey Palooza was the longest birthday party, but I think you have him beat!! That mug is so cool! My mom and Sasha and my Grandma's birthdays are right in a row. We celebrate for 3 days straight in October!

  16. What great gifts. You have very nice friends.

    Simba x

  17. That mug is great! I love that photo of you two with the popsicles, it may just be the best photo on all the dog blogs!!!

    Countdown to the big birthday!!!

    Your pal,


  18. Wow what a great gift. It's always fun waiting to see what comes in ths mail. I got gifts from Ezzy and Jagger a week ago.

  19. Awesome presents.. Happy early Birthday Maggie and Mom...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  20. What Pawesome presents you guys! I love Frisbees too, you should totally take it on vacation:-) I hope you and your Mom have a really great birthday!

  21. Maggies!

    That's soo cooools that you are receivin' pressies so soons. And such neatos 1,2 ones. I betters bark you a HAPPYS BARKSLIGHT !!! now or my stupids secretary will forgets. Have a greats light. And kepps Mr. M aways from YOUR goodies!



  22. Cool toys Maggie. And you are so right to keep Mitch away from them.

    Your friend,

  23. That PINK bone looks pretty girlie, but it sure is tempting! Happy early birthday! My h-Mom wants one of those mugs. Maybe we will get one made for Man-Dad to keep at his office.

  24. Isn't MY Putter-Girl just the bestest in the WHOLE world! I sure do think so!

    Those sure are some great pressies! Eat a treat (or two or three) for me!

    Love, Hercules

  25. Glad you liked my sappy video. Awww...Mama loves me a lot, doesn't she.

    And your's loves you muchies, too. Lovely presents. We really like the mug. Was that a pressie from you two to you human mama?

  26. Hi, Maggie!
    Putter sent you very nice presents! The mug is beautiful too!
    Enjoy them!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. Aw.. those are pawsome gifts from Putter. Did Mitch return you the pink bone?

    ~ Girl girl

  28. Those are officially the COOLEST MUGS EVER :)


  29. What lovely presents from Putter! That's a cool pink bone!

  30. Oh wow

    What a fantastic package from Putter. You are a very lucky girl Maggie and Putter is a very generous friend.

    Happy 4th July

    Molly and Taffy

  31. Fabulous gifts from Putter. The mugs are PAWSOME! And you're really lucky that your mum allowed you to open them so early! J x

  32. Bertie has got ropey legs!!! Cool mugs too!

  33. Wow... cool pressies there..

    Are you both going to share the pressies??


  34. Hey maggie

    Oh Wow bertie is pawsome you got lots of cool things from putter!!

    My mum likes the mug too!


  35. Wow, Maggie! Those are some really cool presents! We would love to get our lips on Bertie, but then, she would probably 'splode. She will be safer in your bed! Have a great 4th of July!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  36. Happy Birthday Maggie!! Your gifts were awesome. My favorite is the bird too. That is one of my favorite stuffies to get, even if it IS pink. :P

    Hope you have an extra special birthday!

    Happy Birthday to your Mom too! The mug is so special!

  37. Happy birthday! I can't believe you are ten years old! But seriously, you can't fit all your toys in your mouth at once (or can you). Might want to share with poor old Mitch.


  38. Maggie, Maggie...those are the coolest pressies ever!!! That pink bone...that flamingo...

    AND THAT MUG!! Mumsie almost cried too just cuz it sooooo represents what DWB's is alllll about...caring!!!

    We'll be back before ur barkday, Sweet Mags...


    Birthday candle barkies...Lacie

    Pee ess....Um...if Mitchie saw Babystan and Scruffy rollin' on the floor at the site of Mitch with that bone...he woulda spit it out like it was HOT! Or he could just tell them they're just jelly. which they are...TOTALLY

  39. What great gifts. That Putter is an awesome gal.

  40. That looks like a great package with lots of good stuff!

  41. Pawesome gifts you got there Maggie! Yeah Mitch, boys dont play with pink toys silly! hehe

    puppy breath,

  42. Aw how kind pink pressies for a special girl like you Maggie. Um.. I know its rude to talk bout ladies ages.. but 10? No you can't be Maggie you don't look any like ten...not even half that ...umm err...have you had dogtox maybe?!Whatever, you are very boootiful and wasn't the mug for your Mom special and thoughtful?Momi square would have cried too...

    Love ya lots! Eric x
    Wiry wags

  43. Oh wow Maggie, that cup is so excellent. We've got an airedale cup but yours is special cause it's you on there.
    All the other pressies are great too. Putter is a great matie.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  44. Oh we meant to say..Happy 4th of July to you all.

    Noah xx

  45. Maggie! Maggie!

    ME and MY MOM are so happiest everest that you likeest your pressies! We had such funnest ever picking them OUT! OMG! I hope you have the goodest, bestest 10th birthday everest!


    Putter ...:)

  46. That mug is awesome! I want one with pictures of my kiddos on it now.

  47. WOW!!! Happy birthday to your mom too!

    Your friend, Lenny