Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday - Fresh Tomatoes

Hi everyone! It's me, Autumn!

My friend, Kipper and I were strolling through the vege garden gathering tomatoes and cucs for our salad that we are having for lunch today. We spotted 2 heirloom Fourth of July customers and snatched them off the vine and hurried inside! Kipper wanted to know why these Fourth of July tomatoes were late, seeing as today is the 16th! I told her they probably couldn't read the calendar!

I told Kipper all about the three herb vinegars that I made and that she needed to decide which one she wanted on her salad. I told her she had a choice of Lavender vinegar (which as you can see has aged to a nice lavender color), dill vinegar and the chive vinegar which is a really pretty color pink! Kipper chose the chive and I chose the dill! Mom says the lavender vinegar smells good but she's not sure she'd want to eat it and I have to agree!

Our salad was delicious! How come fresh veges always taste better when you know they're from your own garden?!

As I was saying good-by to Kipper, we passed by the nasturtiums just coming into bloom! Next time she comes, we can put some of these on our salad! The leaf lends a spicy peppery taste and the blossom add so much color!

The balloon flower is blooming too! Check out this very cool flower as a bud! Isn't it so neat looking?

Now check it out opened up! It doesn't even look like the same flower, does it?

The Mallows are in bloom now too!

We all know that last Thursday was Maggie's birthday. Well it was mom's birthday too and lots of you asked what mom got! She got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our sissy, Melissa and her hubby, Jim! Aren't they beautiful?! There are 5 lilies in the bouquet and our family room smells Heavenly!

She also got a sweet dolly named Senji from HER mom, our gram! Isn't he cute? We had a nice chat and really got to know each other.

See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn


  1. Hi Autumn! Your garden tours are always so colorful and amazing! Most of our flowers are all done blooming. Now we just have to figure out a way to keep them alive with all the water restrictions we have. Happy Wheelie Wednesday!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  2. I like that flower on your head Autumn. :)
    And what a cute dolly your mom received.

    ~ Girl girl

  3. I'm guessing Senji isn't for Maggie and Mitch to play with! ;-)



  4. Autumn,
    I love your new hat- It is perfect for taking a stroll out in the garden!

    See Ya!

  5. Good evening m & m.
    The game of the shot put is interesting.
    For the Japanese, Murofushi is famous.
    And, he is a popular very person.
    The beautiful flower blooms in the garden, and the arrangement.
    It is wonderful.
    The doll can be very improved.
    I thought because I became it. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  6. wow Maggie, you and your Mom have ben so busy in the garden. We are still waiting for our first tomato, we were a little late planting, you know. But maybe next year. Love the doll. Or at least, muzzer loves the doll. But me and Teka would like to play with it, I am sure.


  7. Last year my mom tried to grow tomatoes but it didn't work out. She grew lotsa mint though and made moheatoes. I guess that's like a tomato's cousin or somethin'.

  8. Hi Autumn,

    Fer some reason I can't see most of yer pictures which is just as well cause Gram would be upset if she saw a ripe tomato on yer vine when we don't have one yet...... everyday she looks at the plants tryin' ta find a ripe luck yet although one is gettin' pink now.......strange weather and strange plants....

    That doll is almost looks like a real baby cryin'....that picture we could see...

    Sorry we couldn't get down ta see yer Dad...guess we shoulda planned on arrangin' somethin' a bit earlier....we're happy he won in pawsome was that? My Mom likes ta swim but not in deep water....well truth be told she doesn't swim...she just lays in the water.......

    Dewey Dewster here.....

  9. The veggies from your garden taste better because they ARE mom is jealous...

    happy wednesday

  10. I didnt know it was your mom's birthday too... happy belated birthday!

    Pictures are just lovely... and I'll have the lavendar vinegar with my salad please :)

  11. Autumn, I'm loving your tomato hat! It's sooo cute...Oooh, I bet the cherry tomatoes tasted sweet. I don't fancy tomatoes that much...

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  12. You are so lucky and smart! Growing you own veggies are a great way to stay healthy and save money.

    I love your hat it is very fashionable. I am glad your mom had a great birthday and I wish her many many more.


  13. Hi Autumn,
    It is so nice to meet you. I hope to do as good of a job as you do on this Wheely Wednesday!
    Is your dad home yet??

  14. Now I know what I want to eat for lunch!!! A lovely salad is perfect for a hot summer day.

    Love your hat!

  15. That doll looks real. I have never heard of lavender vinegar.

    Simba x

  16. H-Mom sure misses having a garden. She had a crazy wild one for a couple years before she moved to this condo. But now she has ME instead ...

  17. Oh I love rolling around in our garden hehe but we mostly have wild strawberries mmm! I eat them straight off the vine! And what a lovely boquet, Im sure it smells really nice!

    puppy breath,

  18. Awww..what a great garden, Autumn! I love your hat too..very garden guru...

    & YEA to everyone at the transplant olympics....I bet you both could have done something there to get ready for the Pawlympics too...

    Love & Licks,

  19. Hi Autumn!
    Wow, all those plants in your vege garden look so pretty! And your hat is so cute!
    Please wish Maggie and your mommy a happy belated birthday from us... it's our humans' fault we missed it, they've been way too busy.
    Have a great day!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  20. autumn- I'm continually in awe of your abilities, so crafty, so stylish-that hat is fab-, and what an amazing garden. Please send along belated birthday wishes to your mom for me.
    Winnie Woo

  21. autumn- I'm continually in awe of your abilities, so crafty, so stylish-that hat is fab-, and what an amazing garden. Please send along belated birthday wishes to your mom for me.
    Winnie Woo

  22. Hey! We are your first bloglines subscriber! Your garden looks great. We've been gone so uch dad had to pull grass just to find his plants!

  23. Your gram has great taste; it looks like Senji is the perfect addition to your family.

    And Autumn, those salad dressings look like perfume ~~~ almost too good to eat!

  24. Mmm fresh vegies sound so good..
    You certainly have some beautiful flowers in your garden..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  25. Woof M&M

    Our mom just loves tomatoes. We like them too but only to play with them.

    Woof, woof,
    Desert Pups.

  26. Loving the tomato hat Autumn!!! And the tomato's and the vinegars look pawsome.

    Wags, Eric

  27. Oh Autumn, I like your hat. It suit you best!!

    slurpy licks,

  28. Hi, Autumn!
    Yes, that baby doll looks like a real baby!
    I love your hat too!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. Hi Autumn,

    Your garden is so lovely and I think it is so cool that you can lunch on things that you took out of it! I love salads, especially the tomatoes. They are sooo yummy, so you are especially lucky to have had that for lunch!!

    Your pal,

  30. Hi Autumn! What a fun time it looks like you had with your firend Kipper! Tell your mommy we wish her a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope she had an awesome day! Did she get some yummy ice cream? I love ice cream on my barkday!

  31. Wow what a day! Just wanted to say I updated my bloggie with my Cold Box pics. Pretty gruesome but there you have it. Mom will help me with notices on everyone's blog later... yawn... time for bed!


  32. That doll baby looks soooooo real!!

    Oh my Autumn...ur garden tour made us hungry...YOU HAVE RIPE TOMATOS??? We are so jelly!!!!!

    Now ya need some bacon off of a bacon tree and a little lettuce....yummers!!!!!

    Glad Maggie got our package!!!

    Barkies, Gilbert

    Scruffy, Lac and B. Stan

  33. What beautiful garden pictures... I think the veggies always taste better when home-grown because you know what sweat, blood, and tears went into them!

    Big Sis and I just got a basil plant for our kitchen.

  34. how nice you guys got to have a nice salad from your own garden. I like that flower before it blooms, it looks like it might just pop!

  35. omDOG. for a while, i thought it was you maggie.

    wet wet licks


  36. Autimn - I think you have a tomato on your head.

    Thanks for the garden tour. The balloon flower is cool.


  37. Happy Belated Birthday to Maggie and your Mom. Send them big slobbery licks from me... Your tomatoe hat made me laugh, Autumn. It is so YOU...c-u-t-e!