Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Hit The Jackpot

I got 3 birthday pressie in the mail the other day! whoooooohoooooooooooo The birthday celebration continues!

First of all I have to show you my pretty card from my new friends, Essex and Deacon! Deacon just had his 2nd birthday and he's still in his pawty hat! Thank you so much for the pretty card! I love it!

The first package mom helped me open was from Faya! Mom always helps me open when Mitch is around because he totally takes over and pushes me aside! Sometimes he's not very nice!

You look so pretty on your card, Faya! I'm hiding this so Mitch doesn't rip it up!

Yes, BAD BOY, Mitch! You have guilt written all over your face! You know who that pretty pink piggie belongs too! Hand her over!
Excuse me but is that MY Rooster squeakie from Faya under your armpit?! Could you maybe share MY pressies with ME?!
Faya sent yummy chicken treats too! Please open a package, mom! I'm starving! Thank you so very much, Faya! Mom says that the first few times she heard the piggie oink she thought one of us was barfing! hehehehe

The next package was from Boy and Baby. It's a pretty pink lady fire hydrant and no, you can't have it, Mitch! It makes the coolest wiggly giggly noise! She's talking to me and she's mine all mine!

Can you see my card? There's a Hammie on the front and he's holding the most lucious looking cake! I got chicken treats from Boy and Baby too! Thank you so very much! We're going to be eating very well in the next few days!

The third package was from Girl girl, my Hammie friend! Girl girl sent me a stuffie moomoo with a pretty pink flower barrette in her hair!

She also sent me this very beautiful blingee charm! There's a letter M for Maggie and a small ice cream cone charm for my collar! Mom and I are thinking that we should save it for dressing up until Mitch is older and stops chewing on the tags on my collar! We don't want him to ruin it! It's too cute and just PERFECT!

Girl girl also sent treats -yummmmmmmmmmmm and a sunshine rope toy that I'm sure Mitch will confiscate ASAP! Mom and I both love your handmade card, GG! We especially love your paw prints!

Thank you so much Faya and Boy and Baby and Girl girl for my birthday pressies! You were all so generous and I really, really appreciate it! I love you all!

This has been one heck of a 10th birthday - I can tell you that for sure!

So until next time.......................

Love ya lots,



  1. Hi Maggie,
    I feel so terribly guilty that the parcel for you is still sitting at home! I will give mom a lecture for her sloppiness..

    Those are great gifts! I hope Mitch returns them to you.. :)

  2. Maggie!
    I totally have one of those pink pigs too! Let me give you a little hint. They are happiest living outside in the dirt. Then once you think they look a little dehydrated, bring them inside for a good slobber and squeeze them to make sure they are still in working order!

    Mr. T-Bone Beasley

  3. Oh.. I'm so glad you like the gifts Maggie. Happy pawsome birthday to you again.
    I love that last photo of smiley you. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  4. Hey Maggie,

    Me be like Mitch, me pushes Big Harry aside when there's parcels to be opened, tee hee!

    Cassidy x

  5. Those are really pawsome gifts, Maggie! We hope Mitch will let you play with them!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  6. I think Miss Piggy just find a nice home ! I am happy you like it...Kisses, Faya

  7. Wow - you guys really know how to celebrate birthdays around your house!
    I am glad you are still getting presents Maggie 'cause you so deserve them!
    Just don't let Mitch steal them while you're not looking!

  8. Happy Birthday Maggie

  9. hi Maggie & Mitch, those are wonderful pressies that you got for your birthday, Maggie. you are really stretching out your birthday for as long as possible. that's the way to do it!


  10. Holy Smoly! You got a lot of Birthday loot! Good Job...& that piggie is WAY CUTE!

    Love & i,

  11. How exciting! My barkday is coming up too! I hope I'm half as lucky as you are with all those special presents. You must be a very adored lady.

  12. What awesome gifts you got! Really, Happy 10th!

  13. Maggie, you have lots of nice pressies. I receive a belated barkday pressie today too. Yes! I am still celebrating my barkday. Isn't being 10 yrs old great?


  14. Oh Maggie...we know 'xactly what ur mom means bout the barfin' piggy!!! Faya sent us one too and it's amazing the sounds it makes!!!

    Sounds like the pressie fairy has done ya proud, Sweet Maggie!!!!!

    love and kissies...

  15. w00f's Maggie and, u shure gettin a lot of barkday pressies and trweats...everdog and hammie and kitty nos u iz a sweetie...heehee u gotta watch out fur little brudders...

    b safe,

  16. Jeeze Maggie you sure are having the best barkday Im sure! Hehe you should be getting my gifts soon I hope!

    puppy breath,

  17. What lovely gifts. Peanut does that stealing everything that is mine if I get gifts too. Mom usually puts him outside but now might put him in his kennel.


  18. I love your presents! What a great day for you! If I haven't already told you, and if I have I'll tell you again...Happy Barkday!!!!
    Hugs & Snugs,
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  19. BOL, that piggie is too cute! Look like GREAT fun!

    M & I

  20. Happy Barfday to ya, Happy Barfday to ya, you are so lovely and deserve a big bovine femur... Thank you, thank you very much. Sally and Rufus have left the building. XOX

  21. The celebration continues! Happy Birthday once again, Miss Maggie!

  22. OMG! MAggie! You are having such fun sitting with your new pressies! This is coolest everest! OMG!


    Putter ...:)

  23. Holly cow!!! You got the mother load. Faya always sends such cool gifts and bandanna's and snackies and stuff....That charm is beautiful!!! Gosh I wish I knew how to make a cool card for you, cuz I would make a million for you...I finally got time to rearrange my bloggie, and now I am going around and seeing how everyone is doing....So many birthdays in July...
    Enjoy your pressies, loved the photos.

  24. Mitch you need to learn to share. Of course non of us like to share either. Mom usually ends up taking the toys away.. Each of us always wants what the other one has..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  25. Oh Maggie, you must come to England and be the Queen. You have more birthdays than her, she is out numbered for sure!
    Love 'n' Snuffs george
    Pee Es: Faya is such a babe, she was my goodie exchange buddy.

  26. Boy, you are certainly popular on the birthday gift circuit. And well, deserved, I might add.

    Those pig toys are SO cute. I love them.

    Levi's mom

  27. Hi Maggie and Mitch!

    Guess what I had today? My first popsicle! My friend Liola is visiting her grandparents down the hall so I'm her "practice dog" when she's here. She gave me a giant bite of her pineapple popsicle, plus all the juice! It was delicious! Then later, when Mommy came home from her MRI, she had a lime popsicle. I gave her the look, but she didn't understand. NOW she knows!

    Your popsicle pal,


  28. Hi, Maggie!
    You got very nice presents from girl Girl, Faya and Essex and Deacon!
    do you think Mitch will stop chewing your tags someday??
    Kisses and hugs

  29. Woof, Maggie and Mitch

    Thanks for stopping by and looking at the monster. No one was hurt but Mom had to tackle Norman to keep him from going after the beast. Apparently Gila Monsters and dogs don't mix very well and the evil creature tends to lock their jaws when they bite and grind their teeth to force the venom into their prey. Mom was screaming something about, the last thing she needed was a trip to the Doggie Doctor, but us dogs just looked at her if she were nuts.
    Anyway, Mom says she loves your blog.

    Woof, woof,
    Desert Pups

  30. Woof again, we forgot to say that the presents look really cool. Take more pictures after you've rip them apart.

    Woof, woof,
    Desert Pups

  31. Happy Birthday Maggie!!! That's a great bunch of pressies you got. I hope Mitch lets you play with them too (hee hee!)

  32. Maggie...

    It looks like ya had a double treat barkday.....pressies comin' from all over the place.....'n ya totally enjoyed 'em too...happy belated birthday again....yer not 10 everyday fer sure....

    Dewey Dewster here......

  33. you sure did hit the jackpot! That piggie looks like its a fun toy.

  34. What great pressies! I see Mitch sure loves PINK stuff haha. I am glad you got your toys out of his jaws! Happy Birthday again Maggie!!!

  35. Maggie,

    You have got some very nice friends to send you such nice presents! How fantastic! Did you share your treats with Mitch?


  36. Wow, that's one grand and long birthday celebration! What lovely gifts you've received, Maggie! And it's so sweet of you to share it with Mitch.

  37. What great presents. I have a pig the same as that, it makes a really strange noise.

    Simba x

  38. Tenth birthdays are worthy of extra celebrating and should go on and on!!
    We sure do like the looks of that barfing pink pig!!! Wonder if we can get them in this country?
    You just keep celebrating, Miss Maggie! We love you!

    wags from the whippets

  39. Maggie those are awesome pressies! Wow! What an amazing barkday you must have had!!!


  40. Again, those are very nice pressie. I like the blingee charm with your M. Cool!!

    slurpy licks,

  41. You're having another birthday, Maggie? Geez, you must be as old as my Mama by now. Heeheee.