Friday, October 31, 2008

Dad's Birthday Ice Cream

We took dad to get his birthday ice cream at Wentworths last night - FINALLY - at long last!I was the lookout! Here he comes, Mitch and he's got a huge bag this time! Oh boy, oh boy! Dad is calling this a blizzard! It's coffee ice cream with oreo cookies mixed in and yummy whip cream and a cherry on top! OMG, which one of us can have the cherry, dad?!

Are you really going to eat all of that all by yourself? Don't you need lots of help?Mom got mint chocolate chip again because she said it was so good last time and they don't put many chips in the mix and that makes it better for us!

Me first, Mitch - NO, ME first, Maggie!

OMG, this is soooooooooooooo good! Can you tell I'm just loving it?! It's all over my mouth!
Thanks a lot, Mitch! Now you've pushed ice cream onto my entire face! You have to lick it off for me, okay?

This has sure been some fun birthday treat, dad! Can we do this again tomorrow! Happy birthday once again from your cutest furkids!Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe!

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


Aki and Poopie said...

wooffy maggie & mitchy!!

finally, the ice cream and it was delish! you looked like you enjoyed it very much just by looking at your adorable furry faces.

Ice cream sure is the best!

Happy Halloween guys. Have fun in the pawty!

drooly kisses,


Girl Girl Hamster said...

That blizzard ice cream look yummilicious. I'm sure your dad had a pawsome birthday.
Have a nice weekend and treatful halloween doggies. ;)

~ Girl girl

Princess Patches said...

Woohoo! You finally got to treat your dad to that ice cream. What fun is it to eat ice cream if you can't smoosh it all over your face? That way you can save some for later!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

The Musketeers said...

mmm .. that ice cream look yummy too !!! Happy Howloween you two !

Love & Hugs ,
Three Musketeers

umekotyan said...

Good evening m & m.
The luck of the ice cream is the highest.
A wonderful night of Halloween is spent, and happy time. :)

from loved ume tyan

Archie and Melissa said...

happy halloween maggie and mitch!

what a great celebration you all had!

m & e

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

Oh my dogness. that looks yummy, yummers. We love to get ice cream, too. Custard is our favorite!

Happy birthday to your dad (well, belated)

Clover said...

Aw! Cute ice cream pics!
Happy halloween!
Love Clover xo

Amber-Mae said...

That ice cream looks good & fattening! YUMMY!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

BrandytheGreat said...

Happy Bday and Happy Howl-o-ween!

Eduardo said...

Well y'all enjoyed that icecream!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle
P.S. Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Lucky!!! I don't think Stella has ever tried ice cream!!!

The Black and Tans. said...

They looked exceedingly delicious.

Happy Halloween.

Molly and Taffy

Petra said...

Coffee ice cream with oreos sounds like a winner to my mom! Yummmmmm! You're so lucky that your dad had a birthday.

Happy Halloween!

Dewey Dewster said... yer Dad was happy ta get his birthday ice cream and I can tell ya were happy ta help him and yer Mom eat it.....hoomans always need help in that's our job ta oblige......

Happy Halloween !!!!!I see ya with yer M&Ms....

Dewey Dewster here....

the Corgi Girls said...

Wow, that is a killer ice cream! We can't believe he even shared it!

M & I

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad!!!

Lizzy said...

Maggie, Mitch!

Happy belated Birthday to your human Dad! I want ice cream too!


Gus, Louie and Callie said...

That sure looks yummy..
Have a safe and Happy Halloween..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Man doe that ice crem look good!! Looks like y'all got to share a bunch. WooHoo!!
Happy "Howl"oween!!

jaffeboy said...

Happy Halloween, Maggie & Mitch!!! booooo.... hehehe...

I want blizzard too! MaMa don't let us have this ice creamy thingy!!!

Neko said...

Yum! Happy Halloween. Love,Neko

William Tell said...

Happy birthday to your Dad. It was so nice of him to share his ice cream blizzard with you!

Happy Tails,
William Tell

The Musketeers said...

Thanks fur your compliment M & M !
Mmmm , that sounds like a chocolate ! Nah ! Just joking (: BOL !
Oh , 10 November ? wow , that will be soon ! I am so so so excited !!! :D

Lots of Loves ,
Three Musketeers

Niamh said...

That was so nice that you helped your dad eat all his birthday ice cream. And I bet it was delish!

Your friend,

Moco said...

Yum, yum, yum. Tell your mom to get some Dogzerts from the Schwan man. It's ice cream for dogs. No chocolate, just beef flavored.

T-man's mom said...

It looked like you enjoyed that ice cream as much as your dad did! Too bad he only has one birthday a year.. Well maybe you can find more occasions to celebrate!

T-man's mom, CC-man and T-man Angel

Lorenza said...

Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
That blizzard looks delicious!
That is the right way to celebrate him!
Happy Halloween
Kisses and hugs

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

HI Guys,
Happy Birthday to your Dad!

Next time you guys go, I think that Dad has to share his Ice cream with you two, than you can tell us witch one is better! Both sound like something my Mom would eat!

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

With wagging tail,

Allison Walton said...

Heehee--Waldo looks just like that 3rd pic all the time!! I call him my foodie--my Rachael Ray. If he was a girl, I might just have named him that!

The Army of Four said...

COFFEE ice cream!?!? COFFEE!?!? That looks like one bowl of HEAVEN on earth to me!
Play bows,

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hope your Dad had a great birthday! J1 says it's too cold here for ice cream. It's NEVER too cold for ice cream in my book! J x

Chef said...

You sure look like you enjoyed that ice cream! Lucky yous! Mama only gives me ice cream when I'm hot in the summer but I get lots of yogurt! To be honest, I prefer the ice cream...
Happy belated birthday to your Papa!

duo_disaster said...

Maggie & Mitch!

Happy belated Birthday to your Papa! We hope everyone at home withh be so greatly blessed every single day!

... How you both wish your Papa has birthday DAILY right *giggles*

So you get FREE ice-cream DAILY!

Rudolf & Goofy

Urban Smoothie Read said...

happy belated b'day to ur daddy...

i hope u guys don't finish up his ice cream...