Sunday, July 26, 2009

Checking on Dad at Crumps

Remember this barn that dad and his guys dismantled last year about this same time?
This was the barn before it was dismantled! It's very close to the road!The barn is being rebuilt and that has been mom and dad's job this summer - scrubbing timbers and repairing them and making new ones and it's Mitch and my job to supervise and we're doing one heck of a job and getting paid handsomely, we might add!

Today mom and Mitch took a ride over to the Crump property for a look! This is where the barn used to be! Now it's green grass and a leftover pile of rocks!
And its new home is wayyyyyyyyyy over there!
The mason, Vincent, is all finished with the foundation and now it's time for the work crew to start building the first floor. Dad calls it the deck!
The barn will be raised on this deck but not until NEXT July - a whole year from now! We have a lot of work ahead of us before the raising happens!
I need to leave pee-mail! Yes, I know - I'm peeing like a girl!
There's my dad and all of my uncles that I get to hang out with at home in my workshop!
Hi guys! It's me, Mitchy!
Can I stay for coffee break?!
I guess not! Mom says it's time to go home and cut some grass!
See you all another day, guys!

This is the front of my house!
We'll do another barn project update soon!

So until next time................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Nice peeing. I pee like that sometimes too. It helps with watering the grass.

    I can't wait to see the new barn. Nice place to romp around.

  2. Hi Guys
    Thank dog you are there to snoopervise - these two leggeds cannot be left to undertake such a task on their own!
    We just stopped by to say hello - we are rained out and back for a few days!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps we always pee like girls!!!

  3. Mitch,
    I think you would be the perfect supervisor for that project!

    Sometimes Mack peepees like a girl too!

  4. All jobs need plenty of dog snoopervision - your Mom and Dad are so fortunate to have you and Maggie.

    We've been reading some of the post from where they first got you - what a cutie you were (and still are!!)

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  5. Bets your both good snoopervisors, wills that be a nother place for yous to play when its all fixed up. Mums wishes I peeded likes that, they just dug ups my favrit bush bys the back door, I'll post a pic tomorrow.

  6. Hey Maggie and Mitch!
    Thanks for stopping by our blog!
    Wow! We sure remember when you guys posted about the barn last year! We wish you guys luck in the project! We´re sure it´ll turn out REALLY nice!
    BTW, that grass is GREEN! must be great to walk/run around!

    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  7. Mitch,

    They are raising the minimum wage. How much ice cream/hour does that work out to be? You and Maggie do not want to be underpaid for all your supervision work. That barn looks like it will be in a very pretty place.

    Your friend,

  8. Good job on the girlie peemail, Mitch...I do that too...sometimes I get so into liftin' my leg to its highest point I fall embarassing! Thanks for the good leggie's a lot better than it was on Friday...dunno what I did...Lacie's been givin' me so many smoothies that I've even been bathin' in em...right now I smell like, not the RH, thank dog...the fruit!

    That barn moving is totally do ya get paid in steak or ice cream??? Or wally mellon???

    Demand all!!

    Paw slaps to ya and kisses to Maggie....


  9. Great job!

    And since it is a weekend, don't woo get extra khompensation?


  10. hi m & m!

    oh what a great post! we love seeing what you and your pawrents are up to everyday!

    the barn will be so happy in its new home. thank you for sharing the journey with us!

  11. The barn will be nicer and safer away from the road. Your house looks so shady and cool. Lucky dogs!

  12. We can't imagine how they would get along without your help. Instead of a year from now, why it might take twice as long to raise that barn.

    As for peeing -- I do it that way too a lot of the time. Except I lift my rear leg just a bit.

    JH, my doofus brother, however, lifts his leg and pees in a horizontal stream -- so if we're out together and I don't move quickly enough (or if one of the leggeds doesn't anticipate for me) -- then you can guess what happens!!

    Great job, Mitchy!! We hope you get wally melon, ice cream, and all the other goodies you enjoy!!


  13. Are the timbers of that old barn made of DOG wood? (a little scottish humor here.... ha.)

    Mitch, you pee like I do! My Paw tells me to hike my leg like a real man...but sometimes it just takes too much effort.

    Fiona and Maw love your house! Very cute, they say!

    sending aroooos and ear scratches,
    Duhgall, Fiona, Socks and Maw

  14. That is A LOT of work to rebuild that barn and a lot of dogervising to be done. Are you rebuilding it on your land or somewhere else? Hmmm I don't know about peeing like a girl - that is the only way I have ever done it. Mom was a bit worried and asked the vet and she said some dogs don't "lift a leg" Mom is rather glad I don't, I would be peeing on my fur all the time if I did :) But where was Maggie - how come she wasn't dogervising too?

  15. Gosh what a project. July is ages away. Sounds like your pinkies are going to be busy.
    The front of your house looks very nice Mitch.
    Btw, did you guys bid on that kangaroo with the baby dale?

    Noah x

  16. Its very cool that you get to be supervisor! Can't wait to see the updates.


    Pee Ess: I pee like a girl too...Guess the habits of the girls we live with are rubbing off on us. BOL

  17. w00fs, me pees like that too sumtimes...good job supervisin the barn fixin..

    b safe,

  18. That looks like a lot of work for the humans and a lot of work for you to keep after them. Don't let them have too many coffee breaks. I hope you got big treats.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  19. Can hardly wait to see the finished barn project! These things take time, and with your expert help it will be perfect.
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

    ps-Hootie does the girlie peemail thing on occasion too. Everybody thinks it's cute! BRD

  20. Great job supervising the barn project, guys!

  21. I pee like that a lot! Very good snoopervising, I bet they couldn't do it without you!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  22. You both are such great supervisors! The property looks beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished house!

    Teddy Bear

  23. hi everyone
    good thing there are supervisors on this projece so there is not monkey business going on. This is a huge project! My goodness!

  24. Hey, when there isn't a tree around and you gotta go, you just do what you has to do:)

    Another barnraising - keep us posted like Mango did.

    Mom loves your house, makes her think of how much she misses New England.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  25. Archie said to say sometimes he pees like that as must be a guy thing..We love that barn!!! Your parents are so handy!!!!!! love and kisses A+A

  26. Wow
    That will be a pwetty cool bawn wif youw help Mitchy
    I think I saw some of the faboolous wood when I was visiting you.

    I love the ice cweam headew vewy much
    smoochie kisses

  27. i always pee like that - :-)

    Maggie & Mitch - remember to drop by my blog if you can to pick up your award which I made for all my friends! :=))

  28. Hi, Mitch!
    Raising a barn sure is hard work. But I know your Dad is the best!
    I can't wait to see it!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. Hi, Maggie and Mitch -

    That's interesting that you pee like a girl, Mitch. I (Hershey) am starting to pee like a boy - but it's fun to keep Mama on her toes.

    Your grass looks as green as our grass. Did you get a lot of rain and thunderstorms the other night?!?

    The project looks like it is progressing nicely.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  30. Hi Mitch,
    Umm.. I pee like a girl too and mom's not sure why.
    Good job with the supervising!

  31. They couldn't cope without you.

    Simba and Jazzi xx

  32. cool barn - cant wait to see the new updates

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  33. Work, work, work! I hope you were rewarded for your efforts, Mitch!