Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - The July Garden

Hi everyone! It's me, Autumn!
There is so much blooming in the garden just now so I figured I'd take you all on a quick tour!
The butterfly bushes are beginning to come into bloom here! This one is called black knight! It's a deep purple that almost looks black!And the butterfly weed is in bloom! This gorgeous flower matches my hat!The bee balm and the yarrow are also in bloom! We need to transplant the yarrow into a sunnier location and we'd have a whole lot more yellow flowers on the plant! The leaves smell so pretty when you rub up against them!
The dill is also in bloom! Time to make more dill vinegar!
We just love Queen Anne's Lace! It's so gorgeous but very invasive in the garden!
On my way to the back door, I couldn't help but snap a picture of this gorgeous Shirley Poppy! So far we have only had white ones bloom this year!
Right outside the back door, the Hosta is beginning to bloom! Mom never really cared for Hosta before but she has since changed her mind! They can be very pretty growing in the shade!That's our quick tour for today!

See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn


  1. Autumn, you look so pretty amongst all those flowers. Our Mummy loves flowers. Some of our flowers have had to have some cellotape on them because 'someone' bent them ...
    Nelly xx

  2. Once again, a great garden tour, Autumn! We have lots of Hostas in our backyard, but our mom doesn't like when they bloom. She wishes they would just NOT bloom so she doesn't have to go cut off the stems after the blooms die. Have a great Wednesday!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. Thanks fur the garden tour Autumn!
    Big licks to you

  4. Autumn, We always look forward to your garden tours. The flowers are so beautiful. Queen Anne's Lace is one of Mom's favorite because even she can grow it - hehehe.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  5. Thanks so much for the garden tour! Very nice!! We have had so much acid rain this year that things are not doing well. I try to get out and wash them off but they have still suffered. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Hugs and kisses. Bambi and Fern

  6. That's quite a garden! Your mom must spend a lot of time in it to keep is looking so nice - don't you get jealous? My mom LOVES hostas, since they are low-maintainence, and she can split them every spring to have twice as many! We started with 5 and now (5 years later) have a whole yard full! Just let us know if you need any next spring - we might be buried in them by then!


  7. hi auntumn, are those flowers on yr hat fresh? get mom put some fresh ones.

    wet wet licks


  8. Lovely flowers, but you are far more beautiful! :)

  9. what a beautiful garden you have Autumn

  10. What a beautiful garden and how lovely you look in your hat. Thank you for the tour.
    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  11. Hi Autumn!

    Wheelie Miss Judy here!

    You have such a lovely, obviously well tendered garden - am filled with envy - Mummy's is a wilderness big time.

    Foxy love & wheelie wishes

  12. I must say your hat looks the prettiest amongst the flowers. Your mom did that perfectly - but how come maggie and mitch don't have hats like that? It would help keep the sun out of their eyes when they are outside. My mom also wants to know if your mom collects seeds at the end the of the season?

  13. Hi miss Autumn! What a lovely tour!

    My momma is just now learning to garden, and she had NO idea that Hosta's had flowers! A few weeks ago, our hosta shot a big purple flower out and Momma thought she did something wrong! hehehe

  14. Oh how pretty and your hat matches!! How cute is that!! love A+A

  15. Woowowowowoooo!!!
    What a great great garden tour dear Autumn!!!
    We love watching your post when you're in the garden!!!
    Our mommy loves flowers a lot but she isn't able to have a garden like your!!!
    Can you give her some lessons????
    She'll be very very very happy to learn all the garden's secrets!!
    Tanks for sharing....
    And you look gorgeous among all those flowers!!!
    We love youuuuuuuuu!!!!
    HAve a wonderful week!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks

  16. Ha roo! I just LOVED the garden tour! We have one Butterfly Weed in our garden and would like to add more. It's such a great splash of color, isn't it? It's the only orange-y color we have!
    We always get great ideas from seeing your garden! You have such beautiful things - our mom would love to walk through your whole garden with your mom!
    Play bows,

  17. Your mom's garden looks just like a page out of a magazine!

  18. Thanks for giving us a tour in your loverly garden, Autumn! I also wanna thank you for voting & for letting Rocky now about the cell hone thingy.

  19. What a beautiful garden!

    -Mollie and Bobo

  20. Love the hat, Autumn and thank you soooo much for the tour! I love hostas too - just planted a few this year! Have lots of shade, but sunny areas too. My garden, sadly, does not look like yours, however!
    Hugs xo

  21. Beautiful pictures, our Mommy loves flowers and plants of all sorts.

    Benson and Gibson

  22. Summer is such a lovely time of year isn't it Autumn. We love sitting in the garden looking at the flowers and chasing the bees..........

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  23. We just love looking at all the flowers!!!! Brings a smile to our faces!

    xo sugar & martine

  24. There is so much hard work put into all that gardening. The flowers are lovely, caz trys hard with her garden but it take so much time.The garden is such a great place all the year round with flowers in the summer and slidy mud in the winter.

    Ludo the cool dude.

  25. fabulous your garden makes me pine for summer

  26. You blend in so well with your gorgeous garden. That Shirley Poppy is beautiful. Mom isn't crazy about hostas either but when they flower, they are very pretty. Now if only she could keep the boys from watering them:)

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  27. Your Mom's quite the gardener! Mine is mainly a veggie gardener and sometimes does flowers, but mainly they're out in front of the house. She always does marigolds.. boring! (MOM: Heyyyy!)

    Just sent in my entry to the all-terrier trials at the end of Sept. in Pennsylvania! I hear there will be at least 6 Bedlingtons there; me, Josie, and 4 others. Not a great turnout for us! We had about 3 times that many back in '06...


  28. oh my goodness! we are speechless from the beauty of your garden!
    thank you so much for sharing it!

    m & e

  29. We really enjoyed your garden tour!

    Beautiful flowers and herbs!

    Take care

  30. The flowers really do match your hat, and they are lovely! Thanks for the tour of your flower garden.

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  31. Hi M and M
    I'm recovering from my ice cream brain freeze... I love your garden and very jealous. Mom bought plain old lavender plant and it's dead in 2 weeks.

    Hey I tried watermelon.. and i LOVE it. Thanks for the tip.

  32. Tank woo fur the beaWOOtiful tour!

    It is looking soooo lovely!


  33. Autumn. Your garden always makes Moma quietly smile and dream. She (we) love your flowers. All the color and texture. And you are such a good naturalist or botanist or docent or whatever your official wheelie title is. Thank you, as ever, for the beautiful tour.

    Miss Fergi and Jake

  34. I love your garden, Autumn!
    Kisses and hugs

  35. The flowers are so pretty! You could totally hide in those orange flowers that are just like your hat!!

  36. Mommy said this sometime ago, "wish there is beautiful flowers to see" that was the time mommy was so depress over many things after our grandmom passes on. She told us that flower make her forget all her sorrow.

  37. What beautiful flowers! My Mommy likes the dill weed because green is her favorite color.

    Teddy Bear

  38. Our mom didn't like Hosta either, but now that she sees how little maintenance they require and how faithfully they come back each year, she's changed her mind.

  39. Dear Autumn, I'm nuts over flowers and I've always loved the tour you bring us around, always lovely and colorful. This is such a unique site.

    Hugs and have a nice weekend.