Friday, July 31, 2009

Eye Watch Friday

It's Norwood's eye watch Friday again!
If you've never played, all you have to do is take a close up picture of your eye and post it! Simple, right?!
I've got my eye on you as I sniff and bite Mitch's butterfly ear!
My ears smell as sweet as a rose, Maggie!
Hi everyone! It's me, Mitch!
Take a look at this picture!
I bet you're thinking that I'm liking this beautiful purple butterfly bush flower, right?
Wrong! There is a flying creature and he's trying to attack my butt and I can't stand anything that flies around me and tries to land on me! I know that my buddy, Stanley, doesn't like it any better than I do!
Is there anyone else out there that hates pesky bugs to bug them?!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Hi Maggie & Mitch
    We liked your eyewatch pics - good to see you like to chew each others ears too!
    We hate hate hate pesky bugs - in fact Martha runs round and round chasing them!!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. We just loooove your eyewatch pictures! Patches goes nuts over flying buggies too!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. OOOOHh I like the googly eye with the ear flop photo! And the turn back look over my shoulder is perfect. We'll ignore that you were really trying to get that bug... whatever works. Americas next top doggie pose hee hee.

    Happy Friday! Mom keeps buying me watermelon! Thanks again for the tip! It's my new summer fun snack.

  4. Hey Mitchie Boy
    We've never noticed how far up thethe black continues from you saddle goes, right up the back of your head . That's amazing... Anyway, ear nibbles, YES! they are the best and Molly sympathises with you on the bug thing, they all deserve to be demolished!!

  5. Yeah you've got a very black back buddy. Very nice!
    Well I dont like flies buzzing around me especially in summer. I like to be indoors on days like that. Apart from that they dont bother me too much.


  6. We have bad yellow flies around here that are keen to bite my bottom and momma's head (gosh, I hope there isn't some sort of odor relationship there).

    Momma gets REALLY MAD when a bug bites her in the head. She says it is just plain insulting. I bet they bite her bottom too but she just is too well padded to feel it.


  7. Nice eyewatch Maggie & Mitch! If you want to see some Catitude, you'll have to come over to see my eyewatch. Happy Friday!
    Bruce the cat:)

  8. Lilly and Java used to snap those pesky flying creatures out of the air until they snapped a couple of bees. That broke them!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  9. Mitch-
    Even though you are mad at the buggie in the picture, we think you look very handsome! Duch a dignified profile :)


  10. great eyeball pics... as for flying thingys...we've got those horsey flies that land and put a straw in your body...they are like little vampires. i sit close to the humomm so she can zap them for me.
    so watch your back guys.
    theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms.Blue

  11. Teka tries to snap at flying things, and muzzer noticed at the whippet house that some of them do the same thing. Me? Umm, I pretty much ignore them. I hope admitting this doesn't get me kicked out of the League of Terriers.


  12. I hates them, we have tiny brown things mums calls them flying fleas as they bite and damn hurt and fill up with blood, cant find out what they are cept the cows have them and any brown birds and skin sis with red hair and Us, then theres the wasps, I've grabed them a couple of times an I alergic so blow up like a shapai

  13. YES! I hate it when those rude buggies try to bite me!

  14. P.S, we loves your eye pictures buts you best not to give our Mums any more ideas, you allsready gots her doing colour thingy,

  15. Love your pictures !
    I wouldn't even start about bug bites...I'm alergic to wasp :-( Ruuuun, don't eat them grrrr :o)

    Kisses and hugs,

  16. I don't think you could find anybody who likes the flying bugs... they're a PAIN.

  17. yep, watch out bug. mitch has got his airedale stare--- on catching you! hate to be a fly right now:)

    Happy FrEYEday to ya,

  18. hi m & m!
    happy friday!

    what a great post! emmitt hates bugs flying around him too.

    he would happily eat them if he could ever catch one!

    yum! protein!

  19. Hi Maggie & Mitch
    We hate bugs too. When they bite us, our heads swell and we have to take yucky medicine.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  20. Great Eye Watch photo!!!

  21. You two were right...#15 is a snake's eye!!
    Thanks for playing,
    Bruce the cat:)

  22. Oooh! Ear-chewing is the best! (And I don't like bugs, either - other than to try to eat them. Mom says this might backfire some day, but I don't know what she means.)

    *kissey face*

  23. Mitch,
    You are totally giving the butterfly bush the evil eye! If there is a fly in my house, I try my best to snap it up in my chompers. Sometimes, mama doesn't see the fly and she thinks I've lost my mind, snapping in the air like a crazy dog!
    Great pics!

  24. "Butterfly ear"! I like that - very expressive!
    Ohhh... look at the deep color of that Butterfly Bush! That's gorgeous. Even if it is harboring a bug!
    I am very anti-fly. In the house. Outside, I don't care, but I panic if they get inside.
    Tail wags,

  25. great photo's.. Mom actually managed to get a few closeups of us. Of course she has a really long lens.. We don't stay still for very long..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  26. Yeah, my friend Romare is scared of bugs too. He really hates them. He runs to the door and whines to be let inside. Poor guy.

  27. Beautiful eyes! I hate flies that try to bother me!

    Teddy Bear

  28. Bugs are so annoying.

    You don't look too happy with them Mitch.

    Have a great weekend.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  29. Great profile on you, Mitch!

    I used to like trying to catch flies in my mouth but they're fast little buggers and I never caught one. Now I just ignore them. Just as well 'cause I'd probably just swallow them and they'd be buzzing around in my stomach. Yech.


  30. Ha ha, that's a good idea for a post! Those are good pictures.

    Mitch, I just snap at those bugs and they are afraid to land on me. You've got to try it!

  31. Hi M&M
    Great pics. Loved your "eye"
    I hate buggys and spiders too. It is like being attatcked by aliens!

  32. Hey Guys,
    Most bugs are edible; that should change your attitudes toward bugs considerably. We can take a picture of Radar's eyes up close and really freak everybody out.
    - TBH&K

  33. Bugs can be a pain in the butt if they bite ...but I think that is a pawsome look so regal....more like you are saying - how dare that thing bother ME!!!!

  34. what great pics - and eyewatch friday is awesome

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ