Friday, July 24, 2009

Eye Watch Friday

We're watching you on Norwood's eye watch Friday!
Norwood's cousin, Tula, awarded us with the fabulous LadyBug award! Thank you so much, Tula! We are honored!
We're supposed to choose ten of our favorite blogs to pass the award to! That would be nearly impossible because we love all the blogs we read! If you haven't received this award yet and you read our blog, please accept this cute award from us!

We also got tagged by Mango to open our pet folder and post a photo that's never been posted before! We have been tagged for this already and we opened my Maggie folder so this time we'll open Mitch's folder and see what we can find!

This is a picture of MitchyBoy posing with one of dad's Indians! Mitch goes nuts when dad turns the key and starts the engine! Mom says it's not a good thing!The rules are that we tag 5 others to play this game. We tag Jake and Fergie, Chance, Laney, Sue and her Portuguese Water Dogs, and Brodie and Ailsa.

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Hi Maggie and mitch, Love your pose Mitch, looks like the sun is shining from your --- Opps mums said I nots to be rude WOOF Woof. we will looks through our photos tomorrow.

  2. Mitch looks to be about a year there, is that right? It is a real good picture of him. He has a very sweet face. You can tell looking at a dog if he is happy and well cared for. He is!!
    drool kisses

  3. Mitch looks so young there!!! What a sweet picture!
    Love the eye shots - very mysterious!
    And congrats!!!
    Tail wags,

  4. We love that eye, Mitch. It looks like "the better to see you with my dear". And Maggie's eye looks so sweet and gentle.

    We all hate hearing Dad crank anything except the car. Piper just goes crazy when Dad is mowing the lawn, putting up hay or cutting weeds. You can imagine the noise at our house with the fencing going on - we will be so glad when it's over.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  5. Congrats on your award, we love the ladybug. And nice photo sharing - do you run and chase that Indian too?

    We might have to try this Eyewatch Friday - seems like fun.

    Happy Friday, the OP Pack

  6. Congratulations on the well deserved award! I just love that picture of Mitch with the Indian. I go a little crazy too when I hear a motorcycle start up. Must be something with us 'dale boys.

    Your pal,

  7. Mitch does look a bit cracker dog in that picture. I don't like loud machines either.


  8. We bark at mommy bikes too she has 2 harleys and 2 indians and the 47 indian makes a ton of noise

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  9. Fun fotos. No, that's not right. Phun Photos. Oh, bother. Ah, here you go:
    AH-WOOOOOOOOOO! When in doubt, speak dog!

    wags from the whippets

  10. I love the eyewatch photos, very cool. The one of you, Mitch by the bike is the coolest!! You look like you are ready to jump on and go for a ride. Make sure to wear a helmet.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  11. What a great photo of you and Dad's Indian.. Our Dad would love that..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  12. Are you a biker dude??? Can I have a ride?


  13. That bike looks a bit noisy. Have a great weekend.

    Simba and Jazzi xx

  14. The picture of Mitch and Dad´s Indian is so cool!

  15. Khwite the winning post today!

    NOW, I think woo should get ice khream!


  16. Between you 2 and Ruby talking about all this motor cycle stuff our mommy is banning dad from reading your blogs!! Says he's messed up enough from his motor scooter. hehe.
    Congrats on your 600 bloggie. You guys are our heros!!
    XOXOX-BRD & Hootie

  17. Congratulations on the award. I have photos scattered in so many places it's hard to decide which place to look, but I'll pull out some old ones and see what we find. Have a great weekend, guys.

  18. w00fs, congrats on ur award...btw, mama says thanks fur helping her vote fur amber-mae..she never wooda thought of that..

    b safe,

  19. I go crazy when my grandma starts up her Vespa!

  20. We are with Mitch...we would be OUT OF A+A

  21. Great photo by your Dad's motorbike Mitch. Why do you go crazy when your Dad turns the key and starts the engine?

    Teddy Bear

  22. I loves the one of Mitch in front of the motorbike, congrats on your award!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  23. MItch looks so cool with that motorcycle!! I think he should have his own!!

  24. Congratulations on your Award!
    Looks like Mitch wants a ride!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Who us? You tagged us? Thanks! We'll do our best!

    But we have to admit we're a little confused (that's nothing unusual ... we're learning so much recently). We thought an Indian was what Agatha and Archie just introduced us to on the Mohawk Trail. What's this kind of Indian you're referrering to? Huh?

    Motivated, now, to finally update our blog! We've been really lazy the past few days!

    Happy weekend,
    Jake and Fergi

  26. Hi Maggie and Mitch

    Congratlations on the lady bug award!
    Nice pics of you! I hope your careful when you get to peelin out on that bike. Be careful!

  27. All Mitch needs now is a leather jacket!

  28. Congrats on our award! We just love your picture, Mitchy! I, Poppy have the same reaction to a lawn mower starting up! I just go bananas! It makes me nervous when anyone goes into the garage. I keep waiting for the sound of a mower!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  29. I love your EYE WATCH m and m! I feel like I'm gazing right back at you. I didn't know mitch knew how to ride? I'm loving the pose.

  30. Lovely pic of Mitch near the bike.

    Congrats on your award.

    Have a lovely weekend you two. :-)

    Holly & Zac...XX

  31. Oh would you look at Mitch hehe you are adorable posing with the motorbike.

    Hey Maggie, we checked out that ebay sight. How about that ay....are you guys going to bid on it?

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  32. Thanks for your visit! In that picture he looks younger than in some other pictures, that is way I thought he was younger. In any picture he is a good looking boy!!!
    Maggie is beautiful!
    Love ya Bambi & Fern