Friday, July 3, 2009

Mango Ice Cream

Look what mom found at the grocery store Wednesday!My 11th birthday is only a few days away and mom and Mitch and I are chatting about what kind of cake I should have for my special day! Mitch voted for an all apple cake but that's Mitch's favorite and that's what he got for his birthday and I want something different!

Mom was teasing me and telling me that I should go with a lemon cake!
I thought you were my friend, mom! You know I HATE lemons! Can you see that my lips are already puckered at the thought of that nasty lemon! ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

Getting back to mango - a mango cake, mom?? Is that what you're thinkin'?

Shall we pop off the lid and see if we like it!Oh my! This is pretty good stuff and eating out of the ice cream lid is even better!
I think I could be very happy with a mango cake with mango ice cream, mom!
Let's make sure we get every last drop of mango goodness, Mitch!
Yes, dad, mom washed the lid before she put it back on the container! hehehe

Hey, Mango - have you ever had mango ice cream before? It's really good! You need to take a ride in your Mangomobile to get some!

What do you all think? Should I go with mango or would luscious strawberry be better or some other yummy flavor? My favorite color is pink!

We won the cool site of the day award from Pet Supplies Place!

They sent us an email to let us know that:
Our dog related blog was chosen by their webmasters, to honor our hard
work and dedication in providing a quality website.
1)Excellent Quality Content.
2)Website Ease of use.
3)Great blog that all shall read.

Thank you so very, very much! We are extremely honored to receive this award and we are proudly displaying it on our sidebar!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. I am not sure what part of the Mango is in that ice cream container. I had no idea I was made of foodables. This concerns me given the bread growing yeasts in my ears.

    Your "I hate lemons" face is too much.


  2. Oh Maggie, you're nearly 11. Wow we hope you have a great birthday. Of course mango cake and mango ice-cream will certainly top it off.


  3. Our Mom is on the way out the door- she loves Mango ice cream!!! And it's a rare treat because it's seasonal.

    Congrats on the awards. We totally agree with Pet Supplies Place.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  4. Congratulaions on you Award - we totally agree - you have a great blog!
    We thing we would like Mango ice cream - well we love Mango although it has to be said we dont think we could manage to eat a whole one! Well he is big!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  5. Ciao Maggie and Mitch!

    Mmmmmmmmango ice cream ... favuloso!! I love your lemon face, Maggie -- it's simply too cute! (But I have to tell you, you don't look a day over four!)

    As for your torta, hmmm - just about any cake would be yummy with that mango gelato!!! Deeeeeelish!

    Tanti baci!

  6. My mom loves Mango and she bought some of this last week too. You guys are so lucky getting to lick the lid....I only got to lick the spoon!!!

  7. Hi Maggie...
    Congrats on the award..W00t! I would totally vote for is one of my favorite fact I had some last night with Mom. Now I've never tasted mango ice creams, but I bet that would be yummers too!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  8. Maggie, I cannot believe you will be 11! You guys are expert icecream tasters! Mango icecream sounds delicious!!I vote for mango cake with vanilla icecream!

  9. can i vote?! mango cake mango cake--maybe with a side of strawberry ice cream. best of both, right!

    happy 4th,
    get out the hot doggies & hamburgahs..

  10. Maggie, your nearly 11, like Ailsa, she's 11, she would have lemon merange any day. hows about liver cake with mango ice cream topping, sure you would love it but nots sure your mums would like to share.

  11. MANGO ice cream and MANGO cake - sounds delish!

  12. It's a little disturbing having ice cream and my good buddy being named the same. I'm just not sure about that. I agree though, lemons are yucky.


  13. Congrats on your award! You two always get to try new and exciting flavors. I've only ever gotten to eat vanilla ice cream. How boring.

  14. Never had mango, never had wallymelon, don't like lemon either. Mom said she saw that mango ice cream but since she doesn't like mango (the fruit, not RH), she didn't buy it. We vote for a mango cake for your b-day.

    Woos, TD and Phantom

  15. Mom and I are both drooling fur some MANGO...and ice khream too!

    I think woo should have a pawty that lasts ELEVEN days with ELEVEN difFURent flavours of things WOO want!


  16. Oh, I like Khyra's idea! Do that!!!

  17. Hi friends!
    Congrats on that awesome award!!
    And that ice cream looks delicious... but since we have two Mango friends, it seems suspicious... I would go with strawberry!

  18. Wow, Maggie, you must be excited about your birthday coming up soon.:) I hope you have strawberry and mango ice cream for your special day.

    Teddy Bear

  19. congratulations on your win! You deserve it. Maggie & Mitch, you are extremely adorable. You look so cute indulging in the ice cream together, what faces!

  20. wowzers on that neat awarard!!!!!

    we've never tried mango ice cream, but it sounds delightful! i love fresh and dried mango so i bet the icecream would be just delightful!!!

    xo sugar

  21. w00fs, take both ice creams, cant ever have enuff....congrats on ur being chosen..

    b safe,

  22. Mango ice-cream!! Never had that - I only get boring Vanilla! Mango sounds very yummyish!!

    Congrats on that great award - well deserved.

    Take care

  23. We all like ice cream, too, but it makes Tsar sick. He can't eat anything that cold. When we have Frosty Paws, he has to have yogurt. That's OK with him.

    Mom lets us lick out the ice cream containers when they're empty and sometimes she leaves a little in the bottom for us.

    Have a wonderful birthday.

  24. Mango ice cream!?!? We'll have to look for that! It sounds incredible!
    Congrats on your award!
    Tail wags,

  25. Yes, go with the mango cake and ice cream. And have a very happy birthday!

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  26. Maggie and Mitch
    I'm so happy that you got that awawd..You cewtainly desewve it! Congwatulations!
    I've nevew had Mango ice cweam..sounds lovely, but Mommi doesn't like Mangos ( I don't mean doggies called Mango-those she loves)
    I think Pwetty pink stwabewwy would be pawfect fow you maggie.
    Have a happy, safe fouwf of July
    smoochie kisses

  27. Maggie, I vote for Strawberry!! Very prett and pink for you. What about your Momma's cake...shares the same birthday no???? She could have Mango then you could have some of each...

    Wiry wags n kissies, Eric xxx

  28. OMG! OMG! OMG! Maggie! Congrats on your award! Congrats! I thinkest that MANGO is just pawfect for your special day! OMG! OMG! OMG!


    Putter ...:)

  29. Hi Maggie and Mitch,

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    Now, Pedigree dogs with Kennel Club cert doesn't guarantee that the dogs are of good quality and free from genetic health issues cos the breeders are only concern about producing puppies that match the breed standard set by the Kennel Club.

    I think you should try to watch the video as awareness is the best cure.


  30. Wow a mango cake? You are so cool!

  31. Congrats on your award( and most deserved) We want to come to your house.You get WAY more ice cream than we do....Maybe you will get MORE ice cream for your birthday!!!! Love A+A

  32. i didnt get mango ice cream but mom n dad buy us McD ice cream cone each one for me n dopey. d gets to lick while i'm more gentle wif spoon. :)

    wet wet licks


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  34. WOW ! Ice cream again !?!? Yum Yum ! :)

  35. Ahh, you to are being spoiled again...You deserve it! Love the lemon face,
    Inky and Molly

  36. Hi

    Are you sure you can't adopt me? You get the best stuff! MANGO ice cream?? sounds good to me. That must be the pre-barkday party.


  37. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    My grandma ate Mango ice cream today!
    She says it is yummy!
    Kisses and hugs

  38. we seldom hav icecream, mommy said ice cream is bad for us, u are so lucky Maggie and Mitch.

  39. Maggsie!

    Happy early birthday, and might I add, I LOVE that sour lemon shot of your face! Even though it pained you to have to make that face (when your mama tricked you with the lemon) it still cracks me up. A guilty pleasure, I guess.

    I'm thinking just about any kind of cake sounds good. I don't usually get cake. (Or, you could go with some nice salmon brownies, but then your mama & dad probably wouldn't want you to share them with them.)

    Goober love & smooches,

  40. Happy 4th of July my friends ! I hope you will celebrate with a lot of ice-cream !!!!
    Kisses, Faya

  41. I feel exactly like you Miss Maggie about Lemons!
    I am hoping for my first taste of strawberries this weekend while Mother watches the Wimbledon Tennis Finals, but would like to try Mango icecream too.

    Have a great weekend!

  42. Yummy can I have some, I just ate a mango,I'm sure mango ice-cream tastes sweeter!

  43. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...we think that is an hard choice...
    but if you love pink sure you must choose strawberry flavor!!!
    We don't know how is Mango flavor....
    Is good dear friends???
    In Italy we have problem finding Mango treats!!!
    ANd......Congrats on your Award!!!!
    You deserve it!!!!
    Do you know that we have won the same award yesterday???????
    can you send us your address??????....we would love to give you a surprise for your birthday!!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful 4th of july and the best weekend in the world!!!
    We love you a lot!!!
    sweet kisses and licks!!!

  44. I would love that ice cream- I know I would!
    Congrats on your new award

  45. You kids deserve the award!! And should be extremely proud! Congratulations!! WHEEEE!

  46. a well deserved award and happy birthday

    thats sounds really good mango uummm

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  47. Congrats on your award. Your blog is so cool. And that mango ice cream sounds pretty cool too. Maybe if I can work the eyes, I can get my girl to give me a popsicle this afternoon.