Friday, March 23, 2007

Thank Goodness for Baby Gates

Mom finally decided to use that baby gate yesterday! Mitch is getting much more adventurous! He still chases me through the house but now he picks up mom's collectibles along the way! He's learning the word "no" pretty well but sometimes he very conveniently forgets what it means! Mom shakes her finger at him and he lunges at her and tries to bite her! I'm tellin' ya - this little nipper is a devil! A cute rambunctious devil!I don't mind the gate at all. It gives me a chance to get some much deserved shut-eye on my very own bed just on the other side of the gate. Thank goodness the baby gate was invented!

Mom went shopping yesterday and Mitch and I now have two beds in the family room so there should be no fighting right?? - and I can have one of them too, right Mitch?? He's so stingy - he thinks everything in the world is for him and mom says I'm such a good girl to share my toys with the brat! So maybe mom does love me better! She sure does spend an awful lot of time with him though! She says it's just like having a toddler!

These are our two beds - too close together in my opinion! I'm still hanging out in the hallway when Mitch is in the family room at night. Mom keeps trying to get me to come and be with her but when I come for my hugs and kisses from mom, Mitch is right there with his big nose and puppy teeth! He's so nosey!

We'll see how it goes tonight! Maybe I'll relent and hang out with them!

Awhile back I told you all about a book called Fitzgo. Well, Boo and several others suggested that mom and I read "Marley and Me". Boo was kind enough to loan us his copy and now that Mitch is here, mom can read the story to both of us! Thank you Boo for the loan of your book! We'll return it as soon as we're done - we promise! You have to see the pretty colorful stamps that came on the package!

Mom is hoping that she can start chapter one tonight with each of us on his/her bed! I sorta hope so too! We'll see!

Until next time.............

Love ya lots,



Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

I have to say, Mitch does sound an awful lot like me at his age. Mum is nodding in agreement at every post you have made about him.

I was a really naughty boy at his age & hated being told "no" / finger waggling too. And look what a good mannered young man I am turning in to. You, mum & dad just need to be firm & consistent (but with lots of love from big sis too!) and he will soon realise that you're in charge.

Oscar x

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Oh Maggie!
Mitch is sounding like a major challenge! Don't let him push you around! You're the Alpha! Remember that, k?
Prepare for that last few chapters in Marley & Me!

Suki & Joey said...

Maggie, you are such a tolerant big sis. Mitch sounds like a lot of work, but he'll be worth it, trust me! Maybe some puppy classes would help?

Mom asked me to tell you to tell your mom (whew!) that "Dog Is My Co-Pilot" is also a great book. She says it's a lot of short stories and you can get it at or probably even in the store.

Puggy kisses!

wally said...

Hey Maggie! You have the patience of a saint. That deserves snacks, no? And I'm sure they don't love Mitch better--not possible! (And, also, they don't have to clean up yer messes).


Cash said...

You are so sweet to be so patient with your new lil' sibling!! It will be worth it when that lil' un' gets bigger...and you will have a nice playmate.

Cash said...

You are so sweet to be so patient with your new lil' sibling!! It will be worth it when that lil' un' gets bigger...and you will have a nice playmate.

Maggie said...

hi maggie , my mom read marley and me , but she didnt read it to me (its to "r rated" for my precious little ears to handle). she says its a really good book...
luv ya , maggie

Boo Casanova said...

oh i'm glad you got the book.

my hooman was thinking of getting the baby gate to disallow me to enter the kitchen... ha! your mom uses it to separate mitch and you! LOL

wet wet licks


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Maggie,
Gee you are a very patient girl. Mitch seems to be everywhere all the time. My mom uses a child gate to keep me in the kitchen too. I'm hoping I figure how to open the gate with my paws paws one day.
Does Mitch pee pee on his new bed?

Bogart H. Devil said...

Same for me - like Oscar said. Mom actually STILL uses the baby gate to keep me away from the cats when they're eating in the morning... but she used to have two, one to keep me away from them eating and one to keep me away from snacking out of the catbox (luckily that was a QUICK phase)...


Sunshade said...

Maggie, I'll never understand where you find the patience to be around your stinky. But please, let him know you're the BOSS!!!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Simba and Jazzi said...

Maggie, your little brother sounds like a handful.

Simba x

Simba and Jazzi said...

Maggie, your little brother sounds like a handful.

Simba x

Sophie Brador said...

Clearly, Mitch is just totally out of line. Have you tried reasoning with him?

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh I think the baby gate is a very good idea!

He does look a bundle of mischief Maggie, but sorta sweet at the same time!

jenn said...

Wow - I'm offline for a few days and you get a new brother??? Where have I been!

Mitch is so cute! My mom never knew an Airedale before, but she likes them lots now because you guys are so pretty. She thinks your curls are probably soft.

I wish I had a brother or sister, all I have are pesky cats. Boo.

♥ Saidie

Myeo said...

So sweet of Boo to do that. Marley and Me is really a nice book. We were close to tears reading it.

Boy n Baby